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    Any luck with rebuilt or aftermarket Brown Tops?

    I've got a set of nasty old Brown tops, but I wonder if replacement ones they sell are any good and if anyone has used them with any degree of success? They seem reasonable enough price wise.
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    7/9xx Control arm bushings and camber?

    About 15k ago I rebuilt my front end. New struts/Ipd springs/poly stay bushings/rubber control arm and rear stay bushings. I just replaced the strut mounts in an effort to combat some wild ass JDM style camber. Nothing. It comes and goes. One day I'll look at the car and it's fine. Next...
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    7/9 OBX system heads up

    Seller on eBay has 4 OBX 7/9 Exahusts on sale for $285 right now. Usually $400+ these days.
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    15" Tire size on 740 Wagon with IPD springs

    I'm currently running 205/65/15's. I'm assembling my monster parts pile before I rebuild the suspension in a few weeks. Will the 65's rub? Whats the optimal size on 15's. I'm thinking 205/60's or even 215/60's if they still exist. Will be running proper ipd wagon springs with 24/19 bars...
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    B230ft oil galley plug leak?

    Do these things ever leak? Oil runs down onto the filter boss. Slow drip, but annoying. I don't want to rip the manifold/turbo off to get to it these are not know to leak.
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    Quick 960 sway bar question

    Which mounts are the proper ones to use the 24mm 960 bar on my 740. All of the aftermarket ones I'm seeing are the same for rubber mounts cause I'm sure they will fit. Any poly that fit the 24mm?
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    7/9XX Differences between OBX and Maximizer exhaust

    Am I right in thinking that the principal difference is that the OBX setup is stainless and the maximizer is not? Are they the same otherwise? Yes I know, just take it to a muffler shop and have a 3" system run, yadda yadda yadda.
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    740T Rough idle when cold for about 30-40 seconds.

    1992 740T 2.4lh When the ambient temp is cold and the engine is cold, the car runs like crap for about 30-40 seconds. Pig rich. Not everytime, but most. After that it is fine. Restarts are fine with warm engine. I've unplugged the AMM while it is doing this and it drops and nearly dies...
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    Redblock with a blown heater hose.

    Lost a heated hose tonight. Drove about 3 miles in the red. Have I killed the head gasket or is the redblock sturdy enough to survive?
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    Late 7/9 MAF to turbo hose...silicone?

    My OE MAF to turbo hose was shot. I ended up getting one on ebay for $44. I normally get stuff from FCP or IPD, but I need this in a hurry and it was free priority shipping. The one I got was NTN, same as FCP sells....but it is nice thick silicone rather than rubber. Has anyone else seen this?
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    Have I killed my AW71?

    So, my tranny has decided that shifting cold is not really an option anymore, unless you like 5500rpm shifts and only after a few attempts. Then it seems...to want to slip slightly in second when cold. Let it warm up for 10 min and it is perfect. Here is what I've done: Adjusted the cable...
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    Driveline vibration after mount replacement AW71

    So, I replaced the tranny mount on my 745. At the same time, I put in an OD block off plate to solve that issue. Now, when I lowered the transmission enought to get to the soleinod, the jack dropped and the tranny just sorta hung for a second. After reassembly of the crossmember I fired it up...
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    Wheel spacers

    Quick check..... 25mm is what I need to mount FWD wheels to my 740, right? As much as I would like to buy the hubcentric H&R ones, I'm curious if the lugcentric $99 ones that say 5x108 / 5X4.25 would work just as well. Que pic of rim flying off a Lemons car..... I'm old and drive like I'm...
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    Remind me of how the AW71 OD system works...

    So, my car (92 745T ) has never had a functioning OD button. I assumed that it was disconnected by the previous owner or the switch was bad. OD worked fine. No up arrow light. That means the rest of the system, the wires, relay and solenoid are working correctly...right? Today OD stopped...
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    AW71 Overdrive question

    I've not had a chance to craw under the car and look, but my OD button does nothing, no light on the dash, no gear change. Is this indicative of a bypass/block off plate or something electrical like an unplugged shifter switch?
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    AW71 issue in neutral/reverse

    92 745t with, I assume an AW71. When warm, it moves in neutral. Creeps sometimes, almost normal drive type movement others. In reverse, when hot, it sometimes does not want to move. It's not slipping, it's almost like it is in neural except it does not roll, like it is in park. It will...
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    Rear IRS swaybar

    In pulling the last things off my 92 960 before it hits the scrapper, is the rear sway bar worth saving? Are non sway bar IRS cars drilled to accept the bar?
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    How much resistance should an oil trap have?

    Trying to sort out a minor oil consumption issue. The oil trap seems to have absolutely no resistance. I can blow in the tube and feel no resistance what so ever with the oil cap off. Like i'm blowing through an empty bit of pipe. Is this correct? Seems to me that there should be some level...
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    Factory/Dealer underbumper fogs for Late 740

    Is there a factory underbumper fog setup for late 740's? I swear I've seen something looked like a little pod that bolted to the bumper ( where there are 2 hole already on each side). I can't find a pic now. Am I dreaming? Do they exist?