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  1. DarkKratoz

    740 91 740T leaning out and stalling

    So, my car is leaning out and stalling, as per the wideband and also the car stalling. I've changed the Fuel Pump relay and the Radio Suppression relay, no change yet. Problem is random, but seems worst when starting the car. Will also go lean momentarily when hitting some bumps at speed. Any...
  2. DarkKratoz

    91 740T Rough idle

    My car started idling rough yesterday, it seems the worst when the cold start enrichment ends but before the oil is at operating temperature. Seems like a misfire, afrs sit between 14.1-14.9, usually they're 14.5-15.2. Rocks the car pretty strongly on misfire. I'm thinking, clean air filter and...
  3. DarkKratoz

    Nicer Seats for a 740

    7 series seats blow (true story). Mine are currently racer-spec manual with rear-toasting black Swede cowhide. Also, formless and de-stitching from my sweet supple bottom's normal force (or FN, if you'd prefer). What bolts in that is super nice and bolstery? The best I'm thinking is 960 or...
  4. DarkKratoz

    740 '91 740 Turbo intermittent dying

    So, over the past couple days, my car started doing a weird intermittent dying thing. At first, I thought it was the CBV having a tear/vacuum leak, so I replaced it, but it's still doing it. It seems to be agitated by bumps, and I think it may be the CPS. I'm noticing my AFRs wander from...
  5. DarkKratoz

    DRL/Headlight switch

    Hello! I was wondering if there was any way to get the Headlight switch to function as advertised. I want to be able to drive around with only my marker lamps during the day, as having HIDs on is really only glaring people on a hill opposite of me. I think it would be more considerate and...
  6. DarkKratoz

    Swedish Black Metal: A 1991 740 SE

    So, in October of 2011, having gotten a job that pays not-minimum wage, I decided that my at-the-time current DD, a 1987 744 GLE, while awesome, just wasn't Jurbo enough. So, I set about, looking for a 740, with more doors, more pedals, and more ponies. As it turns out, I nearly struck out, but...
  7. DarkKratoz

    15G Swap

    *zips up flame suit* I haven't found a specific mention: is there a gasket I need for between the turbo and the manifold? I can't find one on FCP, or in any of the 15G swap threads I've read. Want to pull this off this weekend, and have everything ready. Got all the oil gaskets, except the in...
  8. DarkKratoz

    91 740T Rad failure

    Hello! It appears my rad's end tank has failed. I was wondering two things: 1) What's the proper procedure for getting that coolant out, and 2) Does anybody have a recommendation for a good solid end tank rad so this doesn't happen again? I've heard tell of a drain in the block, but is that...
  9. DarkKratoz

    AFR lag on first boost?

    So, I've installed my wideband on Sunday, and I was wondering, I noticed on my first boost after the installation (I always let the engine warm up until the oil pressure comes down/temp comes up to it's "usual spot", so I don't always boost every time I drive) that the AFRs takes a second to...
  10. DarkKratoz

    Harribert Style HID Headlamps

    So I'm looking at copycatting his upgrade, with the RZ Design projectors and SharpHID bulbs/ballasts and 760/940 Ecodes, and I was wondering if people think that 35W was fine, or if 55W would be worth the extra $10? I'm gonna get 5000K to avoid any annoying blue/purple glare. This is exciting...
  11. DarkKratoz

    960 Power Stage on 740T

    Will it work as a replacement? Any gains or detriments from this?
  12. DarkKratoz

    Phenolic Spacers Installation

    How have you guys done it? Vice Grips to pull out old studs? How do you make sure the new ones get properly tightened in? Does it require tapping the old holes? Two intake Mani gaskets?
  13. DarkKratoz

    Spark Plug Wires

    Having plumbed the depths of the old-times turbobricks knowledge, I figured I'd see what everyone is doing now? I had a set of IPD spark plug wires on my 740, but I think I got the wrong set as there was a bit of excess cord (probably a block-mount set), and now the jacket split on #2 and was...
  14. DarkKratoz

    '91 740 Bumper Fog to 940 Integrated and Bumper Fog ECode Setup Conversion

    So, I'm finally attempting the E-Code conversion on my 740SE, and while they're in their place and working, there's quite a few bugs to work out. So I'm gonna post this, detail my problems, and then, either someone will have figured out the issue before, or I'll stumble upon the fix with my...
  15. DarkKratoz

    FBody T5WC into 91 740 swap

    Gentlemen! I've got my hands on a lovely Borg-Warner T5WC, 1352-247 (4.5 Gen Camaro/Firebird V6, as per this site) for the lowly sum of $200. Now for the parts to be amassed, correct me if I'm missing anything/am about to buy the wrong part; 23T input shaft, for a 5.0L Foxbody? Bellhousing...
  16. DarkKratoz

    740 Electical issue 91 740 sedan

    So I'm having an issue where my tail lights are acting completely bonkers, I.e. braking and reversing activates the ambers and the fogs, while the fogs and ambers are on half-bright constantly. Now, the extra weird part is when I step on the brakes when the car is off, I can hear the main fuel...
  17. DarkKratoz

    LH 2.4 Chipping question

    Seems there's a lot of the 954 "w/ EGR" computers about. I've got one (954 out of a '95 940T) that I'm going to put in without chip so that I can hopefully solve my non-functioning IACV and bring the 740 up to 'Stage Zero', finally. Now, my question is, as a non-Cali/no EGR car, will using the...
  18. DarkKratoz

    H3 to H7 bulb

    So, I know this isn't really the best place for it, but I did a Google, and I'm now an expert on HID conversions. I've got a 91 740SE, and the fog lamps were smashed when I bought it. Upon looking for replacements, I've been told that they're a different size than the other 740 bumper fogs, and...
  19. DarkKratoz

    740 Tailights failure 1991 740SE

    So, I got to work this morning, and noticed that my brake lights were giving no response. So I tried a new fuse (old one didn't look burnt) and new 1156s, no avail. So I was thinking it was the switch or the Bulb Failure relay or the brake light switch, as that's something I've found mentioned...
  20. DarkKratoz

    740 Repaint decision

    So, 91 740 SE. Someone scuffed my IRREPLACEABLE front bumper. So, naturally, repaint the whole car. Now, keep it stock black, or should I go the panda Trueno route, such as black bumpers/skirts and white body? Sorry if sweet +10 HP paintjobs belongs in Performance, wasn't quite sure myself...