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  1. Pete.M

    Volvo 740 Turbo Conversion - Street/Track Build

    I guess I didn't post here previously because the quality of projects is often very high. However, some friends have convinced me to contribute to a YouTube channel so now I'm whoring it out everywhere. I'm going to keep it short, and suggest that you watch the video for a run-down of the work...
  2. Pete.M

    740 LH2.4 Intermittent Signal From EZK to Ignition Amplifier

    This is an LH2.4 swapped 740, using a 940 loom so I may have done something wrong, or just badly... There seems to be an intermittent signal from the EZK to the ignition amp/power stage. So far I've only seen a single spark after several attempts cranking the engine. I've checked the signal...
  3. Pete.M

    740 - K-jet to LH2.4 - Gauge cluster compatibility

    I'm taking the running gear from a 1996 940 and putting it in a 1988 740. There's a lot of info for 240's on this conversion, but I'm thinking the 740 might be slightly easier since it already has the speed signal from the diff. What I don't know is whether the 2.4 loom is 'plug and play' with...
  4. Pete.M

    Time is messed up

    Got my time zone set to GMT, but it's about 7 hours out. Forum currently says 5:46am, but it's actually 12:43pm. I tried other time zones, they seem wrong as well. I think this caused a strange problem in one of the threads that I replied to, where my reply showed up before the post that I was...
  5. Pete.M

    Attachment of 740 'Add-on Lips'

    Bit of a long shot here. Does anyone know how these 'lips' were intended to be attached from the factory? For those who are wondering, i'm talking about these: http://www.l-m-r.se/p/modellanpassande-tillbehor/740760/exterior/frontspoiler/add-on-lappar-fram-740760.html I just bodged mine using...
  6. Pete.M

    Rear Brake Upgrade for 7/9 series?

    I'm sure I've seen suggestions on this but can't seem to find anything via Google. What options have been explored for rear brake upgrades? Are there any issues with using V70 rear brakes for example, other than needing an adaptor? I know the handbrake/parking brake configuration would be...
  7. Pete.M

    What's that black panel on 744 rear ends called?

    The panel between the lights, I think I like the look of it. What's it called or can they be bought?
  8. Pete.M

    Critique my suspension plans - 7/9

    I want to try to create a daily that can occasionally be used on the track, say a few times a year, and without completely breaking the bank. I think I've almost got it figured out. (The track use would mainly be normal circuit racing) Obviously adjustable coilovers are the optimal solution...
  9. Pete.M

    Reusing head bolts

    I feel like I might be having one of those stupid moments... There's information on the web saying these B230 head bolts can be reused provided the length is no more than 55.5mm. What length is being referring to? No part of the bolt measures 55.5mm! Can anyone explain?
  10. Pete.M

    Bilstein HD knocking noises, fixable?

    I'm beginning to think my Bilsteins are the cause of this nasty knocking noise I'm getting from the front end, because I can't see anything wrong elsewhere. Anyone have experience with this? Is it likely just a bearing that I could maybe replace myself without having to gas the dampers? Thanks.