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    240 yoshifab fitment problems

    anyone had problems with fitting yoshifab parts? my problems: gt struts, passengerside is too short and needs a 12mm thick spacer on the firewall.:wtf::wtf: driver side is too short and needs a 6mm thick spacer. passenger side strut is 6mm shorter than driver side when you put em next to...
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    Pic Request: 850/t5 bumper on 240

    anyone got any pics?
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    240 what grill is this?

    seller says its for a 240, but doesnt look like the eggcrate 240 grill :???:
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    short strut inserts

    this is some basic info about what strutcartridges can be used when shortening your 240 struts. low cost, so Koni race inserts are left out on purpose. it's not complete, there are more cartridges that can be used and more information will be added when available. please note this is general...
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    240 intake port diameter

    does anyone know the stock intake port diameter for a b230? need to check something but havent got time to unbolt my entire intake to measure. thanks
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    tubular control arms

    anyone know a good source for these except Sellholm (they do look sooper bitchin but the price is sooper bitchin too... $1200 ex shipping) i need something simple with heim joints looked at the kaplhenke ones but not too fond of the box style
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    how to change "board member" under your username?

    how do i change that? looked everywhere but think i'm too blind
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    flat black 242

    1979 242 daily driver sorry, i didnt get the "bondo/buchka" seal of approval so it never happened...gotta love them internets
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    bumpsteer kit & strut spacer

    now my suspension is almost ready to be bolted onto the car i need to get strut spacers and a bumpsteer kit from somewhere.... checked out a couple of sites and will prob go for the stuff from Sam Steffanson. has anyone else used their bumpsteer kit? cant really see if it comes with or without...
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    8.5x17 et 13, does it fit?

    can anyone confirm that a 8.5x17 et 13 alloy rim will fit on the front of a 240? have found some nice wheels to replace my steelies but need to know if that size/offset combination hits the front strut or not. unfortunately i cant test fit them myself as i cant get to my car this week. would...
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    240 zf manual rack price

    whats the usual price for a manual zf rack? got one spare but need some kind of pice indication for the for sale section.
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    K-cam versus H-cam

    want to order a new cam to replace an M but is it worth going for the H over the K cam? or is the difference next to nothing when it comes to power & torque?
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    240 connector...where does it go?

    gray oval connector with 2 pins, in the wires going to the ignition coil. engine = B230F 1987, chrysler ignition pulled the engine from a car ages ago and cant remember if it was hooked up to something or not. its going in a carb car so cant check the car's wiring
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    240 K-jet fuelpump non-return valve?

    got a new bosch k-jet fuelpump i want to use on an lh2.2 car. there's a non return valve threaded into the output side of the pump preventing my fuelline to fit. do i really need this non return valve?
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    b6304 engine prices

    whats wrong with people in my country? looking for a complete b6304 engine with auto box...not really a "rare", "new" or "modern" engine as the last one was used more than 10 years ago. cheapest offer i got was people really asking 1000 euros for it :wtf::wtf::wtf: when you can get loads of...
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    240 speedo sensor rear axle

    is it possible to adapt/modify/use the rear axle speedo sensor on an older type rear axle that doesnt have a speed sensor? i got a perfect rear axle with the right ratio under the car with no speedo sensor, and i got a shot rear axle with crap ratio under a wrecked car with speedo sensor on it...
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    240 weird ignition problem

    '88 245 with b200k engine: as long as the starter motor turns over the ignition seems to work, as soon as the engine fires up and i let go of the ignition key so it jumps back to position 2 the ignition seems to cut out, engine dies. when i turn the key to position 3 (start) the engine...
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    driveshaft differences m46/m47/m90

    does anyone know where to find info about the front part of the main driveshafts? for example difference in lenght between m46/m47/m90 and info about the differences in the guibo...or do they all have the same bolt pattern? apparently the front part of a 940 main driveshaft for m90 should be...
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    240 smokescreen....auto gearbox?

    '79 242 B21A with 3 speed auto. after a quick drive on the motorway i suddenly had a smoke screen producing 242. weird thing is it only starts when i drive faster than 120 km/h for about 30 seconds or more. driving 120 or slower for 2 hours doesnt cause any problems. gearbox oil level was ok...
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    240 v6 crossmember?

    does anyone know if the crossmember from a 240 with v6 (prv) engine is any different from a 4-cilinder crossmember? i read the swaybar is different but cant find anything about the crossmember