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  1. koreycon

    Anyone use these? Volvo Coil Spring Set (Lowering) - Proparts 43435807

    Anyone run these springs? Coil Spring Set (Lowering) by Proparts 40mm drop front and rear Read more: http://www.eeuroparts.com/Parts/70679/Coil-Spring-Set-Lowering-43435807/#ixzz3crj4p0kg http://www.eeuroparts.com/Parts/70679/Coil-Spring-Set-Lowering-43435807/
  2. koreycon

    Pictures of GTA Wheels on 740 wagons

    I havent seen any floating around the forum, thought id put it on blast, and maybe get some photos. Trying to figure out if i should pick up a set, they seem to be readily available on the craigslist.org.
  3. koreycon

    Changed my 745 tail lights and now my brake lights do not work

    So I found a pair of oem red and clears to replace my aftermarket red clears, changed them over and ended up going back to the aftermarket versions. In my rush to get it them back on for a home depot run, I didnt take note of the wire locations for each bulb holder or light.. I finally got all...
  4. koreycon

    Hard to steer after momo wheel install

    Hi, I scored a Volvo momo accessory wheel and hub from ebay last week, got home after a long weekend to find it waiting for me. Installed it last night in my 1990 volvo 740 w/airbag. Steering seems way harder than before, and after giving it drive around the block I noticed the wheel might...
  5. koreycon

    Best epoxy for repairing ecode reflector brackets

    I recently purchased a set of 740 non fog ecodes for better light during dawn patrol surf trips. During prep for install I noticed the right front reflector bucket was a bit loose, and thought it might be a faulty clip. Upon further inspection there are two plastic clip/mounts that are...
  6. koreycon

    Changed breather box, cleaned everything but no power

    I changed breather box, cleaned the throttle body, cleaned all the clogged hoses, and i still don't have no power at low rpm and some surging going on with my 1990 Volvo 740 turbo. The turbo will spool up nicely =/..There is no smoke, I will check the pavement for leaks in the morning. It...
  7. koreycon

    Hydra wheels

    Why do hydras look like they spinning one way on one side, and the other way on the other side? I have two sets I think im gona make them all look like they going the same ways. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  8. koreycon

    Changing 745 turbo this weekend

    I am changing a blown turbo on a wagon I just got, so I found this volvo service manual on ebay. My question is in regards to the first image posted. Do you really need to install a mbc if you can simply adjust the boost the way its shown in the diagram? I am taking this to work today to scan...
  9. koreycon

    Just snagged a really clean silver 1990 745ti

    Just got really lucky on a super clean wagon, well unsure if I am lucky yet but we'll soon find out if it is indeed a blown turbo. Even if its more than the turbo, I think the body is ridiculous and the po did the right thing by selling as soon as he had to move out of the garage to make room...
  10. koreycon

    1st problem with my new 93 945t

    Ran into the first problem with the wagon. Yesterday while on the way to clean it the key turned off but the 940 did not. When I pulled the key out the ignition lock came out too..I could not get it back in for the life of me.To turn the car off I had to pull a fuse then disconnect the battery...
  11. koreycon

    Back in the Volvo game : 1994 945 turbo

    Just picked up a sleeper, stoked to be back in the Volvo game. Going to pick it up tonight, first mods this weekend after clean up will be a better boost gauge, and mbc. Later.. Stage 0.. 3.0 exhaust Needs some love but over-all a great pick up for $750. Cant wait to get my hands dirty and...