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  1. kahluaTDI

    The Unofficial IPD 2023 Thread - 5/20/2023 Portland, OR

    Whats the plan friday? I picked up some plans saturday night for a comedy show. Some kind of get together at a patio/bar on friday though?
  2. kahluaTDI

    The Unofficial IPD 2023 Thread - 5/20/2023 Portland, OR

    Im open to shenanigans friday/saturday. I just have to pick up my friend and her kids from the airport saturday night.
  3. kahluaTDI

    SE Ballercross

    This weekend is the ALSCCA Spring Super Solo Shootout (SSSS), which is a roughly 2 minute autocross course with a pax shootout in the end. I doubt any of you would be interested, but if you're around the Birmingham area, swing by and come hang out. We'll be at the Hoover Met all day. If you're...
  4. kahluaTDI

    Funky AFR's

    after I updated to 3.3 whatever I've had some wideband issues. I just stay around 10 AFR and it's no bueno. I can't figure out why either. Any suggestions/thoughts? Here's a datalog from driving around the neighborhood (hills). It bogs massively and has trouble getting up hills. Any tips...
  5. kahluaTDI

    Pre/Post SE-XI Mountain Bike Adventure!

    I had talked to a few members about coming down a bit early and hitting up one of IMBA's Epic trails at Oak Mountain State Park, and I just want to see if the interest is still there. I live about 15 minutes away from the park and have extra bedrooms for people to sleep in, bathrooms to shower...
  6. kahluaTDI

    Broken off Spark Plug Electrode

    A while back I parked the car because the autocross season was over, and the last event saw a part of the wastegate actuator rod falling off so I just had no urge to drive it. Fast forward 6 months or so and I finally got around to replacing the rod end, so I took it for a spin. Sounded like...
  7. kahluaTDI

    240 Best way to drain a fuel tank?

    82 240 with the filter in the engine compartment, a 255 pump, and about a quarter of a tank of 6 month old gas. Can I just unhook the line at the filter, turn the ignition on (primes the pump) and collect the stuff that comes out until it's empty? Or would it be better to go from the fuel tank...
  8. kahluaTDI

    Shimming a new cam Q's

    I came into ownership of a nice pretty K cam, and will be doing the swap sometime in the near future, but I have a question regarding the shims. As I understand it, I will remove the old cam (M), and place the new cam back in it's spot, tighten it down, and then check the clearance with an...
  9. kahluaTDI

    What gaskets/seals for cam swap?

    Swapping in a K cam in place of the M cam in the car, and I got a valve cover gasket, the rear valve cover plug, and will be getting one of those fancy shim kits. Am I missing any other seals that will need to be replaced during the install? I can't remember if there's one at the cam gear or...
  10. kahluaTDI

    Omg se-x pictures

    I'm gonna go ahead and make this, so as we get drunk and party through the weekend, we have a spot to throw some photos. I'm going to make a picasa/g+ album and I'll link it here.
  11. kahluaTDI

    SE X Saturday Night Party Headcount

    Please post here so I can get a rough idea of how much food I will need to prepare. I'm assuming a decent amount of people, so more than likely, it will be $5 a head for all the food you can eat (I've never undercooked for a party, this might be the first) which will consist of: Pork - pulled...
  12. kahluaTDI

    Funky Tooth Log

    What's up with this? ?
  13. kahluaTDI

    Radiator Temp Sensor

    I'd like to get a secondary reading of coolant temps in the radiator, and am wondering if I can use the in-radiator temp sender to get an accurate reading off of a gauge or through megasquirt. Has anyone accomplished this amazing goal? I believe the intended use for the probe/sensor is to...
  14. kahluaTDI

    Driveshaft Dimensions

    I'm in need of a new center bearing support, and I'm trying to figure out which driveshaft is in the car. I had tried to swap it for a good driveshaft from a newer aw71 car, but the driveshaft from that car was bigger AND longer, so it didn't work. I ended up using the oversized support as a...
  15. kahluaTDI

    m46 v aw71 crossmember

    Are they the same? Do they both bolt onto the transmission via 2 big bolts on the back side and then 2 bolts on both sides up into the frame? Or are they completely different.
  16. kahluaTDI

    PCV Breather box

    It's got 2 pegs coming out of the bottom going into the block, one is a half circle, the other is whole, do these fit into a slot in the block or do they just kind of dangle there? Dog gnawed on the full circle one and I'm wondering if I can still use it of if i'm going to have to buy another...
  17. kahluaTDI

    Thoughts on a smokey turbo

    After having installed my ebay turbo, as most of you know, it started billowing smoke at idle, but while driving or under throttle, there is no oil coming from the turbo in the bay, or out the tailpipe. Reading around online and here about the necessity of oil feed restrictors got me to...
  18. kahluaTDI

    One more stupid question

    never mind
  19. kahluaTDI

    Crank sensor issues

    As you can see, as the car nears redline at WOT, the CPS cuts out shortly/repeatedly and causes a whole slew of issues. I'd really like to get to the bottom of the problem but I just don't know where to start. Not only does it do it near redline, it will randomly cut out for a moment under...
  20. kahluaTDI

    Slow spool, low boost

    I just installed my new turbo+manifold (90+, 50/63 t3) and took the car for a spin and could hardly pull any boost in 2nd gear, and It wouldn't even get close to boosting in 3rd until close to redline, and the same in 4th. I went from a 42/48 which would be at full boost (15psi) almost...