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    3" exhaust for my 744ti m46?

    hey TB, i have been doing research and have been hearing after a stage 0, doing a 3" DP/3" full exhaust is a huge power gain, or at least better flowing. i have also heard people say 3" on the DP is difficult to fit, is this true? i will be paying a shop to do this, not on my own. any other...
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    volvo heads near 07626??

    i need help with my volvo simple stuff will pay with cash and beer :oogle: 87 turbo manual want to swap in 90+ intake and exhaust manifolds so i can replace leaky turbo etc. 2019821024
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    1987 volvo 744 turbo m46 issues

    so my car is acting funny. car did not start i thought fuel pump or fuel pump relay, both are fine. then i inspect the radio suppression relay and the wiring had intermittent connection, turns out that is my problem, my mechanic simply used some kind of adhesive to hold the four connections...