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  1. Rfoltz53

    Flywheel/clutch question

    I have a 91 240 lemons car with a m47 and dog dish style flywheel, im picking up a modified volvo flat flywheel with the pickup sensor holes drilled already tomorrow. The question i have is will the clutch disk, pressure plate and throw out bearing that is currently installed on the dog dish...
  2. Rfoltz53

    78 Bertone LR4 swap (budget ls swap)

    You guys might have saw i did already start a build thread for this car but it was before i really had a plan made up for the car so the info was all over the place. Since i have set a goal for the car now i thought it would just be easier to delete that thread and start a new one, so here we...
  3. Rfoltz53

    78 262c Bertone

    78 262c Bertone + LQ4 V8 Delete
  4. Rfoltz53

    245 + Ford 5.0 (Budget Build)

    Current Pic Current Upgrade/Parts List Engine/Drivetrain 93 Ford Mustang 5.0 HO engine 87 World Class t5 trans Stock 93 mustang engine management Mustang one piece drive shaft Yoshifab drive shaft adapter Volvo Dana 1030 rear with 3.73 Griffin dual core radiator 14 inch electric fan mounted...