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  1. domox

    240 Tire size for Tethys on a 240 series?

    I'm running 215/45's on it right now but need a couple of temporary tires since I flat spotted a couple of them. Anyone know what the max size is on a lowered 240?
  2. domox

    B230 distributor - block mount

    Anyone out there know off-hand the size of freeze plug I need to plug the hole? It's just taking up space (I run EDIS) and I'd like to remove it and close the wound. Thanks.
  3. domox

    Pinks All Out - Tucson

    You wanna run, Mike? :oogle: Going to be at Southwestern International down here at the fair grounds.
  4. domox

    Air conditioning: Hydrocarbon-based refrigerant

    Well, I went and did it. My Jeep Cherokee hasn't had air conditioning since Labor Day, when the clutch died and I had to replace the compressor. I did replace the compressor but did not have time to charge it. Well, it's still hot down here in Tucson, with mid-90's through the week so I...
  5. domox

    Death of a 240

    I rolled my old '82 240 February of '06. This is what it looked like before the accident: This is a video of the crushing: <embed width="430" height="389" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent"...
  6. domox

    '78 262c Brake Question

    My dilema: I want to replace the brake lines on this car. FCP Groton says that their stainless brake line kit for '78 - '93 won't work on my car because its an early car.:wtf: Anyone want to verify if this is correct? And yes, I have two lines per caliper up front. Thanks.
  7. domox

    FYI - Belt Sizes for Dale's underdrive pulley

    For anyone using one of the B230 underdrive pulleys on a 240: Checker Auto Goodyear belts AC Belt - #17361 Alternator / water pump belts - #15356 I didn't have to replace the AC / PS belt. Don't know if they're any different on a 700. (Hope this wasn't already posted somewhere)
  8. domox

    Location for CBV/BOV...

    Ok, so I'm getting around to mounting the my 4" intercooler and I want to know what the best or recommended location is for it. Should I mount it closer to the throttle body or in the OEM location near the turbo outlet? Thanks.
  9. domox

    Mounting WB02 sensor...

    How far down stream after the turbo and before the catalytic? Anyone know? I've got the down pipe ready to drill, just wanted recommendations. Oh, its a 3" downpipe and not a whole lot of space next to or on top of pipe as it goes by the AW-71, hence the request for recommendations. Thanks.
  10. domox

    Pic's of the 3" exhaust...

    This is the 3" exhaust I put in my now-deceased 244. I'm in the process of transferring parts into my Bertone and thought I'd share a few of the exhaust. Its a full 3" from turbo to tail, with Magnaflow muffler and catalytic. I used all mandrel bends and its designed to tuck into the body and is...
  11. domox

    B230FT & 60-2 flex plate

    How do you mount it? I.e., where do the two missing teeth line up when the engine is at TDC? At the sensor? I'm wanting to install it now while the engine is out and before I install it in my Bertone so that later on, when/if I do a DIS its already in there. Mods - please move to where ever...
  12. domox

    AZ guys: Why I didn't go to the meet (56K - slow, take a break)

    This is what my 240T looked like Thursday morning: This is what she looks like now: I was coming home from a buddies house and to make a long story short, I ended up upside down, 90 degrees to the road. The doors don't close (I had to kick the passenger door open to get out) because they...
  13. domox

    AZ Meet - Final Countdown

    Who's going: From Tucson: Alex, Domingo, Felix Meeting at Chevron at I-10 and Cortaro at 8:30AM From Feenix: Mike, Brandon, Andy & Jason (wrong wheel drive guys) :), Chris, KLowD9x ? Meeting at Mike's at 8:30AM Details: - Meet in Florence, dilly dally for a while, oooh and aaahhh of each...
  14. domox

    Ford '400' CFI injectors - Flow rate?

    I've got a set of four, wondering what their flow rate is at 3bar. Anyone know? I'm wondering if I should try them out this weekend, assuming they have more than 42lbs of flow at 3bar. Thanks in advance!
  15. domox


    Anyone out there with a '93 240 that can tell me what numbers are on the face of the speedometer? I just put a 1041 axle out of a '93 into my '82 and want to match up a correct speedometer, but don't want to put the wrong one in. Wouldn't be an issue but the donor car was already missing the...
  16. domox

    3-inch Exhaust: Over or Under Axle?

    Like the title says, over or under? I'm buying bends, either today or tomorrow, and I was wondering which is the 'better' option. I'll be lowering the car (240) in the near future, about an inch or two in front, inch in the rear. I'll have a 3" bullet in front of the axle as a resonator...
  17. domox

    Fuel Line size?

    I've got an '82 240 that needs the fuel line from the tank to the main pump. Just wondering if anyone know off hand what the inside diameter of that hose might be. Thanks.