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    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    agree, my buddy doesnt want me to touch it casue its running great. But I figured its a patch job and the car will get terrible fuel milage. I will check MAF. Thanks
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    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    Unplugged inj. one at a time. The 2 back one the engine would die, the 2 fronts it would still barely run. Sooo, I had a set of cheapo 440cc inj. threw them in thinking it would be way to much for the stock engine. But I was wrong it runs great, I camt believe it but I am so happy get this thing...
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    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    yes checked timing and it advances as it should. I will do the other 2 test to see what we got. The car purs like a kitten at idle and if you rev it slow it does fine but hit the throttle quckly and it bogs and dies.
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    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    Im pulling intake this morining. Maybe something crazy like a towel or rag inside of it. I played with the timing with no luck.
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    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    ok Im really stumped. Pull a MAF from a friends car that runs just fine, no luck. If this was a carburetor engine Id say the accelerator pump was not working. IF you rev it slow it does fine but if you kit the throttle hard it bogs and dies. Im going to pull the intake tomorrow but engine is...
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    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    So that test was done before the new fuel pump. Now with new fuel pump and return line pinched, pressure goes way up and the engine wont hardly run. Which that would correct. Im trying to find a MAF for it. Thanks
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    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    would you happen to have one laying around. You would let go of it.
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    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    I only have 2.4 MAF laying around. Will they work on a 2.2?
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    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    We have 28lbs of pressure and it spikes to 33 when you hit the throttle then goes back down. It defiantly runs better with AMM unplugged but not drivable, it stumbles and dies when you hit the throttle. If you put it in gear and hit the throttle to move it bogs and then dies.
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    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    Im trying to help a friend of mine. He purchased a 85 244 auto with 150000 miles. Looks like it has the Chrysler box on passenger side behind headlight. He drove the car home but it ran horrible. I had him do the basics, splugs, fuel filter, wires, cap, rotor and airfilter. That smoothed things...
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    e85 plus turbo plus N2O

    My sons car (240) runs 13.50s at 102 with 16lbs boost. Basic redblock with 8v head been milled comp. 10 to 1. Aw71 trans with small stall conv. and 19t turbocharger. It lags a little off the line but picks up pretty quick. He wants to add nitrous, which I have the kit but never installed it on...
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    Main and rod bearings for 500hp

    Im surprised no mention of the clearances. I would stay on the loose side of clearances. If fact I opt of a good standard crank and yeh I was on the loose side. Oil pressure runs low but I have 50lbs at 7000. Anyways just my thoughts.
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    TO13 belt too tight

    Im kinda stuck, I had head milled quite a bit. Factory belt is way to loose. So I ordered the T013 vw bet. I got it on but it was a fight; it was so tight I could play a tune on it. So I pulled it off. Back to square one, anybody out there find an answer? Or someone make me a bushing to press on...
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    short belt

    Have b230ft That i had the head milled a quite of bit. I had .070 taken off and running a .030 head gasket. The stock belt is to loose, it jumps a tooth when I try and dive it. Ive done alot of searchiing and come up with T013 for a belt. So on the cam gear do i need to advance the cam or...
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    microsquirt 2 coolant temp sensor

    I recently pulled my head off of b230ft to have it milled. Putting everything back together and all has went well except, the sensor with the male spade connector. For the life of my I cant find the wire that I had installed on it. Im assuming this is the coolant temp sensor, figured probably...
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    What needs changed turbo or conv.

    My Volvo 240 mods. Share my 1/4 times and seeking advice which way to go. Ported head with o.s. valves all new springs etc. Dont by culberro done an excellent job. `RSI Stage 3 camshaft adv. 4 degrees. -Kjet intake with double plenum -NPR intercooler -2.5 diameter i.c. piping -Ported 90+...
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    MS 2 not functioning

    My car set for 8-10 weeks, I went to start it and it would run for 2-3 seconds then die. I decided to plug my computer in and install a gas tune. Been running it on e85 and have put a few gallons of gas in it to get me to the station. Well when I plug computer in to MS2 it doesnt connect. Its...
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    snap crackle pop

    Seems like the new things is have you car pop out the exhaust when you let up on throttle. Seems like it would be easy to do with megasquirt. Looks like you reduce the timing alot, like 0 degrees. My quiestion has anybody done it and would it be hard on the engine. I thought Id try if just once...
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    NPR vs Treadstone

    Ive been running a small treadstone 22x12x3.0 is the size, roaming on the internet I ran across a new NPR all aluminum and built well. Which one would you run, I know TS arent made as well as they used to be, which every one I dont use goes on my sons car. He runs high 13 and I run in the 12s...
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    93 AC comp oring size

    Trying to get some ac in my sons 93 Volvo 240. I cant find any part number or sizes of the compresser orings for the low and high side. I know they are metric. Anybody out there remember off the top of you head? Thanks a million for your help.