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  1. 765tiME


    Cold start idle over the last couple of days has been a bit lower rpms than usual and I noticed a bit of hesitation. So after checking various things like TPS and vacuum lines and IC clamps, I decided to pull the plugs. They're the std Bosch plugs that I installed about 5K miles ago. I noticed...
  2. 765tiME

    JAW wideband O2 interest

    I posted this under performance and am trying to see if there's any interest to start a group buy... http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=106218
  3. 765tiME

    total wideband O2 solution for ~$100?

    Anybody use one of these? Any thoughts? Seems like it geared toward the t-bricker budget.
  4. 765tiME

    A/C project

    Going to repair and convert my nonworking AC to r134. I know most of what I need to get started. I saw this and wondered if it will suffice for the task, and if it works maybe I'll tackle the same job on my Jeep. I'm also getting gauges...
  5. 765tiME

    fuel gauge

    My fuel gauge is starting to die, thought it might be a stuck tank sender because it would occasionally come back on after a quick turn or a bump. But when it stayed off for quite a while I whacked the dash and it came back on. Sometimes its on and goes off and other times it doesn't come on at...
  6. 765tiME

    Overdrive relay working?

    My overdrive has been on a warm up delay for a while (15 minute warmup). Now since Monday it stopped working altogether. Question is my OD light comes on with the button but I can't hear any clicking from the relay. If the relay was bad wouldn't the light not function? If I can exclude the relay...
  7. 765tiME

    turbo oil return o-ring

    Anybody have the ID of this o-ring and wall thickness or the diameter of the return pipe? I have access to virtually every size of o-ring here at work (buna, viton, silicon etc.) and would like to replace the existing as a short term solution prior to fabbing up a proper return. I need it for a...
  8. 765tiME

    Oil Pressure sender

    ...has developed a leak, never dealt with this before. Can I remove and fix or must it be replaced? Just noticed it after a a 200 mile drive and a new puddle, I haven't had it out yet is why I ask.
  9. 765tiME

    windshield polish

    Anybody successfully use windshield polish to remove light wiper scarring? Any sources for such stuff? Drill adapter preferable as I don't have an orbital polisher.
  10. 765tiME

    Timing belt

    I just did all my front seals and timing belt, I used a jack stand and cranked the engine quickly to unbolt the harmonic balancer. When I aligned all timing marks before removing everything the harmonic notch was at about 12-14 BTDC. Now if I realign all marks per the book before putting on new...
  11. 765tiME

    Turbo muffler

    OK, I'm finally getting ready to put in that 3" DP I bought last year. I now have the funds and a welder. 1. Which is the best muffler for a 3" turbo system. I've seen a few mentions of Magnaflow and Dynomax, but I also want the quietest least restrictive muffler I can get. Quiet being a huge...
  12. 765tiME

    aw71 fluid check

    I recently did the tailshaft seal and drained out about 1 qt maybe qt and 1/2. So when I went to replace the fluid I have a hard time checking the level. I added back about a qt of the fluid and then started the car and warmed it up. I pulled the dipstick and it came out dry, so I added another...
  13. 765tiME

    sway bar links

    Anybody order sway bar links from FCP? Do they have the control arm bushing included? I have the two polys for up top each side (and looks like I'll be getting extras..) but I need the bottoms as I may have to damage the current ones to remove the links.
  14. 765tiME

    noise behind steering wheel

    I've got a noise like rubbing or grinding coming somewhere right behind the wheel itself or in the dash. This is in my '89 760. I can also feel a bit of resistance in the wheel at the same time. Almost sounds like a clunky u-joint but I don't see one in the Haynes...(the again not a great...
  15. 765tiME

    driveshaft center support bearing

    Going to reinstall this thing with new bearing and rubber support. I recall, a few days ago while searching other threads on the topics, mention of a spring. Is this specific to 2XX cars? This is a 740Ti... where I see no indication that there could be a spring in there at all. just a sanity check
  16. 765tiME

    Tailshaft housing

    I did the tailshaft this weekend with new bushing and seal. Was at the old gasket with a razor blade until about midnight. Question is should the new gasket go on dry? Anybody have torque specs for the housing bolts and the tailshaft flange bolt?
  17. 765tiME

    new car has the vibration

    I picked up a freebie that has just about every item in the 700/900 faq... Biggest thing first that I have no experience with is this vibration/engine noise that fills the car while driving (almost disappears over 60-ish.). FAQ says motor/tranny mounts, tailshaft bushing and driveshaft support...
  18. 765tiME

    Whos got what?

    piecing together the rest of my 3" exhaust, so far I have 3" carsound cat, and some straight pieces, what are the best choices for muffler? and what sizes are available for a t-wagon I've heard summit turbo and Dynomax turbo thrown around in here before... ...chime in.
  19. 765tiME

    IAC and seek surge idle

    Any way to test this thing other than resistance? I've got a seek and surge at idle (900 to 1400 rpm) and I've replaced 4 miles of vacuum hose and and leak checked with propane... I took out the IAC, cleaned it out and measured the resistance etc. and all seemed OK. If I put the car in gear it...
  20. 765tiME

    seat controls

    The forward/reverse power seat switch is broken to where the toggle must be manually pulled back to center to stop seat movement. While at the junkyard I noticed a similar year 760 had the same broken driver side switch, but the pass was like new so I grabbed it. Anybody dismantle one of these...