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    Performance upgrades while I have the head off, B20

    Take a look at Tinus Tuning, they have a series of cams that are designed to work with an UN-ported head.k
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    Spicy injected B20 cam recommendations

    TG Motor 866? AGAP 229 or 238? sounds like you want lots of usable torque yes? So pick a rated duration that works well with your intended use range,then go look at your flowbench data for the head and max out the lift for what it will flow. Guessing you will want something in the 109 to 112 LSA
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    B20 D vs R camshaft

    Check out the AGAP 238, the KG Trimning KG10, and take a look at Tinus Tuning if you havent done any port work as they have cams designed to work with stock ports. k
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    crank pulley question

    ok im hoping somebody here can help me figure out which crank pulley I need to get from the Nordic group buy. My build will be using a b230 block, a penta 86mm crank and a b234 head. I only need the single pulley groove and the mounting for a toothed wheel. My limited research didnt turn up...
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    m-41 differences

    Hi, can anybody tell me if later m-41 boxes(74-5) used needle bearings on the gears instead of plain bearings? thanks!