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  1. noz-e8tr

    MountainMeet 2023 Photo Thread!

    Man I love these cars. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1433850664/distressed-classic-defined-pv544-t-shirt?click_key=26834903fc38444a840e15f53f780e58e479b531%3A1433850664&click_sum=641aa6a0&ref=shop_home_active_23&pro=1&frs=1&sts=1
  2. noz-e8tr

    MountainMeet 2023, September 12-17

    Cool plate. I was wondering who ended up with them.
  3. noz-e8tr

    MountainMeet 2023, September 12-17

    How many people are actually gonna be driving an Amazon to MM? I might throw in something for them.
  4. noz-e8tr

    MountainMeet 2023, September 12-17

    Shirt Order is closed out. See My post on page 5 for all who paid.
  5. noz-e8tr

    MountainMeet 2023, September 12-17

    I got ya.
  6. noz-e8tr

    MountainMeet 2023, September 12-17

    All...Just a reminder cut off for shirt order is fast approaching. (Thursday...3 Days). I'll be ordering the blank shirts late Thursday night/Friday morning.
  7. noz-e8tr

    MountainMeet 2023, September 12-17

    Got it
  8. noz-e8tr

    MountainMeet 2023, September 12-17

    Got it. My Org Post has been updated. All my feedback indicates shirts run true to size, so you should be good.
  9. noz-e8tr

    MountainMeet 2023, September 12-17

    Hey Guys. First, thanks for choosing me to do the shirts again. I'll keep this post updated as I receive payments. JohnMc 1 - XL (Can you verify size. You put XL but paid for 2X) Ian Bill 1 - 2X MikeP 1 - Large Dean W - 2 - Large and 1 - Med. (Shirts seem true to size, so you should be...
  10. noz-e8tr

    Post pics of your Volvo.

    It's the Chevy in the background thats distracting....:nod:
  11. noz-e8tr

    For Autocross fans. Show your stuff!

    That's putting it mildly. The R888 were 295/30/18. It darted, it followed every imperfection in the road. lol
  12. noz-e8tr

    For Autocross fans. Show your stuff!

    Agree with the 1/8" toe out above. It really helped on initial turn-in. Irritating as all get out on the street if you don't return it to street toe-in after the event though. lol I believe I was running about -3 camber with my Toyo R888
  13. noz-e8tr

    show your wheels!

    Does Photobucket still work? lol
  14. noz-e8tr

    93 940 N/A (Rex/Regina) Very Rich at Idle

    Help me....I'm running out of ideas. This is a N/A Rex/Regina, so we are looing at an air intake temp sensor and MAP sensor. No MAF Sensor. At idle its sickly rich. If I idle for 5+ minutes it starts to load up like a carbed car dumping fuel. It starts to stumble and I have to put it in...
  15. noz-e8tr

    Fall Cleaning.

    Pulled Berserker out of the garage for a little bit of cleaning. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/6Zsr5Zc2XHc" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture"...
  16. noz-e8tr

    1993 940 Fan switch Question

    Quick question...The fan switch that presses into the radiator, what temp do they usually activate the fan at? I ask, because it sure seems to wait a long time before it closes and turns the fan on. I know modern cars use electronics to disable the fan above a certain speed. I'm pretty sure...
  17. noz-e8tr

    BerSerKar Volvo Updates

    Its been almost 4 years since any kind of real updates. The saga of Hurricane Harvey, apartment flooding, flooded transmission, job being eliminated, relocating, starting over, rebuilding, and yet one more job change is finally calming down. I've been in my new GS position with the Air Force now...
  18. noz-e8tr

    James Bond Smoke Screen Option

    Hey everyone. I purchased my 1990 740 Turbo exactly 10 years ago according to Facebook memories lol. It had 190,000 miles when I got it. I'm estimating it currently has between 350-400k miles. Odometer broke many many moons ago at 310K. Anyway, it recently started smoking. Still boosts good...
  19. noz-e8tr

    YoshiFab Turbo drain

    Tired of my turbo oil return leaking at the block. I have the YoshiFab -10 fitting and drain hose kit. Has anyone installed one of these while the engine is in? Anything I can learn from your experience? Did you remove the filter relocation for better access? Trying to eliminate surprises once...
  20. noz-e8tr

    M-46 Fluid Change Question

    Hey guys. I'm gonna do a fluid change along with cleaning the strainer on my 740 with M46. When I did the swap I was in a pinch for time with a hurricane bearing down on me so I never even checked the levels. Figured it time to give it some TLC. My question is pretty simple. Where is the drain...