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    Globex Corp presents: 255

    You can contact CJ through the link that Doug posted. www.yother.com
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    Alternator options for an 1800S

    Wiring isn't my strong point and I want to be careful not to melt wires here. B18 in a 63 1800S, with stock wiring. Currently running a generator but I need to switch to an alternator due to exhaust constraints (long story). What are my options ? I can't find much when I search. I would...
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    Amazon, P1800, 1800S, etc cross member shock mount repair

    I tried cramming as many key words in the title to help others find this thread. As many of us know, the upper shock mount area of the Amazon, 140 and 1800 series cars isn't great. Of the 4-5 Amazons that I've owned and subsequent 1800 cars all of them had cracked shock towers. Here is the...
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    Funky turn signal issue on 62 P1800

    I can't wrap my head around this one. New stalk, correct wires at each corner, good fuses. If I pull the stalk away from the steering column and activate the turn signals, both sides work as they should. Relay sounds good and it's all perfect. Once I re-attach the stalk to the steering...
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    P1800 ignition wiring questions

    Since I'm trying to avoid frying the wiring harness, a post to ask for guidance seems wise. 1962 Volvo P1800, there's a thread in showroom. Almost ready to start and drive this thing, after many months of restoration. Car came to me with no key and an aftermarket ignition coil. I don't have a...
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    P1800 restoration - early Jensen car

    I don't do catchy titles, great social media posts or regular updates so bear with me. <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/exim-cars/45661307695/in/album-72157705263258735/" title="1311atpickup"><img...
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    Vintage paint codes

    I've run into this issue before but somehow always managed to land on my feet. This time may be different... I have one of the early Jensen built P1800 and the paint code is Volvo Red 70. The Lutice equivalent is (246) 96062-H and Dulux lists it as (93) 96062-H. The issue is that paint shops...
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    Early 1800S brake line and wheel cylinder issue

    Brake Line: <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/exim-cars/40904878803/in/datetaken-public/" title="Brake line"><img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/40904878803_69e5494607_c.jpg" width="600" height="800" alt="Brake line"></a><script async...
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    63 P1800 rear shock mounts

    I know Jensen didn't do a great job of building these cars (and I'm reminded daily of that). But I found the rear portion of my car to be very odd when I started stripping the body this week. The rear shock mounts look like they were an after-thought. No paint, no prep on the metal, just slapped...
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    1963 P1800S wheels

    I have a 63 P1800S (chassis 6501, the 501st car made in Sweden apparently) and it has mismatched wheels. Out of curiosity, which are the correct ones ? The driver's side wheels or the passenger front ? <a data-flickr-embed="true"...
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    Vintage Overdrive wiring question

    Trying to avoid having to re-do things when I'm on a limited timeline. My Amazon is taking a long road trip tomorrow (Tucson, AZ to Austin, TX). I am wiring up the OD for the new owner and using the following diagram (using a 240 relay). I have a wire going to my solenoid, I understand that...
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    Vintage High idle - distributor related

    Back story: engine #3 of my current Amazon is a bored out B18 bottom end (bored out to a B20) mated to a FI B20 head. No clue what the cam actually is. Twin Weber DCOE 40's, timing set to 12 degrees. I checked for intake leaks, I have none. My fuel pressure is steady at just under 3 psi, the...
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    B20 engine and high rev lifter kit

    Back story: this is my 65 Amazon, the two door in Showroom. Engine #1 is back at the machine shop, following low compression issues on Cylinders 3 and 4 and a front end whine. I cobbled together another B20 from parts I had. I had a head (visual inspection indicated a B20B or B20A head) with...
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    B20 no start issue

    Back story: this is in an Amazon that I've essentially gone through 100%. Engine is a rebuilt B20B, wiring is stock. After finding out that the original coil wasn't working, I've gone to an electronic ignition set up from Hot-Spark. Married to this: Here are things in the car: <a...
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    1965 "Race Car" Amazon

    Lofty title for a car that will essentially have a mild drop, a set of IPD sways and some shiny bits but hey, it's fine...... As it sat with the PO: <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/exim-cars/35591466574/in/album-72157684871160630/" title="s-l1600 (17)"><img...
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    Unknown cam in B20

    This is my last of 3 B20's that I picked up from Matt Dillon's estate (Volvo165 or something similar). Matt had made a few quick notes on the valve cover (IPD, steel gears, compression numbers and oil pressure) but beyond marking the engine as "performance engine", gave no indication of what...
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    Replacing an M47 with an M46 ?

    Sold an M46 I had to someone on Ebay. Evidently, the buyer is not very familiar with the work involved, he only knows that his 92 240 with a 2.3 liter and 5 speed gearbox needs a new gearbox. I'm assuming he has a B230 with an M47. I know those are seen as better than the M46. Would he better...
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    Vintage Driveshaft replacement on an Amazon

    Took a few minutes at lunch to crawl under the Amazon and disconnect the driveshaft. It is tired with some play and may be out of balance (vibration). I disconnected the DS at the rear end, but when I tried to pull it out of the front shaft, it caught. <a data-flickr-embed="true"...
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    Vintage 122/P1800/PV544 Steering box rebuild

    Swapped steering boxes out on my 65 Amazon yesterday and what felt like a minor whirl on the bench when turning the shaft is a badly damaged bearing. Not driving the car as-is, it's begging for trouble. I checked the usual vendors and cannot find the bearings: Hi Performance Auto's website...
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    AEM Wideband issues

    Not your typical issues: cranked the car and the gauge just faded to a dark screen. :omg: Here is what I'm talking about, it's on my 850 wagon. I tested the wires to it, I'm getting a solid 12v in them, and yet the gauge is dead. 6 months after buying it, it's getting shipped back to the...