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  1. boostdemon

    How to reply with pics

    Not sure i quite understand what you mean but yes you can reply with photos in your reply. As a 'contributor' (donate) you are able to upload images directly to the forum instead of hosting them elsewhere and hotlinking. The donation page is not being used currently but you can still contribute...
  2. boostdemon

    MountainMeet 2023, September 12-17

    just to confirm i'm reading the dates right... you will be there Tuesday afternoon?
  3. boostdemon

    Where do drafts of new threads get saved?

    i dunno man, you guys have been using this board as long as I have lol
  4. boostdemon

    Account Name Change

    all set
  5. boostdemon

    Donate HERE!

    Not to worry, eventually it will all be automated - until then, just let me know some way and i'll update them
  6. boostdemon

    Donate HERE!

    thanks everyone, you guys are the best
  7. boostdemon

    Donate HERE!

    thanks guys, i appreciate the support flowing in even though i'm not done fixing everything - helps pay the bills for the server and new software.
  8. boostdemon

    New board, new host, new year

    yeah that looks to be that embedded html is no longer used.
  9. boostdemon

    Why can't I edit a post?

    ah ok makes sense.
  10. boostdemon

    Why can't I edit a post?

    like any post of yours or something in one specific forum? does anyone have "edit" at the bottom next to 'Report'?
  11. boostdemon

    Late night spam bots

    Yeah i havent set up the donation stuff again yet... theres a subscription system built into this board that i want to switch to (makes it automated for all the account changes). If anyone wants to donate in the meantime i'm always happy to have the help paying the bill. donate@saliv8.com is the...
  12. boostdemon

    apostrophes appearing as question marks

    i suspect a handful of posts lost special characters when I corrected the tables during import.
  13. boostdemon

    New board, new host, new year

    I do have them from a board backup if needed, but no they were no imported to this new board.
  14. boostdemon

    New board, new host, new year

    Yeah eventually i will figure out how to load those into the board as articles.. and then they can be more of a 'living document' that can be updated and discussed which would be awesome.
  15. boostdemon

    New board, new host, new year

    yeah the 1-sig-per-post was a mod i had on vb. i'll be looking to do the same here.
  16. boostdemon

    New board, new host, new year

    Not sure, still learning.
  17. boostdemon

    New board, new host, new year

    Because the thread started in a forum where embedded images were allowed... and then someone moved it to OT where they are not. I'll probably just have to enable embedded images for contributors in OT going forward but i was waiting till some of the rest of things settle and i know what kind of...
  18. boostdemon

    New board, new host, new year

    i will put it on my list of things to research. you should be able to edit it in your profile | preferences | account details
  19. boostdemon

    HI! New Member, New Volvo Owner

    welcome :bb:
  20. boostdemon

    New board, new host, new year

    thats not new. I was originally reluctant to host images for offtopic. However now i suspect we should have plenty of room and will eventually enable that