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  1. svenski

    Fuel flow ratings

    Anyone know where I can find some numbers on the fuel flow ratings and pressure ratings for stock equipment for a 240?
  2. svenski

    850 no start

    1996 855 n/a 178k randomly started to not start last night when it was brutally cold, then started with just one sputter 15 min later. This morning it started just fine and now this afternoon, once it got colder it didn't want to start again. It turns over just fine just no boom. I know I need a...
  3. svenski

    Why Svenski hasn't been posting about socialist stuff. Fjord II: 285.0 Fjord Harder!!

    So what I'm doing here is merging two threads. The body came from kampman who sold it to 89sleepr240 who made this all possible. I wasn't really planning on putting a V8 into the wagon originally, but after a phone call with Dan I was made a deal to which I couldn't say no... so I'm figuring...
  4. svenski

    Looking for the wiring diagrams

    Specifically for the chassis wiring harness for the engine bay for an 81 245 glt. Any help would be awesome.
  5. svenski

    Svenski's B5254S Blueprinting and Rebuild wankery

    So, right now this is a place holder til I can get some pictures and **** up. I'm posting from school right now where it took 4 people, a breaker bar, and 2 deepwell 14mm 1/2inch drive sockets to take off the head :omg: (in our defense matco sucks). In the upcoming days and weeks I'll be...
  6. svenski

    Cleveland Volvo sceene *56k rusts, catches on fire, and falls in the Cuyahoga*.

    I don't feel like resizing these photos right now, or whatever so.... deal with it for now. I wanted to throw these up here before I have to go to a family picnic. -DARKSIDE- has more pics so I'll be adding more and resizing the pics later. Enjoy this fine sample of Cleveland Ska while...
  7. svenski

    850 A nasty bolt to get to.

    I'm replacing the rear right suspension bushing on my 96 855. This is what I pulled out in comparison to what I'm putting in. This is the problem This bolt Is in here attached to the end of the arm And no ratchet really fits in there and if it fits there isn't enough room to turn the...
  8. svenski

    Whats the word on "Lucas Powersteering Stop Leak"?

    Personally I don't trust it because it seems like too easy of a solution. They say its "guaranteed to stop the leak or your money back", but they won't pay for a new power steering rack if it goes to hell. My dad bought it for me when he heard about my issue (see this thread...
  9. svenski

    850 The can of worms continues: Name that leaky component edition.

    My cooling issues (that's the subject of another thread) are slowly being narrowed down. Which means something else has to go wrong. As I was looking around under my car I noticed fluid stains on the rear subframe by the drivers side.... I'm pretty sure its not oil (though I'm about a quart low...
  10. svenski

    850 850 overheating.... not the thermostat... I think

    Howdy all, Welp, my 96 850 n/a is overheating again. Its only in traffic or when its idling. When I blast the heat it returns to normal. I had this problem a couple of months ago and I replaced the thermostat (when I did the coolant was less then clean but I drained most of it when I did the...
  11. svenski

    850 Whiteblock overheating when heater is off

    So, the day after I put in a new starter for the second time in a week (I want to burn down durrrralast HQ) I was driving around all thrilled that my car was working again. I noticed that serpentine belt was squeaking... no biggie, but it was Saturday, I can get it on Monday with out it going to...
  12. svenski

    850 Stubborn ABS sensors

    So today I decided to tackle the ABS light that has been on since I got the car in early July. I decided that its just the sensors need cleaning as the ABS still works (tested it on gravel, it grabs and releases as it should). After hosing it down with PB Blaster I broke the one bolt holding it...
  13. svenski

    240 Am I getting in over my head?

    If this is not the right place for this thread then pm me or let me know I'll delete it or whatever... by tomorrow morning... just about to head out of work. But on to the main point: I'm looking to join the ranks here at turbobricks with an '84 240 turbo that is for sale in my area. The seller...