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  1. 944GLE

    940 Runs for a few minutes then dies

    So the other day when I was driving, I turned a corner and my 940 just stalled and shut off. It wouldnt restart for several minutes. When I finally got it to start I was able to drive it for another 5 minutes and then it stalled and shut off again. After this time the car would not start for 20...
  2. 944GLE

    Just a few updates..

    I haven't posted on here in a while, figured id tell you guy what Ive been up to. Made the roof rack, installed 2 new black leather from seats and repainted all the outside trim. I recently hit 280,000 and I'm really looking forward to 300k. I snapped a couple shots today because it was...
  3. 944GLE

    940 Odomter and Trip counter not functioning

    I noticed yesterday that my trip counter and odometer have not been working as they should. They work when I first start the car and drive 3-5 miles then stop. Not sure where to start looking for the problem. Thanks, Alex
  4. 944GLE

    940 No dash lights

    Please help, I already checked all the fuses and they are all fine. Not sure where to look next. Thanks
  5. 944GLE

    850 radio into a 940

    Is this possible? Are the connections the same? Thanks, Alex
  6. 944GLE

    940 Brake lights not working

    Checked all the fuses, don't know where to go from there? Please help before I get pulled over. Thanks, Alex
  7. 944GLE

    $10 roof rack

    picked up a set of thule roof rails for my car on craigslist for free, got some pipe from home depot cut it to size, put it all together for $10!
  8. 944GLE

    Blue Ridge Parkway Pics (VA)

    Went for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday in Virginia.. Took a couple of crappy blackberry pics and the car is pretty dirty. Pretty fun road to drive on..
  9. 944GLE

    940 ambient temperature gauge into a 92 940

    As you may know my 1992 isn't wired for the gauge.. I have the gauage and the sender now I just need to wire it up.. I have the gauge with the black plug and it has 5 pronges.. I'm wondering how it wire it up thanks
  10. 944GLE

    940 No Start

    It turns over but does not fire up, I can hear the fuel pump turn on so I know that is functioning properly. I got it to start a couple days ago but it seems like it wasnt getting any fuel and it stalled out, now i cant get it to start at all.. please help
  11. 944GLE

    Few pics in the Snow in DC

    took a few pictures with my buddy and his E30 on our campus in the snow tonight.. turned out pretty well
  12. 944GLE

    940 Installing a factory 850/960 radio into a 940

    Is this possible to do? Are the dashboards and area that the radio fits in the same shape?
  13. 944GLE

    940 Rear Defrost non functioning

    I have had this problem ever since I bought my car almost 4 years ago, but now I'm starting to tackle it. So heres the issue, Hit the switch on the dash neither the light on the switch lights up or the defrost kicks in. Please help, all the connections to the back of the switch are OK. Please...
  14. 944GLE

    940 severe shaking at idle with in gear

    I've noticed over the past few weeks my car shakes horribly when I'm stop at lights and such and I'm in gear. The shaking is so bad that it vibrates my back windows. The shaking/vibration goes away as soon as I get on the throttle.
  15. 944GLE

    Thule Roof Racks

    I'm looking to pick up a set of load bars for my 944, any specific model i should be looking for?
  16. 944GLE

    School me on the 780 Bertone

    I found a fairly nice 89 bertone in my area that I'm looking into purchasing. Its got a 196k on the clock with the B230FT engine. It looks like the rear is sagging alittle due to the Nivomats being old. The guy is asking $1500 which seems like a good deal to me. What do I need to know about this...
  17. 944GLE

    got rear ended today

    I was on the way home from dc and I was about an hour from my house in ny state on 684 about to get off in danbury when out of now where I get hit from behind my sunglasses went flying off and I stopped and pulled off the road. A honda fit had rearended an audi with in return hit me. So I walked...
  18. 944GLE

    940 Stereo Upgrades (headunit and speakers)

    What are you guys running in your cars? I've been looking on crutchfield for headunits, rear deck speakers and rear door speakers. I'm looking to spending $100-150 on the headunit and I would like something decent and that kind of blends in with the stock look of the car. I'm looking in Rockford...
  19. 944GLE

    quarter of a million miles

    hit the big 250,000 miles this week, feels pretty good and car still feels strong. I have had this car for about 3 years now and I'm starting to search around for something new. My brother recently got his license and I'm considering passing this car down to him. Living in Connecticut and going...
  20. 944GLE

    940 new waterpump?

    Just have a few quick questions. I'm not sure if my waterpump is functioning. There is very little coolant in the upper rad hose and same goes for the lower one. Also the overflow tank seems to be at normal level. How can I check if it is functioning properly?