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  1. John2x240

    240 '92 245: ECU coolant temp installation torque specs

    Anyone have any info on this? My Bentley doesn't have the torque specs, neither wet nor dry, and I don't want to bugger up the threads in the head. Thanks, the Old Fart. ;-) BTW, I've been out of the loop for about a year due to various problems. Right now I'm trying to do a Stage 0 and I...
  2. John2x240

    240 '92 245 alternator issues

    For the sake of clarity regarding my alternator issues this was split off from this thread: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=277903 I couldn't figure out how to properly split the threads so I just copied and pasted the previous alternator posts. Old 05-02-2013, 10:18 PM #29...
  3. John2x240

    We may have been hacked

    There's a new member who's name tag is NOx. When I tried to click on a post he made in "Inspiration -- 240 Style" the post comes up and then immediately takes me to this: "http://www.d3viantart.com." It does the same think if you go to the members list and click on his name tag. I didn't...
  4. John2x240

    240 ?92 245 M47II shift baulks into 1st and 2nd

    Symptom ? shifter baulks going into first and second when gearbox warmed up to normal operating temperatures. Known gearbox conditions since purchase in October 2012 ? shifting into first and second has been a bit notchy since purchase but got used to it ? suspected either clutch cable or...
  5. John2x240

    245 tailgate harness ghetto fix

    I hope this is in the right place, so Mods, if it isn't I'm OK with moving it. Just after I bought my ?92 245 back in October ?12 the rear wiper and electric lock quit, so when we had a bit of a warm spell in early January, I thought I?d have a go at fixing it. After doing some research on...
  6. John2x240

    Bosch Automotive Tradition - Parts

    I found this on SS. http://www.automotive-tradition.de/en/teile/index.htm I've had a quick look at it and there may some info there, especially for older model series.
  7. John2x240

    240 Both fuel pumps quit at the same time

    '89 244 manual no mods. I drove the car into the garage a few days back to work on the car and the next day I went to start it and it wouldn't. Battery is good, cranked well and got spark, had juice at the 25 amp main system fuse, so I gave it some ether and it fired up and ran until the ether...
  8. John2x240

    240 240 driver?s seat rails extender

    First off, I’m now about 6’?” (and sinking due to my age, but not that quick ;-) ) and I find that I need the seat on my 240s a couple of inches further back than the stock rails. I recall that the rails on the 140s I had a few decades ago had two sets of mounting holes about 1?” apart which...
  9. John2x240

    How to Make a Fibreglass or Carbon Fibre Car Airbox

    I suppose this could be OT (mods change if you wish) but it looks interesting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSCtRNhb6JE&feature=player_detailpage
  10. John2x240

    240 DLR headlight bulb question

    '92 245 M47 no mods. I'm looking to buy this car with daytime running lights and a LF low beam headlight burned out. Does anyone know if headlights with DLR use the same 2004 bulb as with non DLR as I have a few spares from my '88 and '89 244s which I could use. Also, it looks like there are...
  11. John2x240

    VOLVO 240 SERIES GF Peformance Chip

    Fact of fiction? http://www.gfchips.com/volvo240series.aspx
  12. John2x240

    240 '88 244 tie rod ends

    Well the Old Grey Mare needs a new tie rod end for the right side. I haven't yet checked out which rack I have, but right now I'd like suggestions on good quality ends, preferably those which are available in Canada. I'll probably get a left side tie rod end too as when one side goes bad the...
  13. John2x240

    Tuning SU Carburetors (PDF)

    Something of interest for those with older cars and SUs. I got this from a post by George Dill on Swedespeed and I'm posting the link here as I couldn't think of where else to put it: http://www.bmcno.org/manuals/Tuning%20SU%20Carburetters.pdf
  14. John2x240

    240 Windshield glass restoration

    Not exactly detailing, but the windshields on my '88 and '89 244s are getting a bit ratty from many years of use, so I'd like some hints on how to polish them up a bit. Thanks, John
  15. John2x240

    240 Reccs. For Plugs and Ign. Wires for NA B230F cars

    First, before I get flamed, yes, I did do a search, and the results were overwhelming. Also, the results I did find mainly seemed to be for +T and otherwise modified cars, so I?d like comments and suggestions on this thread to be restricted to those of interest to we poor sods who can only...
  16. John2x240

    240 '88 244 intermittent stalling on acceleration

    I?ve been having intermittent trouble with full throttle stalling, which recovers when you back off the pedal, but appears again if you floor it again. This problem seems to appear occasionally if the car sits for a while after being driven for about 20km or so. I?ve checked out OK everything...
  17. John2x240

    MCO Lapping Monday, Sept 5 Labor Day, Calabogie Motorsports Park

    This may be of interest for those in Southern Ontario, West Quebec and North East US: http://www.mco.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=13266. Calabogie is a fairly new track in eastern Ontario near Ottawa with lots of "interesting" corners, and all MCO lapping events come with full services...
  18. John2x240

    240 '88 244 automatic cross member AW70

    The cross member is rusting out and needs to be replaced. I posted on the wanted forum here: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=242888 and Pierre replied he has a pre '85 crossmember in good shape. So, does anyone know if a pre '85 will fit my '88 slushbox? Thanks. :)
  19. John2x240

    240 ?88 244 main fuel pump Q

    About a year ago the better ‘alf took this car to her family cottage about 3 ? hours away where the car died on her. She took the car to a local garage with some Volvo knowledge, and they found that she’d got some bad gas that screwed up the fuel system. They did a full check and replaced the...
  20. John2x240

    240 '88 244 maf q.

    Is there any way of setting the idle mixture without an LED or dwell meter? The dwell on my old multi-meter no longer seems to work.