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  1. DaytonAE86

    S/V/C Replacing ETM on 99 C70 lpt, reflash required?????

    My new C70 has a faulty throttle, it hiccups at low throttle openings and cruising, I'm afraid to clean it for fear that it may just quit working altogether. I've priced new throttles (electronic throttle module), NOT CHEAP, and I've read about the recall, which only seems to be an ECU flash to...
  2. DaytonAE86

    M'lady's 99 C70

    Just picked this gem up for barely over 2k, it has 110k miles and what looked like immaculate service records at a dealership (needs timing belt and still has the original white sticker ETM.... no cel, top functions perfect though). Either way, I feel like we stole it. I'm a bit nervous about...
  3. DaytonAE86

    Early M56 swap into 99 C70, internal vs external slave

    I just purchased a 99 C70, with a dreaded autotragic. I have a complete manual swap out of a 93 850 (not purchased for the C70, but now that I have one..... it begs the question). I know the pedals are different from the 70 series to the 850s, and the master and slave cylinders are different...
  4. DaytonAE86

    940 Are 96+ 940t classics OBD2/EOBD2

    I've always wondered if late 940 classics are OBDII compliant, and if they use a completely different harness than 95 and earlier cars. Does anyone have any relevant wiring information on a 96+ 940t? We never got them here in the US and all of my sources only show LH/Regina wiring for 95 and...
  5. DaytonAE86

    1990 244, the Anti-sleeper auto-x machine

    The goal is to eventually beat Miatas. Not that tall of an order, given that a good friend of mine hassles them all day long in a 142 (142autox). The car came from a local dubber with plans for a 5.0 swap. I had to save it, as I had better plans for the car. Its too straight to let it get...
  6. DaytonAE86

    B230F+T/wc T5 clutch and pressure plate opinions

    Just curious what all of you T5 guys are running for friction material and pressure plates. Pictures of your throwout bearing setups would be awesome too. The goal is smooth shifting, power goals are 200whp or less. I already have the T5, Kaplhenke adapter plate, and a dished LH2.4 flywheel...
  7. DaytonAE86

    960 How do I remove the G80?

    I already have the whole 960 IRS out of the vehicle and in my garage. I need to get the differential out for my 1031...... how the hell do I split all of this apart (I'm afraid of that monoleaf being under some intense pressure). Any ideas?
  8. DaytonAE86

    960 95 960 automatic trans drain and fill, cap/fluid recommendations

    I need to do a drain and fill on my 95 960, AW3040. How much fluid should I get, and does anyone have any recommendations for additives that might lengthen the life of my trans? Would you recommend an additional cooler for towing and heavy hauling? Thanks in advance.
  9. DaytonAE86

    960 Loss of ALL gauges, trans in limp mode, flashing upshift light?

    I did my starter yesterday, and cleaned my throttle body.... Today I left my house, punched in my radio code, improperly the first time then properly the second time. At that point I noticed I had lost all gauges. I had them before... not sure when the guages went out.... could it be...
  10. DaytonAE86

    95 WC T5 trans behind a 95 B6304?, 95 960.... has it been done.

    I just picked up a 95 T5 World Class trans for my 240, but have been wanting a manual in my 960 ever since day one..... so that brings this up. I know the Buchka's have all the info for making a whiteblock adapter plate for a T5, so thats taken care of.... pedal cluster can come out of a 740...
  11. DaytonAE86

    960 95 960 sudden no crank.

    I went out to leave work today, cranked my car once (didn't start.... normal and intermittent, always starts second time) the second time I tried to hit the starter, nothing, dead. 50 amp ignition fuse is fine, swapped ignition relay with a known good relay, nothing. Any common issues? I'm...
  12. DaytonAE86

    '95 965: My dream DD, OEM madness.

    More to come tomorrow: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=204790 for those who can't wait for a good thread.
  13. DaytonAE86

    95 960, b6304, won't start unless I let the fuel pump prime

    My 960 will not start if I immediately turn the key to the start position (cranks and tries to catch), though if I wait for an audible pump noise (about a second), it starts fine, with a bit of a long crank 2 seconds or a bit more, but always starts. Just wondering if this is a sign of a bad...
  14. DaytonAE86

    Finally 100% Euro as $*@&

    Just finished the title paperwork on the the ABA Rabbit I picked up from a local guy ($450 for a basketcase ABA swap) and purchased a '95 960 wagon on Tuesday ($1500). Pardon the poor picture quality, just excited after a long day from work. The Wagons: Hermes: Yes, the garage...
  15. DaytonAE86

    Pic Request: 965's on mesh wheels, BBS, MSW's, etc

    May be adding some more RWD to the family, looking for pics of 960s on mesh wheels. Can you find Miros in 5x108???
  16. DaytonAE86

    shortening a 16v intake manifold, tell me how bad of an idea it really is

    I was just hoping some of turbobricks greatest minds could inform me. I need to either shorten the stock runners and move the plenum closer to the head, or have a new plenum made with the throttle body moved for a 16v in 240 swap (or small brake booster and b204gt intake). My questions are...
  17. DaytonAE86

    S/V/C Viscous coupling bad, converting to FWD... any issues?

    I just got a cheap 99 XC70, the viscous coupling is bad and I need to know if I can run the car FWD (remove driveshaft) for a few days to get it around without causing any issues. Should I need to pull the rear axles or do anything with the angle drive?
  18. DaytonAE86

    240 Intermittent ignition miss, esp after warm restarts 84 245t non-intercooled

    I have an 84 245t, non interfooled. It starts perfect and drives fine, a bit angry when cold, but it develops a miss under heavy throttle loads after about 15 minutes of driving. If I restart the car, the miss gets bad enough that I can't give any more than 1/2 throttle. Sometimes the car is...
  19. DaytonAE86

    940 B230F exhaust manifold torque specs?

    I need the tightening torque for a B230F exhaust manifold.
  20. DaytonAE86

    B21FT+16v, tell me why its a bad idea

    With the proper rods/pistons, tell me why a B21ft + 16v would be a worse idea than a B230FT + 16v. The B21 has a forged crank, but would the smaller bore cause an issue with the larger B234 head's squish pads (big overlap???). So, tell me why a B21 16v would be worse than a B230 16v?