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  1. 745 TurboGreasel

    Steven Fischer drives a 245

    <iframe width="400" height="500" frameborder="0"...
  2. 745 TurboGreasel

    S/V/C 01 XC70 Engine donors

    01 XC70 Engine donors ? Got one that ventilated itself on the highway. Anyone have a quick rundown on what will drop in for me? Or got a good one in norcal economic zone? Seems like earlier stuff might work with a manifold swap but I don't really know.
  3. 745 TurboGreasel

    C304 Happy fun Time

    Team Havast represent boxy off the road, thanks! B30ETIC 300+ If you don't like exhaust fireballs and cutie navigators, go find some political thread. Donovan2114 has plenty more on his Youtube channel. http://www.havast.eu/?paginaid=30 <iframe...
  4. 745 TurboGreasel

    740 Whats this connector in the door for?

    Green/blu singe pin in my DR and PS doors, not present in donor car. 85 745
  5. 745 TurboGreasel

    740 740 rearview trim removal

    So I'm trying to get the inside plastic bit at the front of the window which covers the mirror base off without breaking a clip. any tips?
  6. 745 TurboGreasel

    S/V/C 98 v70t5 transmission options

    200K auto engages with a whizzzzzzzBANG! when cold, better warm, but not right. Can I use any SV70 auto? anything individually replaceable I should try first?
  7. 745 TurboGreasel

    240 Coil Leak

    Not a typo. My friend grenaded his 84 245s starter drive thoroughly enough to make bad noises with the engine running, and in the process of Getting him home (remove starter, mate batt cables, &push start), I saw this Yup, all that came from the coil. how long has it been leaking? More...
  8. 745 TurboGreasel

    Dodge Exhuast Mod, Phase One

    I grabbed this stock catback from PNP awhile back, pretty sure it is late Dodge pickup, and it was conveniently laying in the back of a van. Nice 3" pipe, $20 ish. I decided to throw it on, and the only 3" mufflers I had laying around were these Morosso spiral flow things a buddy found at the...
  9. 745 TurboGreasel

    Make it fit?

    Obviously my manifold would need a little work
  10. 745 TurboGreasel

    Changed my headlight fluid

    It was surprisingly easy, all I needed was a screwdriver. Sealed beam my a**! Bulb still worked, but output was low-pathetic.
  11. 745 TurboGreasel

    Wagon sag, wat?

    Back from WM with Eriks supposedly heavy redblock at the very back and a full tank. Not so saggy:)
  12. 745 TurboGreasel

    D24T Diesel special service tools

    Here are some of mine Pics for now, more detail later. In order of appearance: crank lock, IP cam pulley holder- universal pully holder- TDI cam pulley puller, works with generic 2 jaw, I think it will work on VW----27 MM performance tool deep socket, works on crank nut, and injectors, but...
  13. 745 TurboGreasel

    So you've broken your exhaust stud...AKA removing broke bolts with a welder.

    They say you have to pull the head, and pay a million dollars, not so fast! Drilling, and easy outs, I pretty much don't even try. Here one method using the welder is described in post #6. I do it a little different. Here is a typical broke a bit below deck manifold stud. Get any oil...
  14. 745 TurboGreasel

    D24 x Audi gas 5cyl =wat?

    Apparently, this <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/of_1wJDP6dA?fs=1&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  15. 745 TurboGreasel

    Search adjustment

    Is it possible to modify the search to allow searches for specific 3 character strings? like; LSD MBC 242 etc:-P or perhaps have another search option in or beside 'advanced' that allows you to check one or more 3 letter targets, and enter a full length word ie. MBC Plumbing 242
  16. 745 TurboGreasel

    S/V/C V70 drivetrain noise ?s

    98 V70T5 replaced: tie rod ends Bilstein TC's HD end links At least one CV, I think both. One wheel bearing Pads I have a few things going on... 1) rattling groan engaging gear while stopped. It's worse in reverse, and often fades in the time it takes to get out and walk to the front of the...
  17. 745 TurboGreasel

    It escapes the AW55

    But what is it? I pulled the pan because it was leaking, and to my surprise, saw this:uh: I changed the jellied tranny mount too.
  18. 745 TurboGreasel

    EGR Glue

    So I have to fix a $300 EGR valve, and I'd rather not buy one. It is clean, and moves freely, but the diaphragm has a fairly small leak. So I figure why not pour or eyedropper some non viscous product in there, slosh it around, let it dry and hope for the best. Question is, what to use...
  19. 745 TurboGreasel

    This is new :Exhaust suction problem

    I thought I had seen it all, but this is new to me. My friend reported he was driving his 98 mazda MPV 3.0 down the highway when, with no warning it shut down, and he got towed home. It has spark does nothing on starting fluid. I can see rockers moving in the oil fill cap, and the distributor on...
  20. 745 TurboGreasel

    Half price tools

    Kragen / Oreilley is apparently closing out the Powerbuilt and Alltrade brands. Half price in the store, so some good deals if you need a few mediocre tools for cheap :) Prices good through end of march, but I don't think they are restocking.