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  1. plantationwalrus

    940 Should I rebuild my motor or swap in a rebuilt motor?

    Update: Compression tests results are below in post #10. Car: '94 940T, 13c @ 15psi, RSI cam/gear, with 250K on original motor (other specs are in my sig) Symptoms: Excessive crankcase pressure for the past few years, leaking out of various seals (oil cap, front seals, rear seals), usually...
  2. plantationwalrus

    PCV and Cam Cover catch cans - can I connect them together?

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of making a single or dual catch can setup. I need some help connecting them and the Search function didn't answer my questions. I'm blowing out seals due to a tired motor, and I need a bandaid fix - this is where the catch cans come in. I've seen setups with an...
  3. plantationwalrus

    Quiet 3" muffler recommendation - 940

    I'm getting ready to install a secondhand 3" turboback exhaust on my 944, but the setup only has a cat and a straight-through muffler on the back. Right now I have the stock 2.25" Turbo exhaust with a cat + resonator, and straight pipe in place of the rear muffler. Combined with the RSI cam...
  4. plantationwalrus

    Fresh RSI cam and gear, runs like crap

    EDIT: Issue solved on Page 3. Not sure whether this should go into Performance or Maintenance-- mods, please move this if necessary. I just installed (er, had my mechanic install) a new RSI cam and adjustable gear today, shimmed to spec. Now it runs like crap. I haven't had a chance to look at...
  5. plantationwalrus

    Need help with valve adjustments/cam/gear install-- Campbell, CA-- weekends

    Hey guys, I need a local's help in doing some work on my DD '944t. I regularly do the brakes, stereo, oil changes (natch), etc, but have no experience opening the valve/head. Will happily provide a case of beer, a bit of cash for your time-- whatever you think is fair. The skinny: --Need help...
  6. plantationwalrus

    940 Is a 964/s90 sedan rear bumper a direct swap for a 944?

    Hey guys, I used the search function, but couldn't find what I needed... Can I use a 964 or s90 bumper on a 944, without switching the bumper shocks? The 940 rear bumper connects to the shocks with 4 large bolts, and it looks slightly different than the 960/s90 setup. Alternatively, I've...
  7. plantationwalrus

    Suspension creak/groan

    I've been trying to track down this noise for years, hopefully one of you fine folks can help. When I go over speedbumps or lower the car off of a jack, I get this "groaning'" sound from the passenger side. I can't tell if it's coming from the strut tower or something underneath. It goes away...
  8. plantationwalrus

    Water injection: Hobbes switch or MAF input?

    Been looking around at water injection systems lately, but not sure which one to get. The Hobbes switch setups seem pretty simple and straightforward, but they only turn on when under boost. Would it make it make sense to have it inject constantly at variable rates instead? This brings about...
  9. plantationwalrus

    Installing a Cherry upper brace, 7/9

    On the D/S strut tower there's a big EGR bracket in the way, and it leaves no room for the Cherry upper brace. Wanted to hear what other people have done with theirs before I make a mess trying to dremel part of the bracket off.
  10. plantationwalrus

    Spacers + Adapters

    Tried to install a set of Pegs last night, but found the adapters I bought were a little too thin... The fronts are just barely rubbing the strut tube. Can I just go buy a 1/4" spacer from Kragen/Autozone/etc and run those between the spacer and the wheel? I want to make sure the lugnuts have...
  11. plantationwalrus

    Rough start and 231 Code

    I went out to my car this morning and it took a lot of cranking to start. When it finally did, it didn't stay on for more than a few seconds, and was stumbling pretty bad. When I tried to give it gas to keep it on, it would die within a few seconds too. I was running at 1/8 tank so I added some...
  12. plantationwalrus

    Proper adapter size for 940

    I'll be putting pegs on my 940 in the near future, so what's the general consensus regarding adapter size? The search button said 25mm is fine, but others say 32mm is better. I would rather not roll the fenders, but I will if I have to. Car in question is on the older-style ipd/TME coils...
  13. plantationwalrus

    940 intercooler removal - new style

    My IC has 182k on it, and has probably never been cleaned. Assuming I need to remove it to properly clean/dry it, how would I remove it on the new style IC setup? There's some sheet metal right above the inlets, and it looks like I need to remove the rad first. Is there an easier/better way of...
  14. plantationwalrus

    Weeping HG

    Should I be worried about this? I was changing my oil and cleaning things up when I saw this. There was some "crust" on the freeze plug that I knocked off before I took a couple crappy cellphone pics. It looks like the HG is weeping a bit from right underneath the spark plug next to the...
  15. plantationwalrus

    Pic/Pshop request: 7/9 front lip

    Has anyone ever taken the lower front lip off a 90+ 7 or 9, flipped it over, and attached it to another 90+, thus making a double lip? It might look hideous but I'm really curious.
  16. plantationwalrus

    Idles like an off-balance dryer... help

    So I just replaced my older amp and sub setup with a newer, larger setup. Cool, yeah? Not really. When I drove it during the day it was perfectly fine and ran like a champ. But I took it out again at night (ie with my headlights on) and when I turned it up my lights started dimming each time the...
  17. plantationwalrus

    Davis 2009: Modesto/Central Valley convoy

    Who has to pass through Modesto/Manteca area to get to Davis? Anyone down for a convoy the morning of the show?
  18. plantationwalrus

    '94 940... fuel but no start

    I went to start my car yesterday and it would turn over just fine, but the car would not start. -I'm getting 12v to ignition coil -I'm getting 12v to injectors (well, I only tested #4) -I'm getting fuel to the fuel rail -When I plug in the OBDI plug into port #2 on the B side, I get a 1-2-2...
  19. plantationwalrus

    Modesto: Starbucks @ 10:30

    I know it's a short notice, but there's going to be a mini meet tonight. -Starbucks on McHenry/Briggsmore -10:30pm :cheers:
  20. plantationwalrus

    Tires wearing on one side

    So my car is near impossible to align correctly, and I don't know why. Here are the symptoms: -Pulls HARD to the right while driving -Tires are worn on the outer edge of the right side(front and back), but the tires on the driver's side are perfectly fine. -Alignments only last for a few weeks...