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  1. Mismatchedsocks

    bad idle, brand new MAF, now losing power at 2500RPM

    :poo: its not a volvo its a KIA :poo: Its an '04 Rio 100k miles standard tranny. Please refrain from telling me to crush/incinerate car I have already informed her its on its last legs. I only ask b/c it's my gf's car and shes got NO money and planning on taking it to a shady mechanic...
  2. Mismatchedsocks

    mechanical tests

    so I'm going to ask how to do a couple tests. (B230f lh2.4...89 240 aw71) I'm just looking for a thread or a link. I want to know: How to do a valve clearance check. How to verify my timing (per the lh2.4 fault tracing greenbook). I will get a feeler gauge to check the valve clearance...
  3. Mismatchedsocks

    240 Really Bad Gas Mileage

    I have an 89 244DL LH2.4 that is now getting about 10-12 MPG. I think it has gotten worse recently but it could also be that I don't have any surplus $$ right now like I had before (moved out of the parents house FINIALLY!!) (my tach doesnt work so I only recently measured the actual gas...
  4. Mismatchedsocks

    2 new motor mounts and still have this noise

    I have this noise that started after I got my new rear tires put on at town fair and the front tires balanced. I went back and asked them if they broke something with the lift; a guy came out and listened to my car and he said that it sounded like the "exhaust bracket was hitting something"...
  5. Mismatchedsocks

    stereo set up questions

    stereo upgrades comin. Here's what I have now: JVC HU - was a hundred bucks a few years ago. it has the inputs/outputs I need. (headphone in, sub/front/back out) 3" new junk speakers up front kenwood 6x9's in the back - 50 watt RMS -...
  6. Mismatchedsocks

    who else is watching this like a hawk?

    Bamse's got new dirty drawers... Block - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjBPVr6wgBs
  7. Mismatchedsocks

    DIY Wideband

    Has anyone done this? I'm not looking to do this b/c I'm a cheap a$$, more b/c it sounds fun. In the few searches I've done it looks like you can do it for a $100? So if you have done this... 1. Do you like the result...does it work 2. Do you have a parts list 3. how many $$ did it cost...
  8. Mismatchedsocks

    megasquirt university

    I'm chowing into the world of megasquirt. I have been taking notes on the "how megasquirt works" article in the megamanual and this $hi& is really really cool. I want to use it on my +T project (most likely a late model 240...250-300hp goal) and am content to take my time and learn before...
  9. Mismatchedsocks

    240 Do I buy this '93 244 classic

    So I went to look at a '93 244 classic auto tranny this weekend. Its #333 and redish color. (as opposed to teal) Guy was really nice and it was a surprise for me that the car actually resembled what he said on the phone and in pics he sent me. It had about 150k on it (forgot to check...
  10. Mismatchedsocks

    240 hes dead jim...wait just kidding.

    So my car dies suddenly while cruzin down the highway doin nothing special. It turns over fine but its not gettin gas. Kinda kicks once. I try to start in a couple times over a few minutes... no dice. (Its my '89 244 LH2.4 AW71 daily driver. It had been sitting for the weekend burried with...
  11. Mismatchedsocks


    Does anyone use this (ALLDATA)? I guess its a diagnostic service software. My mechanic friend raves about their diagnostic flowcharts. I can get it (or anyone else) for a year for one car for $26 and $15 for the next car. I already have the Bentley. '89 244DL LH2.4
  12. Mismatchedsocks

    diagnose bottom half of motor

    '89 244DL LH2.4 B230 So I want to change out my head with a rebuilt one or rebuild my own head b/c I don't want to wonder how much life the HG has left. My question is how do I diagnose the health of the bottom half of my motor, mainly my piston rings. I bought a compression tester and will...
  13. Mismatchedsocks

    flashy sub crap

    Hey I just installed my wiring harness for my sub last night and I'm ready to build a box for my single 10" sub. B/C this thing is confined to my trunk I thought it would be cool to include some ricey lights and stuff, that flash with da beat and generally invoke "ooowww my gerd I can't believe...
  14. Mismatchedsocks

    240 Looking at 2 late model 240 manuals tonight...

    Any words of wisdom? Things to look at that would be deal breakers? I'm gonna be watching for a beat a$$ clutch, head gasket (white smoke)... What else?
  15. Mismatchedsocks

    240 oil pan

    Is the 240 oil pan steel or aluminuminuninum. I just read kenny's +T article (perfectly concise btw) and am thinkin about droppin the pan and welding on the bung for my +T instead of drilling/tapping the block. My coworker (a honda guy) is telling me its probs alumninum ie I can't weld it MIG...
  16. Mismatchedsocks

    fixing a vacuum leak

    so I just put a vacuum gauge in my car. I knew that my vacuum pressure was bad and now I can see how bad. I'm gonna do a bunch of stuff to fix it and write it up best I can. my video of crappy vacuum pressure --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQmHwCz03SU Heres a little background for what...
  17. Mismatchedsocks

    Things to do with my intake off...

    so I did my oil separator about 2 weeks ago by loosening my intake but not disconnecting it. I didn't change the ring gasket underneith it because I could barely get at the oil separator. Now my car leaks some oil so I bet its coming from there. Also the bottom cable that is above the intake...
  18. Mismatchedsocks

    '89 244 Heisenburg Build Thread

    "It was high counsel that I once heard given to a young person: Always do what you are afraid to do." -Ralph Waldo Emerson What am I up to now? -Brake master cylinder 7.7.13 -->how to bleed new master cylinder --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trotrlIG2sk -->all 8 bleeders opened (yay)...
  19. Mismatchedsocks

    240 Wobbles on the highway

    In case Sig doesn't show this is for the '89 244DL N/A Granny Tranny. So I'm moving from the engine to the suspension because I have to. The car is really sketchy on the highway now. Its fine as long as I don't turn the wheel at all to the RIGHT. According to what I read that means theres...
  20. Mismatchedsocks

    240 Uh oh a LOT of oil

    SOOOO... I bought an 89 244DL about a month ago and it has been running great. I just pulled into work today and noticed a little drip of oil under the car...so I looked. Its down at least a quart of oil and I haven't had time to thoroughly check for the problem but there is a LOT of oil...