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  1. peterwgpa

    242GT 1979 Group C Race Car

    It was a Volvo Fest by Australian Standards
  2. peterwgpa

    242GT 1979 Group C Race Car

    A long time since an update but the car came out of hibernation a week ago for the Masterblast in Sydney. An action shot
  3. peterwgpa

    Shifter quality check

    Has anyone bought one of these short shifters and if so how have you found it to be quality wise? HZ racing and it looks like they are made in China https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/V-o-l-v-o-M45-M46-M47-240-740-940-short-throw-shifter-gear-shift/112612_32786713813.html
  4. peterwgpa

    Volvo feature from Australia

    Worth a look https://www.shannons.com.au/club/video/volvo-240-series-shannons-club-tv-episode-69/
  5. peterwgpa


    A friend rebuilding a high performance turbo red block. Does anyone know part numbers and or sources for ARP head bolts and rod bolts? Alternatively what do others use for high performance applications?
  6. peterwgpa

    Rear axle spherical bearing

    Any hints on fitting kaplhenke rear axle spherical bearing to a 240? Do they press in from centre of car to outside or other way round?
  7. peterwgpa

    242 and 240 windscreens the same?

    Okay turbobrickers. Need some guidance most likely information exists already here. Thought I knew the answer but my windscreen glass supplier has planted a seed of doubt. We have a 1979 242Gt and I wanted to order the windscreen for a 1991-93 240 as it comes with slim line rubber fitted already...
  8. peterwgpa

    242GT 1979 Group C Race Car

    December 2017 - Apologies as some photos were lost when Photobucket turned rip off merchants and high jacked all the picture links. I have tried the best I again to find all old pictures and link via IMGUR - a very time consuming process. Thankfully this is now complete as I can make it I have...