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  1. volvosruinedmylife

    Intercooler flow vs cooling

    Important if your really trying to make good power effecitly. Will it not fit?
  2. volvosruinedmylife

    T+ lh 2.2 fuel enrichment question

    I never did this on my plus t. Haven't driven it a ton, but the air fuel seems fine. I thought it was a straight swap of the ecus. Opps!
  3. volvosruinedmylife

    B21ft turbo mounting questions

    I have some plates around here somewhere if you need them
  4. volvosruinedmylife

    B23FT M46 swap clutch parts

    The 760 is probably a dog dish.
  5. volvosruinedmylife

    Go123ignition programmable dist/utcis or Microsquirt for 83 GLT

    Be careful Three years ago I was asking the same question. 15,000 dollars later. I have 350+hp b21ft 242glt, and no extra money. Lol
  6. volvosruinedmylife

    What turbo for 300bhp redbock

    I have a b21ft with a t40e .63/.67. It's probably more than 300hp, but any t3 turbo will fit. I "machined" my 90 plus with an angle grinder. No issues yet.
  7. volvosruinedmylife

    Power limits for a 240 Rear End?

    Didn't the Trolvo 244. On the yt channel was doing wheelie drag launches.
  8. volvosruinedmylife

    Question about Ocean MK18 wheels

    Rx7 brakes
  9. volvosruinedmylife

    Power limits for a 240 Rear End?

    Yea I am pretty sure weldys wheel flew off on his 8.8. But yea that's weldy
  10. volvosruinedmylife

    Power limits for a 240 Rear End?

    I was wondering about the c clip axles. Thanks for mentioning that. I have heard some tracks won't allow them even.
  11. volvosruinedmylife

    240 brake junction block

    I am running single lines in the front with rx7 conversion. Speedwaymotors sells junction blocks that are universal if you want to go that route. I was planning on doing a dual master manual brake setup, but my brakes work so good with the rx7 calipers, ebc yellowstuff, and the bne brake...
  12. volvosruinedmylife

    240 brake junction block

    I have one if you need it?
  13. volvosruinedmylife

    240 brake junction block

    Early 740 junction is one option. That's what I plan to do when mine leaks. It hasn't yet.
  14. volvosruinedmylife

    Rear seat delete

    Yea, not sure they will even ship it. Last I asked I got now answer, but I can make that. Abs was my other thought
  15. volvosruinedmylife

    Rear seat delete

    Yea, I will probably grab a sheet of aluminum, and cover it with carpet. Just trying to make something nice. No fuel cell so I I may do wood.
  16. volvosruinedmylife

    1984 242 TIC Texas

    I know, I had to do some grinding and cutting on this 740ni am repairing it's brutal.
  17. volvosruinedmylife

    240 Anyone try the VP Autoparts 240 steering rack?

    My buddie just ordered one from fcp. I am installing this week, hope they are decent.
  18. volvosruinedmylife

    1984 242 TIC Texas

    You worked on it! Looks nice!
  19. volvosruinedmylife

    Engine bay cleaning

    Yea sorry, I meant I spray the wd 40 on the electrical bits and connectors distributor sometimes all over. Probably doesn't help a ton, but it loosens up the heavy dirt, and in my Brian it keeps the water out of places I dont want it.
  20. volvosruinedmylife

    Engine bay cleaning

    Dollar store "totally awesome" degreaser. I normally soak the engine in a can of wd40 then degreaser. Then power wash.