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  1. OKflyboy

    "lockable" EBC idea? Or is there such a thing already?

    Okay, I'm sure someone smarter then me has already thought of this, but I haven't been able to find much on the interwebs so far. Here's my idea: On my +t'd 240 I currently have a 15g and a MBC set to 13psi and I love it, its plenty fast and fun for me, but I don't really like the idea of...
  2. OKflyboy

    Another No-start issue ('86 245 +t w/EZK)

    1986 245 +t and has EZK conversion. Okay, about a week and a half ago my wagon quit on me and hasn't run since. It happened less then a 1/4 mile from my house on the first trip of the day. Just died and wouldn't restart. Bumper-pushed it home with the wife's van and started trying to figure out...
  3. OKflyboy

    240 Downpipe question

    Hi guys! I have a friend that is giving me several 3" stainless mandrel bends to use to make a 3" downpipe for my 240 +t. In addition to the freebie bends I've also purchased a stainless o2 sensor bung. What I need to know is what to do about the flange. We will be using a reclocked 15g from...
  4. OKflyboy

    240 Routing wires along the valve cover

    Hey guys! I doubt I'm the first person to have thought of this, but shellshock thought I should post a pic of how I ran my new Accell wires on my 240. Since they were a universal set that I could cut to any length I decided I didn't want to do the usual "over the valve cover" routing with them...
  5. OKflyboy

    240 3 "Bad" alternators in 5 months, what gives?

    Okay, so I bought this 245GL with a "bad" alternator and a dead battery. The battery was replaced with a decent used one and the alternator was replaced with a junkyard pull. These both sufficed for several months. A month ago, the car wouldn't start. The battery was dead and the alternator...
  6. OKflyboy

    240 erratic cruse control

    86 Volvo 240GL My cruise control will work absolutely perfectly about 30% of the time, but the rest of the time it will not work at all. By not working I mean both that it will not do anything at all when I press "set" (And sometimes, when it is set and I'm cruising it will just quit.) At...
  7. OKflyboy

    Why won't my distributor move?

    86 245GL - I'm trying to adjust my timing (as it appears to be currently sitting somewhere around 8 BTDC). Anyway, I've loosened the distributor nut ridiculously loose (to the point that I could unscrew it by hand) but the distributor still won't budge a millimeter. I've tried dousing the base...
  8. OKflyboy

    Tag light wires broken at liftgate

    Tag light wires broken at hatchback hinge First night out driving the 86 245 and I noticed neither tag light was working. The bulbs looked pretty ugly, so I replaced them but still nogo. After further inspection I noticed the wires are broken at the hatchback hinge. Obviously a butt connector...
  9. OKflyboy

    Flyboy's '86 245GL BATM-wannabe +t project

    Today I took delivery of my first Volvo ever, an 86 245GL. Here's the only pics I was able to snap today before my camera batteries died: What's on the drawing board? Well, +t, of course. However, my budget is low, so it will be mostly "junkyard tech". Whatever OE Volvo parts I can pull...