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    91 240 B230FT stuttering when getting on the intserstate , Somestimes

    Alright, I have been having a strange problem when getting on the interstate lately. Seemingly only in the mornings and only when it's been wet outside. The car will start and idle fine, make it down the street getting up to 45 and through the light and all the way to the on ramp with no...
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    Advice for AW71L and rear diff. G80 LSD

    Alright. Here's the situation. I have a 1991 245 b230ft swap with an AW71. There is a 94 940 n/a nearby that I could get drivetrain parts from. It has a 4:10 rear diff and should have a G80 and AW71L as well but I forgot to look when I was under it yesterday. There is also an 89 760 locally...
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    1991 245 defrost turns on when I press the brake

    Anyone ever have this problem? I obviously have a wire crossed or a short somewhere but I can't figure it out. I've stared at the wiring diagrams and I can't figure out why they would have anything to do with each other.
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    yet another efan question

    Alright, I've spent the last three hours trying to find an answer to my question. I am trying to set up a efan to run on my 245 B230FT with a 937 ECU. From what I understand I should be able to run wires from the sensor to the ECU and then back to the fan relay. I have the radiator switch that...
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    6 ton harbor freight press for panhard bushing?

    Anyone have any experience with the 6 ton table top Harbor Freight press for swapping bushings for panhard, torques, etc...? Never mind that I know some people think harbor freight stuff is garbage. I don't own a shop so I don't need expensive stuff.
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    Classic 240 - Little red light?

    Anyone know what the little red dot is for on a 240 classic?
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    240 740 lug bolts

    I know the thread patterns are different, but does anyone know if the shoulder of the bolt is a slightly different size as well from a 240 to a 740/940?
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    240 boost gauge numbers

    Alright, I know it's somewhere on the forum, but I can't find it. I already know they aren't the most accurate, but does anyone know the PSI numbers for each region of the turbo boost gauge. This is the one I currently have
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    Pusher Fan help

    1991 245 Turbo, automatic Okay, I've been looking all day and can't find quite what I'm looking for. I have been stuck in traffic a few times lately and my temperature gauge has climbed all the way up to red. Seems to come back down just fine if I get some clean air in front of me and can...
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    Thread pitch and size for vacuum hose on a b230 intake manifold

    anyone know the thread pitch and size for a vacuum line on the manifold? I need to drill out a turbo and install one of these
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    1991 240 a/c compressor won't kick on

    trying to get my a/c going again, but I can't get the compressor to kick on. I jumped the compressor directly to the battery and the clutch engaged so I thought maybe I was out of refrigerant. Left the compressor running and watched the gauges which seemed low but still had some pressure so it...
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    Sound dampening recommendations

    I'm replacing all the carpet front to back in my 245 wagon and I need suggestions for sound dampening to put in while everything is out of the way.
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    240 Rust help

    Got a good look under my car today and this is what I saw. Pics are of both sides of my 245 right behind the front jacking points. I'm not a welder but I feel like if I don't get these fixed it could end poorly. There are other points under the car that are rusty, but these seem structural...
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    240 tire size difference on sedan vs wagon

    So my sedan has always had 185/70/14 tires and my wagon came with them as well. In doing some research before getting my Mille Miglia's put on my wagon I was told that the wagon's came with a different tire size (195/75/14) I believe. Just looking for clarification. Also aren't the ring...
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    AW70 AW71 valve body differences?

    I know the transmissions themselves are slightly different, but my question specifically is are the valve bodies different? When I did my engine trans swap last summer I took out an AW70 and put in an AW71. The AW70 was revving too high between shifts which I believe means the valve body needs...
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    1993 240 upgrades compared to previous years

    Did the 93 240 have any optional parts that were made standard compared to previous years? I'm thinking things like sway bars, wheels, interior parts, heated mirrors, etc...? Update: Sway bars weren't bigger. Car did have power heated mirrors and the cup holder armrest, but I think the armrest...
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    240 - How low before I need an adjustable panhard

    How low can I go before I need an adjustable panhard bar? I'm sure technically I should have one if I lower it at all. I'm going to install B&G lowering springs that lower the car about 1.25".
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    RWD manual trans swap

    Looking for a list of everything I would need to pull from a donor to swap a manual into my 91 245 auto. There are a couple nearby and I'm considering pulling parts to swap later. One is a 245, so I'm assuming its a straight swap. The other is a 744, so I'm unsure about things like the pedal...
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    240 light bulb indicator woes

    1991 240 wagon I've checked the wiring diagrams and all of my lights and I can't figure out why my light bulb indicator is on every time I turn on my lights in positions 1 and 2. I don't think it's a brake light issue because the indicator light never comes on unless my lights are turned on...
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    1991 240 replacement head lights

    Looking for a replacement headlight for the passenger side for my 240. I'd rather have a new one since even the best OE seem to have a bit of sun fading and cracking. Thoughts, recommendations....? Aftermarket is fine.