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  1. igor

    Great Drive in a PV

    Paul and Mike Batten in this year's Targa Tasmania. Amazing stage for these guys - 5th fastest out of the whole field. Do a little search to see what kind of machinery they were up against. Flat-out HP aint everything. <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie"...
  2. igor

    Can somebody ID these wheels?

    Pulled these off my 760 before I got rid of it. Made in Italy, by BWA. 16x7 ET20 I've read that BWA supplied Alfa, Fiat and Lancia with wheels in the '80s. Don't recognise these though. And yep, those are a lot of wheel weights.
  3. igor

    "GT" braces: are they straight?

    Both of mine are bent. I'm assuming they're junk and they'll be scrapped unless someone tells me otherwise or really, really wants them regardless.
  4. igor

    116 Yellow

    It's kinda orange. Who's got it, or can post pics of it in good condition? There are one or two pics in the paint code thread(s), but not enough to give me a good impression.
  5. igor

    Volvo Colour Codes

    Couldn't find an existing thread - I was thinking kinda like the wheel thread but with cars as examples. So post 'em if you got 'em.
  6. igor

    What's the Time?

    The board says i've got GMT+13, but it's 4 hours slow. Is it just me?
  7. igor

    B234 Greenbook

    I'm looking for one - either digital or a physical copy. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  8. igor

    Long-Rod B20

    This Panamerica race has me intrigued. Seems like a well prepped car for this event would also do well in the Targa event we have here in NZ. The main difference it seems are the sustained high speed sections which we don't really have. But the requirements are still a strong engine that's gonna...
  9. igor

    Vintage Wiring Diagram for D-Jet 140?

    Anyone have a link to one? I have a hard copy but it's so damn small it's starting to challenge my eyesight!
  10. igor

    Momo boss for 140 - Where do I get one?

    As the title says. What cars share steering shaft/spline sizes? This is for a '71.
  11. igor

    Quick question about Amazon clutch master cyl.

    I'm travelling to work on the wagon tomorrow and I need to replace the circlip that retains the actuator rod (from the pedal) in the clutch master cylinder. Does anyone have the diameter of said circlip handy? Bit of a long shot I know - I should have measured when I was out there last. The...
  12. igor

    140 rear axle differences?

    I have two rear axles - one that was temporarily shoved under the 142 by a previous owner and one from a 145. '71 142 - looks older, no fins on diff housing. Shorter torque rods. '73 145 - finned on diff housing, longer torque rods. I've noticed that the attachment points for the panhard bar...
  13. igor

    This fothermucking bolt!

    Right. I've been trying to remove the rear axle from a 145 over the past few days. When it hasn't been raining I've been laying in the mud and trying my damn-dest to undo the 1" bolts and nuts that hold the axle to the to the trailing arms (see below): After much cursing, lots of (ahem)...
  14. igor

    140 trunk/bootlid shocks removal and installation tips

    What's the best way to do this? I have replacements from a 164 to go into my 142.
  15. igor

    164 brakes on a 140

    Tomorrow I'll be taking the front brakes off a 164 parts car with the intention of swapping them on to my 142 at some stage. I've seen this mentioned as an upgrade many times but don't have the specifics at hand. Has anyone done this personally or can anyone point me to a thread where it's been...
  16. igor

    142 window scrapers

    I'd like to order a set of these from RSI and am assuming I can just cut the 242 versions down to suit a 142 (quarter window makes the "wound" glass shorter). My question is: What are the metal trim pieces that are talked about to retain the rubber scrapers, do I need them and if so, where can...
  17. igor

    8V Redblock Headers

    I like the bottom mount - now if it would only fit RHD. <sigh> But that's very, very nice. Looks like Tauntaun guts.
  18. igor

    B20 Identification

    I'm have two B20 blocks that I'm trying to identify. Specifically, I'm hoping for a later engine with the 8-bolt crank to use as the basis for a performance build. Is there another way to ID the engines without dropping the gearbox? Both engines are currently in cars. I've checked the numbers...
  19. igor

    PhotoShop request.....

  20. igor

    Best source for B20 engine mounts?

    I need new engine and gearbox mounts for a B20/M40 in a 140. Some recommendations for the best place to purchase these online would be great. I want to avoid poor quality copies. Also, it'd be good to support anyone here who might be a source for them.