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  1. TempleUWS6

    240 Universal AC Compressor

    Has anyone found what compressors on the market will work in place of a Kiki style unit or any rotary 85-92. Will a Sanden 508 style work? The dimensions seem pretty damn close to the Kiki unit I have in the garage. Just curious for future needs if anyone has experience with a universal one.
  2. TempleUWS6

    240 A/C O-ring sizes

    Does anyone have a list of O-ring sizes or the sizes of each connection? Working with my '90 system and I want to refurb it with new o-rings.
  3. TempleUWS6

    240 Graphting Front Fender Flare to Quarter

    *Grafting Has anyone seen this done or tried it? As you might have noticed the front fenders have a larger flare than the quarters do. Mine have some love marks in the form of dents on the flare and cutting and hammering the lips didn't help them any. I figure since I'm going to paint the car...
  4. TempleUWS6

    240 ?89 240 slow to accelerate

    Trying to help a friend figure out why sometimes on acceleration from lower rpm, it’s very sluggish. I only just drove it home today and only really noticed it when going uphill from a stop, under harder acceleration it didn’t really have any guts down low. Once it got close to 3k rpm it started...
  5. TempleUWS6

    240 240 Gas pump clicking off

    Had this problem with my ?90 245 when at the pump I?d set the nozzle to hold and it would click back off rather quickly and I?d have to hold the lever lightly to get it to fill. Hasn?t been much of a problem lately, but my buddy?s ?89 245 is experiencing it pretty sevearly. You can also smell...
  6. TempleUWS6

    240 Coolant Over-pressurizing

    '79 B21 with an AW55, sustained high rpm on highway running the car hard at 75-80 cause thanks 3speed, coolant will push out from under the cap and makes the whole area wet, even shoots it onto the cooling fan. I flushed it out with distilled and used Zerex G-05 maybe a month or two back. What...
  7. TempleUWS6

    240 B230ft Head re-fresh

    So I have a '94 B230ft with 80k miles I pulled from the junkyard that I'm going to swap into my 245, and when I pulled the timing cover, I noticed the backing piece for the cover was melted. Fearing an overhead could of warped it, I decided to pull the head and I'd like to have it checked out...
  8. TempleUWS6

    240 K-Jet Fuel pump and filter

    Hey, K-Jet heads, I'd like to replace the main pump and filter for my '79 242 for piece of mind, I've read issues with the filter and the thread sizes of some not matching the lines on the one available from FCP. What brand have you guys had success with for filter and in-line pump? While I'm...
  9. TempleUWS6

    960 Sunroof & Can headliner board be pulled through door?

    Need to recover a 960 headliner, can the board come through the door, or will the windshield need to be pulled? Also, the sunroof panel is bad, someone made a mess of the gasket with some kind of sealant. What are the chances of getting a nice replacement panel? Seems they commonly a wreck...
  10. TempleUWS6

    240 Water only in top end.

    My '90 245's 318K mile B230F has been collecting water at the oil cap and on the dipstick for the past week. I performed a coolant flush the end of last week since it was mostly water as I've had an extremely slow leak most of the summer and had just been topping it up. I couldn't really find...
  11. TempleUWS6

    240 Ethanol and K-Jet

    What do you K-Jet wizards do about ethanol in modern gas? K-Jet is supposed to running 0 ethanol, how do you deal with this?
  12. TempleUWS6

    240 Temporary loss of power form battery

    Yesterday morning I hoped in the '90 245 that's been my solid daily for 5+ years now. Since I changed to a 951 ECU, the pumps prime when in key on, I wait till they prime then crank. Right before it started to crank the fuel pump relay oddly double clicked but started up fine. Made two stops...
  13. TempleUWS6

    Yakima Mega Warrior Roof Basket w/ OE Volvo Bars

    Selling my roof rack set up to make way for a legit Volvo accessory Moose Rack. Will make a TB deal on the whole shabang. https://baltimore.craigslist.org/pts/d/yakima-mega-warrior-ext/6417572975.html EDIT: oops, could a Mod please move to F/S!
  14. TempleUWS6

    02 Pegged at .9V

    So my 91 944Ts 02 sensor was bad, would slowly drop down to .00xV after start up and stay there till ECU would store 2-3-2 and 1-1-3. Bench tested the old one and it won't budge under the propane torch; new one builds to .9 and drops under a second. Put in a brand new Bosch 13957 and now it does...
  15. TempleUWS6

    240 Ignition Amp/Power Stage crapped out

    So as the title states, that little fender-hugger **** the bed. My daily driven 90 245 shut down trying to leave the gas station last night. It shut down suddenly and would crank strong but no turn over. Pushed it up a little to the curb, checked for spark; there was none. After some fiddling...
  16. TempleUWS6

    240 Vibration: a never ending struggle.

    So I've been battling a low frequency vibration with my '90 245 for a very long time and I'm at my wits end. So when I first started when I had my original rear u-joint completely seize. I swapped in a 142k shaft, but a vibration persisted. Eventually swapped in another DS, and then a 110k...
  17. TempleUWS6

    940 Exhaust/Oil fumes in Cabin

    So as the title states, I get a strong burnt oil/exhaust smell in the cabin in my '91 940 turbo sedan more when driving, but while sitting and idling as well. At one point, I could see the fumes when the light hit them the right way in front my me on the highway, its worse after hitting boost...
  18. TempleUWS6

    TempleU's 940T Refresh

    First a little background on myself; I've been romping around everyday in my '90 245 for almost half a decade now and its treated me very well. I bought it as a daily to keep my WS6 nice, but really fell for it and bricks (go figure). Now that I've pretty much tackled all the issues with my 245...
  19. TempleUWS6

    240 R12-R134 conversion fittings

    So I'm trying to get my a/c working. Bought a vac pump with manifold gauges which came with R12 fittings but they did not work with the R12 fittings on the back of the compressor. So I want to get R134 fittings to work, but I'm running into issues. The low side fitting I have goes over the R12...
  20. TempleUWS6

    Uploading pictures straight to the board

    So I made a donation over a month ago, but have not noticed an added ability to upload pictures to the board as stated. Please let me know what needs to be done, thank you!