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  1. BryantTF242

    Turbo K-Jet to MS

    Hey all, been doing some more work the car lately, 1982 242 Turbo, and am getting sick of the limitations and sensitivity of K-Jet, I just slapped in a rebuilt b21ft built by a race shop with upgraded internals years ago that my buddy never used, and would like to get some more fun out of it...
  2. BryantTF242

    B21ft with IPD Turbo cam

    Hey guys, took my rebuilt B21ft with ipd turbo cam for its first drive since I put it back together, everything went great ( other than the temp gauge not reading correctly). But I noticed a big difference from when I last drove it and I suspect the cam lol. In low rpms the thing is gutless but...
  3. BryantTF242

    240 Smoking alt. Battery light

    82 242. Replaced the engine, wired everything up the way it was, now when I connect the ground strap to the alternator, the big power wire starts to catch fire? Like instantly lol. Also with ground strap off, obviously not charging battery but with key off battery light stays on? Goes away when...
  4. BryantTF242

    240 Inner tie rods

    So I purchased a decent used steering rack on here too replace my leaking one. And I can't seem to get the old inner tie rods free? It looks like it's just a washer with a tab punched into the rack and the sides punched towards the tie rod. But I've put some pretty good force on it with no luck...
  5. BryantTF242

    240 B21FT Rebuild

    so its been a while and im finally getting onto the project of sticking this rebuilt block into the 242. 1. I'm sticking an IPD turbo cam in this, whats the best way to measure clearances, with or without the hushers? 2. when this thing is finally together and installed whats the best break...
  6. BryantTF242

    240 crank and cam seals

    this feels like a dumb question, but do i install the crank and cam seals flat side facing out? reason i ask is because on my old b21ft it appears the seals are installed flat side inward? as i was looking at the new seals there is an arrow that looks like rotation direction? and flat side out...
  7. BryantTF242

    240 M46 noise question

    1982 242 Turbo. So I'm tearing the car apart in preparation for its new engine, and before I slap the old M46 onto the new engine, I wanted to see if I should just replace it, or if it just needs a new OD unit. Backstory/ issue: So the trans had always made a bit of noise, a whining/bearing...
  8. BryantTF242

    242 surgery time

    So I picked up a rebuilt and built up B21ft block a few months back, getting close to the time where I will be tearing the 242 apart and go through almost everything here I put the new engine in. I'm Looking for more power, but also keeping it CA smog happy, and want something better than...
  9. BryantTF242

    240 Steering rack leak

    So my 242 was leaking a lot of atf today, A LOT, and upon inspecting the source, I found the boot on the tie rod leaking, when I pulled it back it was just pouring Out of the boot. Had the lady turn the when while I watched the rack and the rack drips slowly when moving. What's the typical...
  10. BryantTF242

    240 Rotella, Delo, or Mobile 1?

    What's the best oil for my 1990 B230? -Rotella 15w-40? -Delo 15w-40? -Or should I stick with the Mobile 1 10w-40 high mileage I've been using for years and years?
  11. BryantTF242

    240 93 windshield problems

    1982 242 Wanted to replace my chipped to hell windshield, so I called up safelite, and scheduled an appointment for it to be replaced with a 1993 240 windshield. When I got there they told me they don't have the molding for that one, or the gasket. They called Volvo and they said the molding...
  12. BryantTF242

    240 B21ft gasket set Q's

    Hey, so I'm looking to swap out my block with a built block, and am going to change all the gaskets on the head, is the elring set sold by ipd good? Just want a decent quality head gasket. Never used that one before and the oem set is friggin $$$$ Thanks
  13. BryantTF242

    240 1990 240 R12 to R134a

    So I have a 1990 240 wagon, this summer has sucked for road trips due to the heat and im trying to change all that (my lady hates it too!). The blower motor blew up a few months ago so I just bought a new one and that is going to be going in soon. Now for the AC system, I'm assuming once I get...
  14. BryantTF242

    240 b230ft with kjet?

    So i have a 1982 242 turbo with kjet, and eventually i want to swap everything over to a b230ft lh2.4. but right now money is tight as i purchased a house and am trying to save yada yada. now my question the engine is getting little tired and in honor or wanting to swap all over to b230ft...
  15. BryantTF242

    Bay Area meet Aug 21st 2015

    Hey everyone, There's going to be a meet in Santa Clara on Friday August 21st at 8pm. Would like to see people come out and have fun talking and looking at cars! We will be at the Starbucks parking lot on 3605 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA
  16. BryantTF242

    Roof Baskets and Wagons!

    So I've been meaning for a while now to purchase or make a roof basket for the 240 wagon, and I'd really like to take advantage of the roof space and have a basket that goes nearly the length of the roof. or at least 3/4 of the way. Now I can't find any companies that sell one with the long...
  17. BryantTF242

    240 No Speedo

    Hey guys, 1990 240 wagon. Did a road trip this weekend and right before i made it home the speedometer died lol. The cruise control does not work either. So would that be the speedometer itself or just the speed sensor? Thanks in advance. *UPDATE* Just had to make a trip to Oakland and back...
  18. BryantTF242

    240 power steering flush.

    1990 240 wagon whats the best way to flush the power steering fluid. its the external reservoir type
  19. BryantTF242

    240 240 Fluids

    So I am currently in the process of waiting for our new home to be built. In the mean time, while I still HAVE money :lol: I would like to stock up on the basics for regular maintenance and cheap repairs. I have: 1982 242 Turbo B21FT M46 and a 1990 240 Wagon B230 AW70 I use Mobil 1 10w-40...
  20. BryantTF242

    Pre-Davis night out????

    Anyone doing anything tonight in Davis? Me and the lady might head up soon and just get a hotel as apposed to going up in the morning. anyone gonna go drink at bars or hangout let me know!!