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  1. K

    Driveshaft Grease

    I cleaned the transmission fluid, brake fluid and differential oil off the bottom of my car. Getting ready to change some gaskets and brake lines. But now the car whines from the start, as if the differential is low on oil- but it is not. Is there a kind of lube on the driveshaft and U-joints...
  2. K

    Header Pipe Bracket-Lost?

    1992 240 N/A B230F: Took off the headpipe to paint the manifold...I don't remember ever seeing a bracket that would attach the header pipe- bolt-hole in middle of plate-to a bracket attached to the underside of the block and undrneath the exhaust manifold. Once something was there, can't...
  3. K

    Mondo manifold washers

    IPD has exhaust manifold washers for sale at about $5.75 each. 1/4' thick, cupped, and they look like they are made of Classic Volvo Nordic Iron. What is their purpose and why would these exist? There is also another exhaust washer for 71 cents. This may be a stumper, not even IPD knows.
  4. K

    Brass washers on a manifold?

    ALL I CAN FIND ANYWHERE TO FIT THIS MANIFOLD ARE BRASS WASHERS! Welcome to Western Colorado, Volvo Dealer closed. The other washers (Iron) are destroyed. What's going to happen if I use these brass ones to bolt on my manifold?
  5. K

    Question:Painting Cam/Valve Cover

    If got some nice silver and black header paint left over, is it a good idea to use ceramic-silcone paint on the cam cover (says Volvo) or will I warp the head and camshaft by restricting heat escape from the cover. What paint could be best?, the last paint the body shop sold me wasn't oil...
  6. K

    Valve Size Question

    A lot is said about "larger valves" when building a Volvo engine. What exactly does a larger valve size do inside the cylnder- how does it increase flow volume if it does do this. Does anyone know the stock valve sizes on a 530 or 531 head? Thanks.
  7. K

    Squishing- New to Me

    Soon it will be time for me to replace or redo the camshaft and head for my 1992 240 N/A. Now I see there are different sizes of headgaskets, some folks shave and use thinner, some buy wider and squish. How do I know which fork in the road to take?
  8. K

    Mass air sensor -clean it?

    The sensors in a mass air sensor are made of plastic in a 1992 240? Do I clean this invention with cleaner like most other cars, or do I just leave it alone and hope it cleans itself eventually like the old ones were supposed to do. THANKS:pow:
  9. K

    Flame Trap Help-THX

    Got that flame trap out with some help from you guys, thank you. Appears the oil return hose from the separator is melted to the oil pan and block. Can't remove it, should I worry about it or will it eventualy disintigrate and pollute my oil and trash my engine? Stuck a smaller hose in it to...
  10. K

    Collecting Parts for 1992 240

    Does anyone have a KG Catalogue (Pref. English but Swedish OK) that they are not using. They are sold out and it looks like the intake manifold I want is in there- 1992 240 n/a. THX
  11. K

    Fuel Injection Upgrade

    The fuel injectors in my 1992 240, according to Witchhunter, spit 19lbs of fuel per hour. If I were to uprade to 30lbs would this give me any more acceleration? What then happens to my fuel mileage? I am trying to get this car at least somewhat competitive with the other cars on the road, for...
  12. K

    1992 240 non-turbo: Refused service

    It finally happened...not a single mechanic in this dinosaur town will work on my Volvo, not even the dealer (too old) It all started when oil started leaking out of every seal in the engine and I decided it must be the flame trap (eventhough I couldn't even find it to check it). That trap has...