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S70 = FWD volvo, 850 replacement sedan 1998-2000
SAM = a swedish performance parts place
sch = schedule, gen ref to pipe thickness
SCP = Small Coolant Passages
scrapy = junk yard or dismantler
sd = sodium, or sedan
sdn = sedan
sec = second or section
SEK = swedish kronor
SES = Service Engine Soon (light)
sig = signature
SIP = Volvo's Side Impact Protection
SIR = Supplemental Inflatable Restraints
sn = screen name
snell = Snell Mermorial Foundation, a Helmet Saftey Certification
socal = southern california, usa
sohc = single overhead cam
sp = spelling
spd = speed
spec = specification
srs = supplimental restraint system, gen refering to air bags
ss = stainless steel or speed sensor, or supersize
std = standard, or manual transmission, or sexually transmitted disease
stoich = stoichiometric, the ideal (?) a/f ratio
Summit = A Mail Order Speed Parts Warehouse
svart = black
sways = sway bars or anti roll bars