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  1. 57plymouth

    240 240 HVAC fan stopped

    1991 245 with no major modifications. Last night the fan for the air conditioning inside the cabin started changing speeds. I had it set at 3, but the fan would speed up and slow down. Today it does not work at all. I checked the 3rd fuse and it appears good. I will test it when I get...
  2. 57plymouth

    Coolant Temp Sensor fault code

    I have a 1-2-3 code on my 1991 245. The car is completely stock mechanically, no turbo. The Bentley manual says it is a faulty engine temp sensor. This code comes back every few months. I have replaced the coolant temp sending unit (this car has one) twice with parts store parts. I have...
  3. 57plymouth


    How fast will E85 eat the fuel system from the inside out on a 1991 245? Is it worth the bother to figure out what fuel map it would need and get a reflash? Should I drink less booze this early in the day and keep feeding my rectilinear crapwagon pump swill 87 diluted with 10% corn squeezings?
  4. 57plymouth

    240 Code 231 with Check Engine Light

    The car is a 1991 240 wagon, stock with an automatic. Check engine light came on this week. Checked the codes and it's a 231. Bentley manual says that it means something to the effect of "compensating for rich or lean mixture at cruise." I cleared the code to check if it returns in case...
  5. 57plymouth

    LS swap question

    Simple question; does anyone daily drive their LS swapped 240? I'm thinking of a simple 5.3 truck engine swap with no turbo. Fairly stock, with a 4l60e or 700r4 transmission. I don't want a stick shift daily driver. How is it to live with an LS swapped 240 daily? Any real world mpg?
  6. 57plymouth

    Sven; 1991 245

    Since Photobucket kicked the, well, bucket I'm starting a new thread. Yes, I figured out the hack to see the old pics using Chrome. If you haven't then you can use this add-on when using a computer. It doesn't work on tablets or phones. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...fiaedg/related...
  7. 57plymouth

    Best looking 240 Fog / Driving / Rally / Off road lights

    Thinking about adding more lights to my 1991 245. I can't decide on square lights under the bumper as the factory option or the off road / rally style above the bumpers. Show me some pics for inspiration and give me the best looking ideas.
  8. 57plymouth

    Aftermarket steering wheel in a 1991 245

    I am swapping an aftermarket steering wheel into a 1991 245 the has an airbag. Do I need a non airbag horn contact reel as well or will I be good to go with the aftermarket wheel adapter to the 1991 contact reel? If I need the early reel, does anyone have one for sale?
  9. 57plymouth

    88 dash circuit board and 91 dash circuit board swap

    I have a set of LED dash lights that I would like to put into my 1991 245. I have a dash cluster out of a 1988 that will accept the larger bulb holders than the halogen bulbs in the 1991. Can I swap the circuit boards if I take the time to drill the hole for the service reminder stalk? Will...
  10. 57plymouth

    Tinting windows on a 245

    Has anyone tinted the windows on their 245 themselves? The materials are cheap, about $16 for two windows, so I figure 5 kits. That's $80 for supplies. Is it worth the hassle or should I pay to have it done? If I do it myself, do you have any tips or advice to get a good looking and long...
  11. 57plymouth

    Coolant temp sensor code

    My 1991 245 is throwing code 123, which the Bentley Manual says is a coolant temp sensor fault. I replaced the coolant temp sensor 2 or 3 weeks ago when the same code appeared. I did not observe any damage to the wires. The car does not run hot, and it is running perfectly. What could cause...
  12. 57plymouth

    Dark blue 245 pics request

    Thinking about the paint on my car. It is the light blue color now. I am toying with the idea of painting it a darker blue metal flake. Any one have any pics of dark blue cars with custom paint? The factory dark blue with no flake is okay, but I'm looking for something with more eye...
  13. 57plymouth

    1993 240 5 speed

    I found a 1993 244 with a 5 speed. I am considering buying the car to swap the manual trans and rear axle into my 1991 245. Is this a good transmission for a N/A wagon that occasionally tows a small utility trailer and generally gets daily driver use? I'll probably part out the rest of the...
  14. 57plymouth

    Moving a 240 with no instrument cluster?

    I want to do some work on my 1991 245 (auto if it matters) this weekend. I won't get it all done in one shot, and I'll need to move the car in and out of the garage. I'm not driving it anyplace, just around the yard. Part of what I'm doing is swapping the dash pad. I'll have the instrument...
  15. 57plymouth

    Roof rack and load carrying *Paging Redwood Chair*

    I picked up a Yakima roof rack from a tweaker yesterday. (Wierd story, he approached me at a gas station on a moped, said he had a roof rack, came back with it and sold it for $30. Still on the moped. Meth, go figure) Since I need a trailer and I'm too cheap to buy a hitch off E-gag, this...
  16. 57plymouth

    Rebuilding seat, adjustment knob removal

    I picked up a nice set of blue cloth front seats. The driver side foam is worn out as usual. I recently rebuilt the driver seat in the car. I'd like to swap covers which is the easy part. Last time I did this, I ruined the round spring clip in the side adjuster knob on the parts seat and the...
  17. 57plymouth

    Automatic transmission overdrive soleniod failing.

    The car is a stock 1991 245 with the automatic overdrive transmission. Fluid is fresh and clean. No debris and no burned smell. Still nice and red and at the full mark on the dipstick. For a few months, the first time the car shifts into overdrive only occurs at 60 mph and 3000 rpm. I...
  18. 57plymouth

    244 / 245 part interchange questions

    Cars in question are a 1990 244 and a 1991 245. Easy for some of you, but you don't learn if you don't ask: 1: Will the rear carpet in a 244 interchange with a 245? 2: Will the plastic tray beneath the rear bumper on the 244 interchange with same on the 245? Also, how do you remove the...
  19. 57plymouth

    Tachometer acting strange

    The car is a 1991 245, all stock. The tach came out of a 1988 244. It's been working fine since I installed it last year. Today the tach started acting wierd. I was running down the interstate at 70 or so with the A/C on. The tach started swinging from 2000 to 5000 erratically. The engine...
  20. 57plymouth

    Making my 1991 245 look like a pre-1980 (sorta)

    I admit that this isn't a performance thread per se, but bear with me please. I really like my 1991 245. It's not fast since I haven't added a turbo or done anything else other than maintenance. But that's okay. I've put 19K miles on it since I bought it last summer, and I'm slowly working...