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  1. MoCounselor

    Timing Belt Job - What Else?

    Hello all, I'm getting ready to put in an IPD order for the timing belt kit for my 242, and I was wondering what else I should go ahead and do while I'm in there for that. The kit comes with the following: T-belt T-belt tensioner Front crankshaft seal Intermediate shaft seal Front camshaft...
  2. MoCounselor

    Resistor Help?

    I'm hoping someone on here might be able to help with this, and I thought that the engine management forum might be my best bet. Trying to repair my factory ecu on my '83 242. There is a dead resistor on the board that is cracked straight through. We can repair it, (I have a friend who has...
  3. MoCounselor

    Late-Bosch Square-Plug Impulse Sender...?

    Does anyone know of a source for these still? My '83 242 appears to have a bad impulse sender in the distributor, and finding a new one is proving to be a bit problematic (FCP, IPD, and Rockauto are a no-go.) The round-plug Chrysler unit is readily available, but my car is the square-plug...
  4. MoCounselor

    Replacement Coil for Lh 2.1 '83 242?

    Hello all, So, I spent a bit of time on my 242 today to diagnose the non-starting issue some more (first time I've touched it in months.) From the diagnostic tests in the Bentley, it appears that the main ignition coil is bad. I'm having a heck of a time finding a replacement, IPD and FCP...
  5. MoCounselor

    Ticking Noise (B20 k-jet content...)

    Hello all, Im looking at a 142 that I very well may be buying, but it has a strange ticking noise that has got me a bit concerned. As background, it is a low-mileage (57k,) car and sat for almost 30 years in a storage unit. The car has pretty much the whole old 140 IPD catalog on it...
  6. MoCounselor

    VP Autoparts Carpet Kits

    Does anyone have any experience with these? I need to pick up a kit for my 242, the factory tan was roached and I'm switching the interior to black, so... Thanks in advance for any input, -Ben
  7. MoCounselor

    Talk Me Out Of 18" Wheels...

    (Ken/RWC, I already know what you'll say...:rofl:) So, I have a friend in the vw world that has a set of 18" BBS RC's that he would sell me REALLY cheaply, like $300/set cheap. (Good friends like that are nice to have..) But, they are a 18x7.5" +38 and 5x100 bolt pattern. My thought is that...
  8. MoCounselor

    Brake Booster Dead?

    Hello all, Still working on tracking down my vacuum issues and drivability issues on my 242. Yesterday I had a friend help me with adjusting the idle settings, which definitely made it a LOT better. The car no longer hunts for idle like it did with the big lope that it was doing. IACV seems...
  9. MoCounselor

    Random Measurement Question

    Quick, random engine bay measurement question: Does anyone know, or could someone with a bare 240 engine compartment, measure the width between the frame horns? Thanks! -Ben
  10. MoCounselor

    MoCounselor's Project Thorisdottir (Annie, For Short)

    Okay folks, I've decided to start a new build/project thread for my 242 as opposed to endlessly tacking it on to the 142/Project Viking Resurrection thread. Here's the background for those of you who didn't follow that one: I purchased a '71 142e back in February with plans to do a resto mod...
  11. MoCounselor

    BAD IACV Symptom?

    Hello, I THINK my iacv is bad on my '83 242, but I wanted some input. Putting a volt meter on it to test it, per my Bentley manual, showed the resistance within spec, and the internals rotate freely. So, I assumed it was good. When I plug it into the harness with the car running, it causes...
  12. MoCounselor

    What To Troubleshoot First?

    Hello everyone, Tomorrow is the day that I go to try to get my newly purchased 242 up and running so I can bring it home. It's an '83, so it's a LH2.2 (I believe,) car, not a k-jet car. From what I know, it will crank when it has a battery in it, but won't turn all the way over and start...
  13. MoCounselor

    Wasn't Sure Where To Post This

    Hello everyone! I've started a gofundme campaign to try to raise the funds to buy my 75 year old dad the '82 244 that is for sale in Eugene. Here is the link if you want to read the story: http://bit.ly/ThankUDad (Moderators, if this type of post isn't allowed, I understand. I'm just...
  14. MoCounselor

    Quick question for 140 guys (Ken/Redwood, look inside!)

    How do the wiper arms come off? Are they like a 240 where they can be removed from outside, or do I have to disconnect them from the linkage behind the dash? Thanks, -Ben
  15. MoCounselor

    Mid 240 Taillight Question

    Quick question guys/gals, Would it be possible to use the 5-panel sedan taillights on a 242 that was a 5 panel car to begin with? And, by possible, I mean would they bolt in? I have no problems extending/soldering wires, but I don't want to have to modify sheet metal. Thanks, -Ben
  16. MoCounselor

    Ignition For Carb-converted B21?

    Hello all, I just made a deal today on a '82 242 that is a b21 car. I'm considering converting it to the china-bay Weber DCOE copies, but I'm not sure what I'd do as far as ignition. Would I be able to use the stock ignition control unit for that, or would I need something different? Any...
  17. MoCounselor

    Wheel help!

    Does anyone know any info on this car, as far as wheel specs? I know that, (or think that,) they are 940 steelies, but I'm not sure if they are just flipped, or if they have been widened? This is decidedly THE look I want, but I need to know specs so I can figure out how much outlay it will...
  18. MoCounselor

    940 vs. 850 steel wheels?

    Quick question: Are these wheels the same specs, from what anyone knows? Thanks, -Ben
  19. MoCounselor

    Talk to me about B21/B23/B230's

    Curiousity: how much of an improvement, assuming I want to stay carb'd, would be replacing the B20 in my 142 with a crossflow head b-series, such as a B21/B23/B230? Also, how much of a pain is it to put one of these motors into an earlier car? Aaaaaaand GO! :-D -Ben
  20. MoCounselor

    Mad Max 142?

    Does anyone know any info on this car? I'm not digging the cowl induction hood or the flat black/primer paint, but those flared fenders though....(and yes, I recognize that purists will HATE it!)