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  1. satanburns1

    Build questions.

    I came across headgames motorworks on IG. Has anyone ever used them? They are local to me. I just grabbed a clean 531. They reccomend using stock size valves and just letting them play. My logic was use larger exhaust valves to get the turbo spooled asap. Larger intake valve just make sense...
  2. satanburns1

    Freeze plug install on new motor

    Finally getting my b230 stroker project going again. Got my oem freeze plugs. I have tool # 9995402. I have two different b230 at home to reference but both have plugs facing opposite ways. Which way are they supposed to go. Greenbooks are In storage and inaccessible. I do have the retainer...
  3. satanburns1

    EFI swap underway

    I have a random pile of parts that is becmoing EFi for my 76 coupe. Can i use ECu # 0 280 000 937 with injetor #0 280 150 734 and no resistor pack? harnes is 1990 240 Lh 2.4 going into 1976 242. I have EZK box 0 227 400 148 & 146 to choose from.
  4. satanburns1

    242 door panel....

    i hve no interioir. I have a rear firewall and the rear 1/4 made already due to a fuel cell in the trunk. i was thinkng of making up door panels from somthing just to cver the abyss n sharp edges. What materials should i consider other than some kind of metal
  5. satanburns1

    engine vac QQQ

    I have my brothers 940 for a few days. it seems to have low engine vac. 12inhg @ idle Timng belt is new and marks line up. has IPD cam and gear. brown tops and runs 15psi on stock turbo. What do you guys get for vac @ idle?? Brakes work fine fyi.
  6. satanburns1

    76 242 dash removal

    I know how to take it out already... Heater box is gone. Most of harness is lying on the floor being picked apart and rerouted. I want to remove the shell of the dash. It has tons of sharp edges and it sucks to work around. How ever i need this car to at least be movable so the column has...
  7. satanburns1

    240 booster

    1976 242 B21F (now weber carbed..) PO did me a huge favor and replaced the master CYL. HE phucked me by stripping the studs coming out of the booster. I have a 92 940T im picking apart..... Can i use the booster from that???
  8. satanburns1

    240 1976 242 help

    ignition woes... Stage 0 done w/ OEM parts. I cannot get the timing set. i pulled the dist apart and found two different springs on the mech advance and nylon anchors cracked. Mechanism was kinda bent. I patched it up using MSD/Mrgasket GM HEI spring kit Greenbook says i have correct...
  9. satanburns1

    carb issues....

    So i bought this 76 242. B21 IT Was Kjet but now is a DGV weber carb with a pierce intake? Spark looks like its the factort setup. Some small module on drivers side by battery. I think it has 2 vacuum tubes that run to a sensor in the head. WTF am i lookin at? I cant get it to idle below...
  10. satanburns1

    240 fuel tanks..

    I grabbed a 76 242 from a member here this week. It has been converted to carb @ some point. I was told that it was a K-jet car. I have a DD 92 940 turbo that i was gonna install my stroker in.... Im gonna strip the 940 for parts and graft LH into the 242. Im going to assume that the tank...
  11. satanburns1

    aw71 noise

    92 940 turbo 170K ish. IPD cam/Gear, Brown tops. chips ETC. Car runs good. But the other day wouldn accelerate at HWY speed & at same time trans got REALLY noisey. Got car towed home. Chekced fluid....gritty. Noise is constant and RPM dependent. Im guessing the front pump junked itself...
  12. satanburns1

    block at machine shop.. have a few Q??

    Ok so i got my RSI stuff. Im still waiting on my main studs before i can have it line honed... I cant find new OEM STD bearings. For rods or mains.... Also intermediate shaft bearings are obsolete... What bearings are you guys using? The MS recommended King bearings... Any experiences...
  13. satanburns1

    Accessory Bushings

    Im about to order from Yoshifab for that groupbuy. Im Gonna snag some aluminum accessory bushings. How many do i need for a 92 940 w/ Removed a/c. So only P/S (3?) ALT (3?) Can anyone confirm this for me. Id rather have extra than not enough. Its cold at hell out right now. If no one...
  14. satanburns1

    oil coolers

    92 940 turbo. I have a complete oil cooler setup on the car. Its the water to oil cooler. Looking to add an OEM style setup for a secondary oil to air cooler. Is there a way to combine both OEM styles of cooler into one? Any magic combo of OEM extension housings?
  15. satanburns1

    Something evil i say....

    So i snagged a cheap RSI 2.5L crank & 158MM rods. So Uh pistons? I got a whole pile of goodies but i gotta make a move asap with these pistons. I checked RSI site and they seem to be showing less and less. I see a set for $600 but i stroke is listed @ 80mm... rods 158mm. Anyone got...
  16. satanburns1


    So i been chasing this on and off problem. Car is a 92 940 Turbo. No DTC stored. starts runs drives. Every once in a while ( regardless of boost level, gear, or % throttle) itll get to 3000 RPM and backfire a few times. If i get off on first backfire itll rev out...but it'll also rev if i...
  17. satanburns1

    Freshing B230FT

    Tore my spare B230 down today. From a 91 740. Was complete from EX mani to intake with 5th injector ( currently on car now). Gonna bring it to machinist this week and order whatever he says i need. Hoping for first factory OS of .2 I heard that Mahle makes the pistons, I'm adding the...
  18. satanburns1

    piston slap....

    I knew my 92 940T needed a engine ( but still runs) when i got it for free. now i believe its bad enough to set off my knock sensor. Anyone ever hear of such a thing? I have been workin for Volvo for ten years and have heard a LOT of loose bores in the B230. Mine is deff one of the worst i...
  19. satanburns1

    endurance race cooling using OEM equipment???

    Cant add any performance parts as per rules. Was thinking of runnin coolant thru the evap core. Anything to help cool it on a 1.9 mile road course. Getting lines made is easy. Has anyone done this? Results. I searched but really didnt know what to put.
  20. satanburns1

    few Q?? Tires Steering

    I read an old thread on deleting PS from a 240. I want to remove PS from my 940. Same thing basically? Any bolt in LHD manual racks? Tires.... Have 195/60R15 want 205/50R15. Issues? I know it'll rev more on hwy etc. Rear springs have factory 235K sag to em and i cut a coil from the...