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    auto upgrades

    has anybody fitted 5/6/7 speed autos to b20 or b21/23 redblocks and if so witch? what results and how???
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    m400 and m46

    are the od units on the m410 interchangeable with the m46 units as i have two in bits and they look/measure the same... trouble is ime not sure of their years and history and if they have been mesed with. the gears are different but the out put shafts are twins and the od mounts match.
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    thinking about filling a weekend

    has anybody fitted a 960 white block and auto, into an 164e? whats involved and whats it like. ime guesing it marginaly quicker but not as nimble as the 92 940. ive just bought a 164e for the m410 box to replace an m46 [82 mod,low first and adapted to modified m46 bell housing NOT recondmended}...
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    242-280z struts

    found a set of front struts from a 280z nissan, with coilover conversion and 4spot alloy calipers{32/30mm} and as they were only 100 dollars i bought them. question is has anybody fitted the whole assembly onto a volvo 240 front supention set, i know ill have to make a new ball mount to strut...
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    speed bump phobia

    has anybody got info/pics of air spliters on d/d 240's ??
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    old warrior

    ive just bought a 142s 72mod with a half rollcage,supra 5spd on dellow belhousing,164 vented disks and b21 turbo on costom manifolds to the b22 motor. the motor has at least one burnt piston {find out tomoro} and aperently hasent run since 91 when it was raced in western nsw somewhere. two...
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    good oil

    dose any have suplyer of hivolume oil pumps for b23/b21 motors as my 16v/b23 is showing symptoms of oil shortages even with high zink oil and 5kk changes.
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    zf 6spd

    dose anybody make an adaptor/bellhousing to fitt corvete zf to red blocks?
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    heads up, if you dont like k-jet dont go here. has anyone tryed running k-jet on the twin cam motors?
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    box blues

    dose anybody know of a suplyer of adapters to fitt redblocks to corvete zf 6spd trans {man} about 95 modle {2.93 first}
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    240 fuel tanks

    what is the largest tank that fits the 242 body,mines a 62ltr and ide like to have 100+ltrs. i could fabricate one but dose any body know of a ome option, or a different make that fitts?
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    just found a M47 {yes ime sure!} with a p series od unit, looks to be factory fitted a has a speedo drive. theres no bellhousing and ive found nothing on the net about such a setup! has anybody heard/seen of this outfit and what it was used in{comertial?} its not the first ringer ive found from...
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    240 focus/mondeo rims

    has anybody fitted 16/17inch above to a 242? do they clear the struts/rear arches and do they have any hub center probs? 15' tyres are getting limited around here.
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    240 opinion

    dose anybody know if the honda s2000 6spd gearbox can handel the power of a 16v b234 na motor? ive had bad results with the nissen beams unit and not keen to do another conversion if it dosent look to be any stronger.
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    m46/240 v m46/260

    dose anybody know if the 260 seires m46 gear box has different ratios to the b23 gearboxes?
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    s40/hilux s3 aw71l\142 conversion.. briliant!!! just did 5000k trip in this unit and cant stop smilling, glad i fitted 164 v/disks and will be up grading suspention, has a 3.73 diff{240 remounted} and looking to upgrade boost and fit intercooler. but toataly recomend conversion!! its even better...
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    240 b23 twin carb

    ive bought a 2.3 na 94 motor with a single cd stromberg carb{175} and it came with a modified fi manifold to carry twin cd 175s. has anyone used twin strombergs on a k cam b23e motor with headers and 11.1 comp? is it worth swaping from the single carb?
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    t5 rwd sumps

    ive emailed a chinese company about doing a run of alloy sumps based on my cutdown t6 sump and would like to find out how many units would be wanted? the ballpark price is about $700 usd but could rise/fall depending size of run. and is it worth doing a redesineg of the unit to make for a better...
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    max hp 2.3ltr n/a d/d ????

    ive been reading/reaserching a lot af threads here discussing 8v v 16v and asorted tweaks in rebuilds. and thought it worth starting a thread to disscuss the best/easyest way to build or modify a motor to get more hp for a dd. i know the turbo brigade will have an opinion, but ide like some...
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    has anybody stroked one of theise? any way of geting 2.4/2.5lts out of this engine to replace b20 in a 142? what boxes will fit without adapters?