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    Where to go from here? 242GT

    Curious as to what people think i should be upgrading from here.. Current specs are: 940 B230FB engine 531 cylinder head VX cam shaft Haltech Sprint 500 ECU Siemens Deka 60LB injectors LS3 coils Factory 740 Volvo Turbo - TD05 with hi flow rear housing 3" cat back exhaust Factory 740 fuel pump...
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    Painting 242 bumpers?

    any tips on how to go about painting the bumpers on my 242 would be appreciated.. It's time to clean the thing up! I should look through all the threads but I'm about to start the 6 hour drive home.
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    Gauge recommendations

    Can anyone recommend gauges for oil pressure, boost, volt, wideband and maybe fuel pressure? Why the bloody hell are AEM gauges so expensive?
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    Black steel wheels in 5x108

    Does anyone know where to get these in 5x108 stud pattern? 17x8/9 preferably :)