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  1. Two245Turbos

    240 GT NO START! What's these things?

    So after I jiggled a few things in the engine compartment(pics), the FPR won't even click! I tried two different ones, so I know it's not the relays...so what are these silver little things? Can they keep the car from starting? BTW, if I manually engage the FPR(with the cover off) I can hear the...
  2. Two245Turbos


    Gotta be someone here...Saw you NB on I-5 yesterday morning...wasn't in my GT though... Ron
  3. Two245Turbos

    6Th Annual Swedish Car Cruise-In

    Saw some very nice rides today...Great food and somewhat dry weather.
  4. Two245Turbos

    Pac NW Swedish car cruise 2/19/12

    Make plans now... When Sunday, February 19, 2012 Time 10:00am until 3:00pm Where XXX Root Beer Drive-In, 98 NE Gilman Boulevard, Issaquah, WA.98027 Description February 19th 2012 6th Annual Swedish Car Cruise-In The Puget Sound Volvo Sports America Chapter will again host...
  5. Two245Turbos

    NW Toy Drive at Pacific Raceway

    Met up with a few other Volvo owners and hit up the NWToy Drive this afternoon...Here's a few images. Ron One of those "What the hell were they thinking" moments...
  6. Two245Turbos

    Subwoofer...got a new box...

    I've had this sub and enclosure from back when I had the wagons... I am now planning the install into the GT.. To save space I went with this enclosure for the 12" Audiobahn. Man this thing is a beast! Ron
  7. Two245Turbos

    GT got junk on the trunk!

    Foha spoiler FTW! Ron
  8. Two245Turbos

    IPD Photo entry...post yours....

    This is one of the images submitted to IPD for their contest...Post yours if you'd like.. Ron
  9. Two245Turbos

    240 KNOB! What is it?

    I still don't know to this day what this knob in the GT does...it turns , no push/pull, but I don't see it affecting anything. I have yet to pull it out to see where it leads...Just want to see if anyone here can figure out the mystery. Thanks, Ron
  10. Two245Turbos

    240 GT blowing dash light fuses...any idea why?

    Last night going home from work I had the light bulb out indicator come on, then all of a sudden all of the dash lights, and running lights went out as well..checked the fuses and #12 was blown...replaced it and it blew again @15 mins. later... Any ideas why? Thanks, Ron
  11. Two245Turbos

    240 Damn gt! No start!

    First off, although I have had a few Volvo's in the past, but now with the GT, what do I have exactly? I know it has K-Jet, not too sure about the fuel management(LH-??). Does it have a crank sensor? Does it have a powerstage? It is sitting in the parking lot at work right now...I am not getting...
  12. Two245Turbos

    GT...at the patch!

    I had a photoshoot at a pumpkin patch today...so I just had to take one of the GT! Taken with the 1DMkIII/70-200 2.8 L MkII. Ron
  13. Two245Turbos

    "K" cam has sucky idle...anyone else?

    I like the power that the K cam gives the GT, but the idle is terrible...or maybe I screwed up something on the install...starts fine but won't "choke" when it's cold, I kinda have to hold my foot on the gas to keep it from dying... When I push in the clutch when coming to a red light, the RPM's...
  14. Two245Turbos

    K-cam in GT....worth it?

    Looking to get a k cam from a member...will this make much of a difference in the GT's b-21? Ron
  15. Two245Turbos

    240 fuel return line..empty?

    Here's a pic of what seems to be the fuel return line with a filter on it..but its bone dry!It's the bottom one in the pic.. Can anyone confirm this? Last week I reconnected it because it was cracked and half-ass on. Since then I have been getting "no starts" until I jump fuses 5/7. Last night I...
  16. Two245Turbos

    GT... Now has an identity!

    Just got back from taking my baby girl down to college in Whittier...Waiting back home were these for the GT...Put'em on this morning.. Ron
  17. Two245Turbos

    A tailpipe to match..GT

    I used an aluminum intake pipe left over from my sons Civic to use as my tail pipe...wanted it to exit out to the corner. It is painted metallic silver and matches perfectly.... Ron
  18. Two245Turbos

    Full day with the GT

    I installed the DeCarbon struts this morning(under 90 mins)woohoo! Then I decided to go ahead and install new rotors, pads and rear shocks. I went with KYB GR-2's. She now rides like new and stops on a dime.. Ron KYB's are the same metallic silver as the body...
  19. Two245Turbos

    Power steering...easy left, hard right

    The GT has a very easy time turning left, but a harder time turning right...Alignment or PS rack? Ron
  20. Two245Turbos

    GT got "down" last night...

    I just couldn't take the "4x4"-ish stance of the GT, so I got around to bringing it down last night. Two full from the front and 1.5 from the back were cut...lower than stock without ruining too much ride comfort...Handles better at this height too! Ron MORE PICS BELOW