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  1. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    98 s70 glt. no turn signals or headlights.

    nm, the fuse box is 75% melted!
  2. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    97 960 cruise controll no workie

    is there a easy fix? common problem like the computer or the stalk going bad? any help is welcomed!
  3. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    Wachusett GTG this Saturday!!

    "12 pm in the wachusett mountain parking lot. Might have a fun little drive after depending on interest. Last time to see most of our cars in summer mode before the blandness of winter hits :) " its a audi VW meet... lets get some volvo love!
  4. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    volvo 262 makes it on the top 10 best cheap cars to own

    What: Volvo 262C Bertone When: 1978?1981 Why: It's a Volvo 240 coupe that's been made to look more odd. The 240 is a fantastic, if slow, vehicle, essentially a standard Detroit sled as interpreted by the Swedish. (For the uninitiated, this means a Dana stick axle, great brakes, and a heater...
  5. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    Northern New England Fall GTG

    Audizine member Brendon1080 is being generous enough to let us meet up at his restaurant for food, drinks and a little meet and greet. Followed by a cruise up the NH seacoast, ending at Red Hook Brewery. All are welcome, so bring a friend. WHEN: Sunday November 1st, 1:00pm WHERE: 180...
  6. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    Bav Auto G2g! cruise starts at 8AM in leominster ma!

    ***free coffee and donuts! meet us at EurodesignMK in leominster for a sick cruise to the show!*** "It's free! Show off your BMW or MINI and share styling and detailing ideas with other enthusiasts. Check out a vast array of BMWs and MINIs, from old to new, from 100% stock to super-modified...
  7. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    Boston: Cars and Copters 9/20 @ 9am

    Hello Again Car Enthusiasts! It has been a while since everyone has heard from us; I hope everyone's summer has been enjoyable. These last two months have seemed like some of the busiest summer months in years. With all the events going on there has been little time to put events together...
  8. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    Ahhh the good old dayz! 244 t6 loven

    soon to be better, faster and maybe even a little more sweeter then last time.
  9. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    2000 s80. No blinkers high beams or washers...help

    I'm 100% stumped. Both stocks don't work and the head lights stay on all the time. I did a quick search and found out the SWM could of gone wrong... I got one and installed it and got the ecu flash and still nothingJ and pointers?
  10. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    Grassroots ITB mmmm

    access to TIG welder and some spare parts and...bang ITB's! <img src="http://lh5.ggpht.com/_O9xKO174_T4/SlZY5wX31oI/AAAAAAAAAUc/ySNNfHOYqjM/s400/euroITB1.jpg"> <img src="http://lh4.ggpht.com/_O9xKO174_T4/SlZY6Mlx4bI/AAAAAAAAAUg/gkoy1Wys_eY/s512/euroITB2.jpg"> <img...
  11. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    240 whats the proper way to remove freeze plugs?

    out side of filling the motor and putting it in the freezer how can i get these foolish things out? i tryed screwing in a dent puller but that dident work... heat? hammer? air chisel? thanks!
  12. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    POLL: should i use stock pistons in my Scca STO build?

    theres 2 classes for turbo cars, STO and STU. it breaks down to a 250HP class and a 450 class. were building my 242 for STO 250hp and for 2009 they opened the rules letting us use after market pistons. but is it worth it? ill be making sub 300hp wink wink, with a stock lower end... So what...
  13. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    Water injection injector install... how far from CC.

    im installing a 4 injector Kit, and i dont kno if i should have the injector close to the valve/CC or father away... will having the injector far from the valve/CC help or hurt atomization under boost? i have the same question for the fuel injector. kthxby
  14. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    mmm SCCA spec 240 front suspension geometry correction spacers from Eurodesign/VPR

    mmm CNC's fun! Eurodesign VRP this is our first run, we built these to 2009 scca gcr rules, these will be offered in any size! More to come.....
  15. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    anyone planing to to to limerock park monday?

    we will be leaving from Leominster ma. FREE COFFEE AND DONUTS THANKS TO LOVEN DONUTS
  16. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    Watch out for Eurodesign's arguably worlds loudest SMART @ NHIS today!

    takin ove the track from the parking lot! We will be checking in for the vintage event this week end! see you there!
  17. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    GTG: Cars and Coffee May 17th 9:30 am in Woburn MA at the trade center 128

    Anyone in? i will be co-piloting my Brothers strange rover due to my lack of (working )autos
  18. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    i fail at the interweb:(

  19. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    how can i become a forum sponser?

    EurodesignMK would like to sponser turbobricks.
  20. Mtouring_Tuff*typing

    lol my brick fired up on my first turn:)

    after a little motor work, and alot of sitting. my 744 surprised me by starting...haha its a Christmas miracle! <embed src="http://videos.streetfire.net/vidiac.swf" FlashVars="video=cf5c65f3-3d38-4f26-bbfa-99f501377be1" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="428" height="352" name="ePlayer"...