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T = Turbo or a Factory Turbo Camshaft
t3 = a garrett turbo found on early turbo volvos
t3/4 = a hybrid turbo, using t3 and t4 parts
t4 = a garret turbo very large
t5 = a domestic(USA) manual transmission, or a fwd 5 cyl turbo eng
t56 = a six speed manual trans normally found in camaro and vipers
t6 = a twin turbo s80 6cyl whiteblock engine
TACH = Tachometer
Tails = Taillights
TB = Throttle Body or Turbobricks
tba = to be anounced
tbd = to be determined
TCM = Transmission or Transaxle Control Module
TCS = Traction control solenoid, or Transmission Controlled Spark
TDC = Top Dead Centre
temp = temperature
t/o = throw out bearing
TI = turbo intercooler
tia = thanks in advance
TIC = Turbo intercooler
tlc = tender loving care
TPC = Turbo Performance Club (or previously, Tractor Pulling Center - lots of volvo photos)
TPS = Throttle Position Sensor
trans = transmission
tranny = transmission
TSW = a aftermarket wheel company
ttt = to the top, generally bumping a thread to the top of the forum
ttyl = talk to you later