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    1980 242 door sill cover

    I was wondering if there is a picture of the proper way for the clips to be on the door sill cover. Mine has been removed several times now, and all the original locations/orientations of the clips are long gone. Should I put the clips on the plastic piece to reinstall or on the metal body first?
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    240 vertical seat adjuster

    I am just finishing my interior, putting the last little bits and pieces together. I put on the big knob adjuster on the passenger seat, fitting it onto the star shaped piece. I have fiddled with these on and off again over the years and the knob went on fine, but the seat wouldn't move, crap...
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    1980 240 center dash wiring ????

    Anyone remember where these 2 white bulb holders go? I have the center light bar hooked up correctly, I think but do these go in another light bar ? Also have a couple of sleeved terminals that need a home...they are the white ones. I have identified the clock hookups.
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    240 heater core magicians

    After finally getting painted and back on the road with my 242 V-8 stroker, I have coolant leaking out of the AC drain hole. Is this a common occurrence? Or is it just lucky? I am assuming the leak is a crack in the heater core, but could it be the heater valve? Would I be that lucky? When I...
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    Where to find 3.07 gears for 1030

    I have followed all the discussion of matching transmissions and rear axle ratios with interest. My situation is like others who find that I am geared way to low, someone remarked, ?you might as well not use 1st gear?, and it?s the truth, as I am getting about 5 miles to the gallon with my 327...
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    Torque for Virgo lug nuts

    Does anyone know the correct lbs. torque for the Virgos? I am not sure it’s listed in Bentley...thanks!
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    Luisi hub

    I am having a devil of a time getting this adapter to work. After pulling it off for the 4th time and comparing it to the Volvo GT wheel/hub, I don?t see anything that is preventing the ground to not contact. And yes, I checked continuity from one end to the other on lead. I suspect that the...
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    240 v8 wheel suggestions

    Could I please get some suggestions of the wheels I should put on my Christmas list this year? I am thinking 17X7 to eventually fitting bigger brakes on. What makes are the best for street rodding and occasional track usage. Possibly getting some MT radial slicks for rear. As for styling, fewer...
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    Sunroof air deflector

    Could any brave 240 owners take a picture of the air deflector and the little articulating rods/sliders?? I took mine apart Over a year ago, and for the life of me can?t remember how it all goes back together? A good diagram would also help, thanks all!
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    Seam Sealer Bodyworks

    Anyone have suggestions where one should use seam sealer on a 1980 240? I have done the upper gutter above the windows, hit a small place next to the taillight holes, and swabbed the crap out of the places where I rolled the rear fenders. Did I miss somewhere? Thanks!
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    Momo hub part #

    Hey, anyone know the correct part number for a momo hub for a 1980 242? Thanks!
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    Bigger 242 brakes question

    I am thinking of getting the 16? Voxx wheels from iPad and that got me thinking about options for bigger brakes, any ideas?
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    240 solid moonroof

    Has anyone converted the hand cranked sunroof to a solid moonroof?
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    Pearl Grey code 20

    Anyone have a car this color? I would love to have a good picture Thanks
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    240 242 Paint Colors-Window Source ???

    I am having a bear of a time trying to figure out a color to paint the 242 V8. I am thinking something that is currently being used by another car company :), perhaps BMW or maybe Fiat, or ? Or, should I just use a Volvo color...(boring). I am putting this question to all Tbrickers for their...
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    Cheap Wheel Ideas for Slicks

    Looking forward to track days soon and was curious who has any thoughts on some cheapie steelies that would fit my 240. I plan to purchase the biggest street style slicks that will fit. Ideas ?
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    Power steering pump, v8 swap

    Anybody had an issue using a new Chevy power steering pump hooked to the original 1980 242 steering rack? The alignment guy says that when he is going straight and revvs up the motor the car pulls left. We have struggled to get caster to match, side to side, but have come up with a little...
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    Flathood re-skin? Body/painters HELP!

    Ok, after another frustrating week, where I took my 242 to the local muffler/alignment place, only to discover they couldn't get the 2.5 inch tubing to bend enough on the passenger side to hook up my muffler...they set the front end and cars pulls severely to the right. I have been waiting 4...
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    V-8 swap help for 327

    questions... Do I need a "drop" style front sway bar? I will be using a Howe system for the throwout bearing, any advise? Anyone have a modified clutch pedal for sale? Will the 84 Corvette radiator work well? thanks for everybody's help!
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    240 Actuator Question

    I ran across an actuator with the number 430 099 30 on it and I was wondering if I should use it on my ole B21f +T ? It may have come from one of my 7 series projects.