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  1. DavoS40

    H&R Spacers on a 240

    Bought a set of 25mm H&R spacers from IPD that are for RWD 200/700/900 cars with 65mm hubs. Noticed that they didn't seem to really center on the front hubs of my 83 242, haven't checked the rears yet. The 65mm diameter section of the hub sticks out ~3.9mm from the rotor surface. The next...
  2. DavoS40

    99-00 S/V70 Foot Pedal Questions

    Trying to setup a foot pedal from a 99 S70 for fuel injection project on my 242. Looks like there are dual pots but both seem to output very little change in voltage across the pedal range, less than 100mV with 5V supply. Which typically wouldn't provide enough resolution for foot pedal...
  3. DavoS40

    V70R Rear Differential Control Module P/N?

    Hey guys, could someone look up the part number for the rear differential control module (DEM) for a 2004 V70R 6-speed? Been searching around online and can't find a definite module for the R version, found several part numbers for the various models of that era.
  4. DavoS40

    V70R Diff Electronic Pump?

    My sister bought a 2004 V70r 6speed with ~40k miles on it a few months ago. Just had the 40k service done on it and they told her the awd wasn't working. Here's their (Denver RickenBaugh Volvo) description: The all wheel drive is not functioning at this time. Recommend replace diff electronic...
  5. DavoS40

    240 Driveline Questions

    I've been dealing with driveshaft vibrations with my t5 trans and 1 piece 3 inch driveshaft conversion for the past few years. With the adjustable torque rods, adjustable panhard rod, and custom trans crossmember I can vary the geometry at both ends of the shaft. With the rearend adjusted so I...
  6. DavoS40

    Oil Return Diameter/Depth at Block?

    I'm trying to find out the inside diameter and depth of the counterbore on the block for the return line. Anyone have a turbo b21/b23/b230 block lying around they could measure it for me? I'm planning on making a bung that slides in there with a fairly tight fit, that's drilled and tapped to...
  7. DavoS40

    242 Build

    The project originally started out as a 245 then in 2003 I decided to switch to a 242. I've been working on it off and on when I'm home from school the past couple years. I'm just going to start off with the work that's taken place since springbreak 2005. Engine: B21FT -align honed mains...
  8. DavoS40

    240 Fuel Sender Unit Questions

    The car is an 83 242 turbo which was originally k-jet. Now it's megasquirt with a walbro intake pump and all the fuel lines were replaced with 1/4" line. I want to convert the outlet line of the unit to a 1/4'' barb instead of the monster it is right now. Last time the car ran, I had a 5/8" (or...
  9. DavoS40

    SwapPing 240 Pedal Assembly

    On my 83 242 the back plate of the pedal assembly has some rust that's gone all the way through where the clutch cable passes through. The previous owner just made a little plate that covers the spot and the surrounding area. I've already got the master cylinder/booster, clutch cable, and dash...
  10. DavoS40

    Cheapest B21FT Piston Source

    I've been searching all over the iNtErNeT and most places seem to carry the piston rings only. Fcpgroton is the cheapest I've found so far at $300 for pistons and rings, but there's gotta be something cheaper! I'd appreciate the help.
  11. DavoS40

    Old 242 and Newer 244 Interior Questions

    Found a very nice 92 244 at the junkyard today. Got the dash and parts that go along with the newer style dash to swap into my 83 242. Just woundering about the rear seat and rear headrest section. I'm pretty sure the whole rear seat will just bolt in place of my old one. Will the newer rear...
  12. DavoS40

    Some Sweet Volvos(56k beware seriously)

    Found some cool pics from Mantorp 2004 Sick p1800 FWD burnouts are great Sick 242 Nice 122s And of course the drifters
  13. DavoS40

    Beatifull 122s

    Beautifull 122s Thought I'd share this pic of the 122s I took in Scotland earlier this summer. I forgot what town it was in. I wish I could of got a better shot but I barely got the camera out in time.
  14. DavoS40

    Car Won't Start, Megasquirt

    The car is a megasquirted b21ft, k cam, green top injectors, and stock 240 turbo ignition. The car was running great a few days ago, always started within the first few cranks. I swaped in my 3 bar fuel pressure regulator and 46cfi's and the car still started fine but didn't idle as well. I...
  15. DavoS40

    First Drive

    I just drove my car for the first time tonight. Suprising everything went pretty well except my battery wouldn't stay fully charged. The car would keep running but the voltmeter would stay in the red and sometimes get alittle out of the red when I was at high rpms for awhile. I was woundering...
  16. DavoS40

    Wiring Help 240 Turbo(56k warn)

    I'm hiding the majority of wires in the fender to clean up the engine bay. I have almost everything hooked back up. Could someone tell me where the four unplugged wires in the first pic go and also the white and blue wires in the second pic? I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks, Dave
  17. DavoS40

    Where To Buy Pre86 240 Fenders?

    I've searched and haven't found any place that carries the front fenders for the pre 86 240's. Could you guys help me out? Thanks, Dave
  18. DavoS40

    90+ Manifold Support On B21ft

    I was swapping out my t3 for my holset mounted on a 90+ exhaust manifold yesterday. I got everything in place but when I tried to place the support brace in place there was a metal coolant line that runs from the back of the water pump to the back of the block in the way? I've seen pictures of...
  19. DavoS40

    Dowels On Deck Surface

    I dropped my block off at a machine shop to have it decked. When I picked it up they had aparently man handled the dowels when tring to remove them. They are the things that stick up out of the block to align the block with the head. Does anyone know the part number for them? Also how hard is...
  20. DavoS40

    Larger Valve Spring Retainers

    I just bought the Volvo larger diameter valve springs, using the part number Pat listed in a old post for larger valve springs. I thought my 398scp already had the larger valve springs, so I didn't order any larger retainers. Could someone help me out by posting the part numbers for the larger...