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  1. MrBrown

    MS2 spark output woes

    No stim/just bench tests. Read the Hardware manual 50 11 times over and over. Last chance before I have fun with a torch. Here it goes... ECU: MS2 V3.0 Firmware: MS2/Extra 3.4.3 release 20191126 15:29BST(c)KC/JSM/JB Ign Outputs: Wasted Spark COP/CNP, LS2 coils. Board designed using Logic spark...
  2. MrBrown

    Injector banks

    New to Megasquirt. This may be an easy question to be answered. I?m tired and my eyes hurt trying to research. Which injector banks hook to which cylinders? B230 8v 4 cylinders Megasquirt 2 Wasted spark COP I tried injector bank 1 to cylinders 1 and 3 and injector bank 2 to cylinders 2 and 4...
  3. MrBrown

    240 live axle measurements

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone had the measurements for outer mating hub surface to outer mating hub surface on the straight axle for the 240. Any help is appreciated. Thank you all.
  4. MrBrown

    Broke Bucket Car Show 26 August

    Just heard from some of the locals about the "Broke Bucket" All EURO car show in Tacoma Its from 11am-5pm 26 August Location: 2667 S Tacoma Way, WA 98409 Ill be headed up there and would love to see some of you guys representing! Hope to see you.
  5. MrBrown

    Help with tracking an issue

    Mods please delete thread.
  6. MrBrown

    EZK code 412

    91 240 using gold box ecu. Got a code 412. Not sure what it is. Any ideas?
  7. MrBrown

    School me on AN fittings pleeeeeease!

    I first built y car using SS lines and AN fittings thinking they were better. We use the on our F15s so why shouldn't they work on a 240 right?! So installed the lines my first go round. Apparently I over tightened them because they had a small leak. A couple of little drips here and there and...
  8. MrBrown

    04 Volvo XC90 (oil in coolant) HELP

    Need some help with the wife's kid-mobile. T5 turbo engine with an external oil cooler on back of block. SO there is a massive amount of oil in the coolant tank, and the oil level has dropped in the engine. First check was to see if there were bubbles in the tank while running and there is not...
  9. MrBrown

    Strange idle issue

    *insert specs here: 230f+t, LH2.4 chipped ecu (think thats all needed to know) Ok so now that I am +t'd and have everything back together, I have this strange idle issue. During cold start, I have it mapped for a rich afr around 11s until warmup completed then im at 14.7's (this is all good)...
  10. MrBrown

    Boosted on a budget

    Well, I started this project about a year ago. I titled it "on a budget" for specific reasons. Everything pictured in this thread was done solely by myself and the occasional help from a friend here and there. I learned how to weld and do paint/body work during this process. Im not an expert in...
  11. MrBrown

    Links or Photos to custom tranny crossmember for 240

    Looking to build a custom one or cut out/weld plate on stock one for exhaust clearances. I have seen somewhere before someone did it but I cannot find it to save my life. Looking for help. Thanks
  12. MrBrown

    Cant get the engine back in...

    I need some advice on reinstalling the engine. (91 Volvo 245) I cant seem to get it back in. Especially without messing up the fresh painted firewall.. any suggestions? I am using an engine hoist with a load level and no matter what I cant get it far enough back to reach the engine mount...
  13. MrBrown

    Internal Oil Breather Tube

    Removed oil pump and that tube was pretty kinked. Figured I would get a new one. In removal process, the junk broke into a million pieces...:omg: Guess I need a new one. Or do I? Is it necessary? Will it hurt to run without one? Apologies if this has been discussed before.
  14. MrBrown

    Anyone know the thread sizes of the AC condenser fittings?

    91 Volvo 240. Im going to order a new condenser or find one that fits and need to know the Male thread size of the fittings so the lines will hook up. Thanks
  15. MrBrown

    B21FT into LH2.4 B230F car

    I recently acquired a B21FT engine with a Ported/Polished rebuilt head from an 85 Kjet 245. I currently am driving a 91 245 with LH2.4 NA B230F engine. I understand the B21FT is a beast of a block but could it be placed in the LH2.4 car? If so does anyone have a write up? If its not wise or will...
  16. MrBrown

    Intercooler and AC condensor issues...

    I was wondering when you guys are installing these larger intercoolers, what are you doing with the AC condensor? ANy suggestions would help. Thanks every one.
  17. MrBrown

    Oil cooler Fitting sizes

    Have a stock oil cooler for a B230FT and need to have some lines made. I took it to a shop and had them look at it but said they dont have fittings that fit on the oil cooler itself. Is there a special fitting that goes on it or can a regular 10AN fit ? Any links to what i could purchase would...
  18. MrBrown

    Adj Torque rods and Pinion angles 245

    Ok, I built a set of adj torque rods using the stock rods and new SuperPro bushings. I adjusted it so the pinion angle is measured correctly since I lowered the car. I was under the impression that this would also move my rear wheels forward and set the wheel to the stock location in the rear...
  19. MrBrown

    Oil Coolant lines on TD04HL

    I see alot of turbo's that are quite large and have seen some smaller turbo's that do not have the stock coolant lines hooked up. If i dont have to find lines and run them then i wont. I realize that the trubo is oil cooled so it may not need the coolant lines and it may have been designed with...
  20. MrBrown

    rebuilt turbo issue

    TD04HL 15G: rebuilt due to side to side shaft play seemed excessive. Now that it has been rebuilt, it has the same exact amount of play? ANyone know how much is too much and why this might be?