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  1. @milco@

    ms3x DSM cam no rpm signal?

    hi guys i am having major issues with my ms3x set up on my 242. i cant get a rpm signal.. i have all the other sensors hooked up and they are getting correct readings my dsm cas is in a yoshi fab adapter with a hi res disc. when i run the tooth logger in tunerstudio i get nothing... i have...
  2. @milco@

    help with DSM CAS ms3

    hi guys i needs some guidance in regards to modding my ms3 to use the dsm cas with yoshifab's adapter... can anyone explain to me what component changes i need to do to my MS3 pcb so it can run the DSM cas? i have built my ms3 to run the volvo hall dissy then later on i decided to go to the...
  3. @milco@

    2.5 volvo penta turbo in 242 GT HELP!

    hi guys i have recently acquired a 2.5 volvo penta engine virtually NO run time on the engine ( it was and axillary engine in an boat) it have a 531 head and v cam. i have the complete turbo set up from a 740T 13c turbo i think from memory what do guys think would be the best size turbo for...