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  1. Autocockerking

    October 14: Meadwestern Volvo Meat @Ambrosia Orchard, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    I'll be there. Looking forward to it.
  2. Autocockerking

    Can I use 2 "right" side engine mounts?

    Just installed Yoshifab HD engine mounts yesterday on a 245. Drilled out the left side upper and lower mount pin holes and everything bolted up fine. No issues. Huge improvement. Yoshifab P/N 096_VOLTZ7JY44
  3. Autocockerking

    1980 242 GT, Here comes the boost.

    When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one to +T, and assume among the powers of the earth a separate and equal station, a decent respect to the opinions of Turbobricks requires that he should declare the causes that impel him to "completely switch chassis." Well sort of...
  4. Autocockerking

    Indiana Turbobricks - Spring Meet 2015

    Indiana Turbobricks - Sprng Meet 2015 Well its still fairly miserable outside for most of us but Spring is offically here. I have been talking about this for the last month and it is now time to involve all of you. With that being said I don't intend to make every local meet a democratic...
  5. Autocockerking

    Finally fixed the exhaust, well sort of.

    So I broke my stock exhaust a few weeks ago.(It had been repaired numerous times by the PO) Decided to make a bit of a change, So out with the old and in with whatever I had laying in the scrap bin. 1x 2.5" Magnaflow Muffler PN 11216 Misc 2.5" pipe Header pipe from my 88' 245 (better...
  6. Autocockerking

    Indiana Turbobricks Meet

    So this is finally happening!!:-D Indiana Turbobricks Meet I am hosting a cookout for any turbobricks members who would like to attend. Details: Date: Sunday Sept 28th 2014 Location: 2300 Roosevelt Ave New Castle, IN 47362 Time: 2pm to 7pm Whats Included: :-DFood & Drinks...
  7. Autocockerking

    Am I reading this right? E-code Question

    Ok I am a little tired so I might not be reading this correctly. What is missing from this kit that is needed to install e-codes? http://store.sharphid.com/product_p/v86240echlkit.htm