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  1. V

    82 242 - Daisy Mae

    Betty died, so we had to pick up another car. This 242 showed up on CL and we pounced on it. ~177k (but odo is semi-functional) Auto (boo) K-jet (boo) Her original name was 'Buttercup', but Jenn thought Daisy Mae fit her better. Body is clean and straight, interior is awesome - and brown -...
  2. V

    Accidents Suck.

    Coming home from work this morning, stopped at a light. Light turns green, some dumbass a couple of cars ahead of me decides that he'd like to turn, even though there's a turn lane right next to him that he's not using. So he waits for the cross-traffic to clear, and we're all waiting at a green...
  3. V

    Yeti papercraft

    No, not a real yeti. I suck at folding paper, but there she is. ninja edit: yes I know my cert is expired.
  4. V

    Painting with light

    Found a CHDK script for my Canon sd880is tonight that allowed me to do long exposures, so after a couple of experimental shots, I came up with this: 4 second exposure, mag light pointed at the lower rockers and run back to front. I thought it came out pretty well for the first time I've done...
  5. V

    The (Ugly) Yellow Yeti

    The 1983 245 DL I bought from Ross for my friend Jenn is currently in my possession as I work out some of it's quirks. It was originally dubbed, 'Yellow Box a Go-Go', but after having multiple issues that left it unable to leave the Portland area at all on the way to Seattle, it was renamed 'The...
  6. V

    850 Valve Replacement (a pictoral)

    Since TB was down, I thought I'd get all productive and do some ****. Late last year I posted over on VS about a cyl 1 misfire the 850 was having. I'd replaced the plugs/wires/cap/rotor, done a compression test, and replaced a motor mount or two. The general concensus was that it was a burnt...
  7. V

    240 Keyless Entry

    This is an extremely easy job to undertake on the 240, every wire is color-coded for clarity and *should* match up to your alarm brain. This guide specifically references the Audiovox Prestige AA925 BGAAL10R Brain, which can be found on eBay for ~$35 shipped. Your brain may differ, please...
  8. V

    Fuel Rail Shortening

    Taking a little inspiration from Brett, I tried shortening a fuel rail to fit the SRT-4 injectors last night. Turns out it was VERY easy. First you bend the tabs on the rail until they break off, then flip them around. Normally the rail tabs are bolted from the bottom. This moves them to...
  9. V

    Vbands are not created equal

    So I have a turbo with an ATP Ultimate Wastegate. Then I had Aaron (evolwon) weld me up a 3" DP with a vband. Picked up a clamp from Summit, and when I went to assemble everything together the DP flops around in the clamp because the ATP side has a different diameter around the outside of the...
  10. V

    240 max spare tire size

    I know 235/45-17's won't fit in a 245's spare tire area. 205's are a little wide - the cover panel won't fit but the tire will. Nobody really makes a 195 for a 17" wheel. So am I relagated to a 205/50-17 for my spare tire if I want to keep a non-****ty tire in the spare area? Unless of...
  11. V

    850 Stripped whiteblock head bolt

    Pulling the head off of my spare whiteblock, and one of the headbolts rounded off. I did a search to see if anyone else had such a problem, and only came up with an ACB thread that didn't have a resolution. Father suggested a bit of dry ice in the hole to shrink the area, but before I try that...
  12. V

    240 Wipers no worky

    85 245, wipers don't work with the stalk. No intermittant, no full speed, no nothing. Rear doesn't work with the switch either. Both fluid pumps run wether stalk is pulled (supposed to be front only) or button is pressed (rear only). Pulled stalk covers, found that the rear switch/buttons...
  13. V

    Saw this yesterday

    Purple 245. Had to turn around and go take some pics. :)
  14. V

    Beige Beige Beige Beige

    You know if you look at the word 'Beige' long enough, it starts to not make sense anymore. Kinda like this car. It's been in my possession for a little over a year now, but I haven't had the title. At one point I tried to part it and make it into a trailer, but there wasn't enough interest in...
  15. V

    240 Whistling noise coming from under dash

    My '86 240 has this REALLY annoying whistling noise that seems to emanate from somewhere under the dash. Only happens at 65+mph, and usually when I'm driving into a headwind - so fairly significant (80+mph) winds. I took a video of the noise: <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  16. V

    850 Fixing oil-starved T5

    The guy I bought the 855 from has an extra T5 and transmission he's giving me. However the T5 seized due to lack of oil. I figured it'd be a good candidate for a rebuild and eventual RWD install, but before I even go there, I'm trying to think of everything that'll need replaced/machined. New...
  17. V

    Welcome back to the Dark Side, my young Padawan.

    Picked this up yesterday for the GF - this will be the 2nd 850 that has replaced a minivan. :-D Note that these pics are prior to cleaning and whatnot. It's got REALLY high miles (330kish), and a reconstructed title, but it was what she wanted and the price was right. Everything works...
  18. V

    240 Suspension Cross-Mojination

    I want to kill 2 or 3 birds with one stone here. I have Kaplhenke coilovers on my car coupled with Bilstein HD's. However they're not low enough, I'm bottoming out the struts, and I have wheel to strut clearance issues. Getting short struts would solve the bottoming issue readily, but I'd...
  19. V

    240 Door Frame Rust

    I've got some door frame rust creeping in on my '86 245. Given the location I'm certain it's coming from the backside and not from a previous repair that was prepped badly. It looks like a drain hole for the body plugged and water pooled in that area. Now, if it were a fairly straight body...
  20. V

    Painted Exhaust Manifold

    I haven't seen this done very often, so I thought I'd post up what I did in hopes that others will beautify their otherwise rusty-ass nasty manifolds. :-D First, I wire-wheeled the rust off the thing. I had a smallish wheel for my cordless drill, something like this (top left image): Then I...