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  1. sbabbs

    B23FT M46 swap clutch parts

    I ran 12.61 with dog dish and 6 puck ceramic disc and m46 trans with 84 B23ft in 89 744. LH 2.4. E85. Third gear pull on the dyno to 110 or so. " Here is the damage after the dog dish flywheel exploded at 7k in the burn out box.. I could do 120 in third gear, 3.31 ratio rear end, no rev...
  2. sbabbs

    Volvo 940 GL Engine swap to 940 T engine

    Isn't the word, Roy they couldn't sell Regina in CA because it too smoggy so all those cali cars had to be LH 2.4? I've seen a few regina ones around here myself.
  3. sbabbs


    Easiest? He just wants to swap in the rear end... Do it, nothing else needed to do other then swap in the rear end... Wow... It bolts right in. Next question... It connects to the speedo with two wires...
  4. sbabbs

    1992 940 Doesn't want to start in the heat

    Or like stated fuel pressure, could be low injectors leaking down after shut off perhaps.
  5. sbabbs

    The Kangaroos Team Manifold

    I'd drill the bolt holes bigger so you could slide the whole thing over a little bit and a little porting and rock one.
  6. sbabbs

    The Unofficial IPD 2023 Thread - 5/20/2023 Portland, OR

    Got Mullerson to sign the volvo art trophy champion of the foosball tourney at his last Christmas party before he left town years ago that the wife and I won. I scored all the points, 5-0 against the raised on foosball bros from the defensive position. I cheated of course, telekenetic...
  7. sbabbs

    Lh 2.2 3" maf and injector size

    3 inch matches 550cc with gas or 750cc with E85. With lots of boost...
  8. sbabbs

    The Unofficial IPD 2023 Thread - 5/20/2023 Portland, OR

    Rushing Lane scappoose, hwy 30 mile post 23 on the right. I think someone stole the milepost but just past the last light from scappoose towards St. Helens about a mile on the right next to the Columbia memorial cemetery pull into that is also our driveway or the next one under the tracki, both...
  9. sbabbs

    The Unofficial IPD 2023 Thread - 5/20/2023 Portland, OR

    Gettin' loaded at my house fur der Meat Barbie-Q! It's free delicious HOT DOGS for you Harry!
  10. sbabbs

    The Unofficial IPD 2023 Thread - 5/20/2023 Portland, OR

    Ohh yeah park it at my house, party at my house. Sleep in a hippy bus with farm boy! Looky look at my foosball champion trophy from the last Mullerson Christmis party! The wife and I won. I scored every point from the defensive position! Beat the raised on a foosball table bros, 5-0!
  11. sbabbs

    The Unofficial IPD 2023 Thread - 5/20/2023 Portland, OR

    I gotta swap booth Eric with a whole lotta 16v turbo bling in it, sure add your 8v wanna be great stuff to the pile!!
  12. sbabbs

    RPM performance and mpg questions for a 240 8v b23/b230

    Welp if you want better miles per kilometer swap to a T cam..
  13. sbabbs

    RPM performance and mpg questions for a 240 8v b23/b230

    M cam? 2.5 or 3k I'd shoot for, but I rap mine up, need to swap to this A cam i got. THey say for best mileage swap to a T cam. I went from 28 to 25 swapping from T cam to A cam in my turbo car. Just don't lug it. I gotta go at least 60 for 5th with the 3.31 rear in my 88 wagon. I think I need...
  14. sbabbs

    [264GL, 1977] Lost all keys!

    Take out the passenger door lock and there is a number on it, locksmith has a book looks up the number and cuts a key that works in the doors and the ignition..
  15. sbabbs

    polyurethane guibo/ flex disc

    Isn't one of those bmw ones a bit thicker? Like the the M5 guibo?
  16. sbabbs

    1993 b230, 8 pole male wiring firewall

  17. sbabbs

    760/960 windshield glass in North America

    Why not go get one at u-pullit? Take your buddie with you and a piano or guitar wire and two little broom stick handles and use that to cut out the glass from inside and out with your buddie. Then go buy the 50 dollar windshield goop or roll and do it in a heated shop or outside in the summer...
  18. sbabbs

    lh 2.2 Injector upgrade

    The 2.2 Fuel ECU does not adjust like LH 2.4. Best bet is to make your Air Mass Meter bigger by putting your 007 AMM in a three inch tube or replace it with 006 3 inch 2.2 AMM. Bigger injectors, Bigger AMM to match. 500cc matches three incher good for gas. 750cc three incher for E85.
  19. sbabbs

    Fuel/Spark tuning for LH 2.4/EZK with TunerPro!

    The IPDdown lh2.4 tuning program if you open the bin and save it, it will automatically fix the checksum in the bin. Easy as it gets for checksum fixing. LH 2.4 editor is the name of the program.