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  1. Streetkarnage

    740t towing capacity?

    After the towing capacity on a 760 4cly turbo / manual if anybody knows it?
  2. Streetkarnage

    Steering Column Couplings

    Hey guys, I need to replace my steering column unis (Coupling) and just wondering if there are any non alloy ones on the market? If not can anybody point me in the right direction for good replacements? Cheers zak.
  3. Streetkarnage

    240 Blown Powersteering Rack (1jz swap)

    Hi everybody, Had a bit of a problem with rack, I'm trying to work out what would have been the cause of it. I blew the rack out the top seal, personally I have never heard of this happen... so makes me think something is wrong. This was when I was getting my car to tuner, unloaded the car...
  4. Streetkarnage

    240 Steering Shaft

    I spent nearly 5 hours last night trying to get my steering column/shaft on last night... have every part together apart from the last section from uni to steering wheel... is there some sort of trick to get this on that someone can share with me hahaha I have all this installed but I just...
  5. Streetkarnage

    245 underside of roof (picture request)

    Just wondering if anybody has a photo of a 245 without a roof lining?
  6. Streetkarnage

    Solid rear end bushes

    Hey all, I have gone through rear bushes a fair bit lately and I was planing to go poly items next, but I have been thinking of talking with a engineering shop and get some solid bushes made up! Just wanted to hear some thoughts from some of the gurus? My only thought is that it could put to...
  7. Streetkarnage

    240 Front Camber.... Cheap way

    I remember reading through a thread about the old cheap way to get some front camber... move top bolts in slightly! I had a look through my old photos and I found this picture on my computer.... but if I can remember correctly this is for a 740? will I have any problem doing this to my 240...
  8. Streetkarnage

    240 Power Steering Rack - Does it need a rebuild oooorrrr???

    Well had some problems with my rack.... started with heaps of play and a decent wooble and then ended up leaking from the boots so I cut the power steering belt so it wouldn't do damage to the pump. What I would like to know is it most likely the rack is completely gone and will need a rebuild...
  9. Streetkarnage

    Extended 240 LCAs

    Just wondering if anybody has or knows of anybody ever extended there lower control arms on a 240? I have been looking at getting some camber into the front of my wagon, and this is a way to extended your track and get some camber at the same time... plus most likely helping with lock! I think...
  10. Streetkarnage

    240 Fuel System

    Hey all, Just wondering if anybody has a diagram of some sort for the fuel system for a 91 240.. the pump has been removed by a friend and currently are unable to attach a battery to see which is the feed and so on! Thanks
  11. Streetkarnage

    The HAWK

    will be geting a full shoot done on it this weekend and will be up on Streetkarnage.com soon!
  12. Streetkarnage

    What's this spoiler?

    Is 242GT spoiler?
  13. Streetkarnage

    A new member to our family

    Well my Volvo family just got a little bigger haha (yes the bike rack was free haha) This will be my new daily as I'm trying to sell my Falcon XR6 and sick of putting Ks on it. Currently at my house its my old sedan shell, My Wagon, House mates Beige 240 Sedan and now this one haha (plus...
  14. Streetkarnage

    Volvo Powered Ke70

    Seen this Ke70 get posted up on speedhunters.. I love it!! :oogle::oogle: more photos and info here SPEEDHUNTERS
  15. Streetkarnage

    Longer Wheels Studs

    Hey guys after some longer wheels studs for my 91 240 cheers :)
  16. Streetkarnage

    240 Roll Cage Images

    Just would like to see some images of roll cages in 240s would prefer to see wagons but images of sedans are just as cool! :) Cheers Zak.
  17. Streetkarnage

    What size coilover sleeve do I need?

    Hi all, Getting some front coilovers made up for my 240 and I'm just about to order some kits for them! Available in 45mm, 48mm, 51mm and 55mm internal diameter and also I can chose the spring rate.. between 4kg/mm and 8kg/mm Its my track only car fitted with an sr20det thanks Zak.:)
  18. Streetkarnage

    Request: 240 Wagon with no rear bumper

    Hi all, Just wondering if anybody has a photo of a 240 wagon with the rear bar taken off/removed? Thanks Zak.:)
  19. Streetkarnage

    240 car died - AFM / o2 Sensor?

    Hi all, Car died on the way to work on Tuesday, it just lost power so I rolled into the petrol station. It felt like a intake pipe had just popped off, so i got out checked if any had but was all fine. I got RACQ to come out (roadside assistance) and he checked a few things and then unplugged...
  20. Streetkarnage

    Josh's 240 (my house mates)

    Well i found this 240 for my house mate a few weeks ago.. Got it for A$250 its got about 300ks, its 4 speed manual, Mint body/no rust, and it has had an exhaust done on it at some time. Organize a RWC and put some rego on it then the fun started:) Fitted some chopped kmac springs i had...