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  1. J

    Dana 30 locker G80 rear

    Will a Richmond locker for a Dana 30 fit on a G80 rear in a 740?
  2. J

    740 inner tierods

    Any way to tell what size inner tie rod ends you have without pulling apart and checking want to ordernew inner and outer tie rods for my 91 745 non turbo and got a couple different size options to choice from Thanks Jeric
  3. J

    Bolt size

    What is bolt size and thread pitch if bell housing bolts for 91 740? Thanks eric
  4. J

    91 745Ti hoses

    Does anyone sell a complete cooling system hose kit, want to replace all of them at once with complete kit Thanks Eric
  5. J

    745 seat covers

    Does anyone make decent fitting seat covers for 740 series cars? My stock covers are shot and would like to put something over them Eric
  6. J

    745 front door glass

    Are 745 and 945 front door glass the same?
  7. J

    T5 in 142

    Who makes a kit to install t5 in a 140 besides John Parker at vpd? Lots of people make the adaptor for 240 and newer but can't find for my 1973 142, Thank JERIC Ps looking into this cause my OD is going out and grinds on fast 3-4 shifts, and have known good t5 from mustang gt
  8. J

    73 142 OD problem

    My M41 tranny is slipping out of overdrive when car gets warm, tranny is full of 30wt oil, going to clean filters tonite, there is power to the solenoid when OD is not working, could it be my solenoid is starting to go bad, when it gets hot or is it a pressure problem inside OD unit? Makin me...
  9. J

    73 142 overcharging

    My 73 142 is over charging to almost 17 volts, replaced external regulator, still over charging, checked all wiring between reg and alt, replaced a couple dirty spade terminals, thinking diodes on back of alt went bad/shorted out, any other ideas of what could be wrong besides alt or is that my...
  10. J

    D-Jet TPS

    Need new TPS for my 73 142 with D-Jet, what year TPS are comparable with my car and how much are they
  11. J

    Djet problem

    I need throttle shaft seals for my D jet intake manifold where can I get them, or is it just a Brass bushing like in SU carbs? It is sucking air threw the throttle shaft. Also at. Cruising speed AFR (have WB o2) goes full rich on me is that a tps problem? Cause of I slow down or speed up it...
  12. J

    1990 240 door locks

    have 1990 240 sedan when I lock drivers door other doors lock and then unlock drivers door stals locked. when I do this with drivers door open the other three doors lock but drivers doesnt (duh) when I shut door and lock manual other doors unlock. hthanks Eric
  13. J

    drive shaft angle

    I am driving a 73 142 that is lowered with ipd springs and sway bars, I have an adjustable panhard rod, and I am going to use the torque rods yoshifab will have for sale soon. what angle should my driveshaft be at after i install the adjustable rods from yoshifab? Hope this isnt a dumb...
  14. J

    142 suspension settings

    my 73 142 is running IPD lowering springs Billy HDs and poly bushings how mush camber can you run without destroying your tires quickley. Front suspension fully rebuilt with new balljoints tierods etc. JERIC
  15. J

    wipers dont turn off

    93 245 my wipers wont turn off had to pull fuse. Before I filped the swith up and down a bunch of times and then they parked normaly. My guess is switch took a dump, but in case I am wrong anyone have this issue before. Havent taken it apart to look at it yet, that is tomarow at lunch. JERIC
  16. J

    M41 OD problem

    the overdrive on my 73 142 M41 tranny disengages while driving down the road sometimes. Happens randomly but just started about a week ago. I cleanedthe filters and made sure the tranny and od unit were full of oil by jacking up front of car and than filling trans so oil would run back and fill...
  17. J

    tires size on 142

    will a 225 50 15 fit on my 73 142 the car is lowered with the ipd springs have adjustable panhard bar and the rear fender lips are rolled trying to find a used set to try before I spend the cash, will be using virgos or draco rims. Thanks JERIC ps currently running 205 60 15 and want a little...
  18. J

    91 740 hesatation off idle

    my 91 740 n/a has a hesatation off of idle almost dies when pressing on gas, I have map sensor on this car not a amm. Thanks Eric ps no codes
  19. J

    142 clutch cable

    It is amazing what a new clutch cable will do for your car! If you have a cable clutch in your car do your self a favor and replace it if you havnt in the last 3-5 years. I got my 142 about 4 yrs ago replaced right when I got the car and over the last couple it got heavy and made noise sometimes...
  20. J

    pertronix 2nd strike ing.

    I have seen lots of threads about MSD ing systems anyone using the pertronixs 2nd strike system, keeps the 2nd spark going all the time and not stopping after 3grand. thinking about getting one for the B20 in my 142 they are a little more money than the MSD but the 2nd spark last longer in the...