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    ‘98 V70 R SAS delete

    Hey all. So Ive been dealing with a bunch of evap codes for a while, and have eliminated all down to EFI621 tank pressure sensor fault. Working on the car the other day, I noticed that a plug had been haphazardly welded to the top of the exhaust, which leads me to believe that the SAS has been...
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    Max boost before E85 98 V70R

    Kinugawa TD04HLL-21H-7
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    Max boost before E85 98 V70R

    Hey all. Just throwing around some ideas for my future V70R engine build. Basically just wondering how much boost I could throw at this engine before needing to switch to E85 or Darton sleeves. (whichever would have to come first lol) Obviously this is super dependent on how well set up the tune...
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    98 V70 trans cooler filter install

    Hey all, About to do my first transmission drain and fill on my auto 1998 V70R. Wanting to install a magnefine filter, but don't know which cooler line is the feed from the transmission, and which is the return line? Basically, does the atf flow to the top of the radiator, and then down and...
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    P80 V70 Climate Control

    Hey all, So my '98 V70R has been great besides one really annoying problem. Randomly, after switching the climate control to defrost the windshield, it will refuse to switch back to any other settings (heat out front vents, floor vents, etc.) Sometimes it will then just randomly start working...
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    1998 V70R Lifter Tick

    Hey all. Recently been dealing with problems with radiator leaks (had to replace the whole radiator) and have started noticing what sounds like a lifter tick from the engine. Poured some of that Lucas Oil additive in it, and almost seemed to make it worse. May try to run some seafoam through it...
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    1998 Volvo V70R Radiator

    Hey all, So my radiator end tank finally reached the end of its life. Small crack, small leak right below the upper hose. Planning on replacing the radiator, but while looking at my car, I noticed that only the transmission cooler hoses (drivers side of radiator) are hooked up. The passenger...
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    ?98 V70R Cruise control

    Hey all, Ive been having some issues with my cruise control intermittently working. Some days it will set and work perfectly without interruption, while other days it wont set at all. Ive done all the tests, vac pump works and diaphragm holds vacuum. Brake switch has power in, and functions...
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    Whirring noise on deceleration 98 V70R

    Hey all, Just put in my rebuilt driveshaft from Colorado driveshaft into my 98 V70R today. No wiggle on angle gear output or diff output. Car drives great, no grinding or binding, no vibration, smooth as silk. Except for when I put the car in ?L?, accelerate, and upon decelerating there is an...
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    1998 V70R Code 611

    Hey all. So upon buying my V70R, I had two check engine codes, 612 and 611. Inspected the evap system and noticed the hoses out of the charcoal canister were missing! Upon replacing them, along with a filter going to the purge valve, I started getting a tank pressure sensor code. Removed my...
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    Nivomat Shocks on ?98 V70XC

    Hey all. So the Nivomat rear shocks on my ?98 V70R look and feel pretty blown (boots torn, very loose rear end feel) but I really don?t want to spend the ~$300 per shock, especially since I eventually want to swap all the suspension with lowered coil overs. Do ?98 V70XCs have the same Nivomat...
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    1998 V70R Code 621 (Tank Pressure Sensor)

    Hey all. After my R was throwing ?large leak-tank system? codes, I dug out the evap charcoal canister and noticed the previous owner had taken all the lines off! After reconnecting and replacing the elbows, I am no longer getting the large leak code, but now Code 621 Tank Pressure Sensor. Is...
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    ?98 V70R Sway bars

    Hey all. Recently got a ?98 V70R. Love the car, but don?t love the amount of body roll it has in the rear. I have a set of big IPD swaybars for my 123GT, and Id love to find something similar for my R. Unfortunately, when Ive looked all I can find are FWD only sway bar kits for 850s/70s, and all...
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    98? V70R Driveshaft

    Hey all, recently bought a V70R and one of the previous owners took out the driveshaft. Ive read that different cars within ?98 have different driveshafts depending on flange size. Ive also heard to contact Colorado driveshaft, but they haven?t gotten back to me. Any other sources? Can I just...
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    M90 on B20?

    Hey all. Looking to put down more power from my B20, and I know the ol' M41 is not going to hold up. Seen a lot of interesting stuff with the M90 transmission and have a few questions if you have the answers. Do M90s exist state side at all? Do the early redblock M90s bolt right up to a B20...
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    2000 Volvo S80 TSC and ABS Service lights

    Hey all. Currently looking at a 2000 S80 T6 that Im thinking about trying to flip. Got the car running, seems to have a current draw. Dash lights say STC service needed and ABS service needed, as well as code P1550, which my reader displays as a Charge Pressure Deviation. Also, the traction...
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    B20F Head porting valve guides

    Hey all. Ive been reading up on here about the truly horrible design of the exhaust port ceiling on B18/B20 heads. I saws some guides on removing the "hump" around where the exhaust valve guide comes through the ceiling. None of the posts however mentioned anything about what should be done with...
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    6 Bolt B20 Forged internals?

    Hey all. I have a fully rebuilt B20 with an F head. Im starting to think about some future modifications to increase power to a pretty high level with a supercharger, megasquirt, variable timing, some head porting, and a new cam. Looking at the power and torque numbers Im hoping to make, Ive...
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    Modern Hubs and Brakes on Volvo 122?

    Hey all. Read on another thread on here that there is a way to swap modern Volvo brakes onto the front spindles of a 122? Something about some P1800 bearings or hubs makes it possible to run V70 rotors? Obviously a custom bracket would need to be made to attach different calipers. Just wondering...
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    1998 Volvo V70 Alarm

    Anyone on here a "new" (and by new I mean 1998) Volvo expert? Have a friend who's Volvo V70 XC Ive been working on. Due to an incompetent locksmith, his driver door latch motored locking mechanism broke. I recently reinstalled a working mechanism out of a junkyard car. All works. But since his...