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  1. Aurelius

    Ezk116 ignition

    Hi, Looking for help to bring nox down about 200 points here in California for the 15mph run. Ezk pin 19 is grounded for a -6 ignition timing and knock sensor is unplugged. Cam is retarded by 1 tooth. e85. Brand new California approved cat. M cam also put in. Passing nox is about 550 for my 1990...
  2. Aurelius

    push in type radiator fan switch

    hello, is there one in the 82? range to match a 82? thermostat and where to find?
  3. Aurelius

    Oil puddle on top of b230 water pump

    Hello, Attaching a picture. No apparent leak from cylinder head valve cover gasket, cam seal, oil galley plug. Head gasket? Happened suddenly. One day no leak, then leaking the next.
  4. Aurelius

    th400 in 240 tunnel

    hi, was wondering if some could post a photo of a 240 tunnel at the space the bellhousing sits close to or contacts the firewall? i'm looking to do this conversion..
  5. Aurelius

    g80 and open diff diff ring bolt?

    are these 10 bolts reverse threaded? i'm trying to take the ring gears off and these bolts are really torqued on!
  6. Aurelius

    240 threaded coilover insert length?

    hi, are these 5" long? http://www.kaplhenke.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=95&Itemid=32 his inbox is full
  7. Aurelius

    white (water/coolant) smoke advice?

    92 b230f +t, e85, 13-15psi, 750cc inj. e-fan.. lol i blew up the super 60 t3 and noticed white, not black smoke. so i changed it to a good working turbo and cleaned all contaminated parts affected as best as i could by flushing the oil/ coolant 3 times (4qts oil x3/ hose water). the only color...
  8. Aurelius

    brake lights stay on, 1990 240

    brake lights worked fine prior to changing brake booster 2 days ago. brake lights stay on unless #7 fuse is pulled. replaced red volvo failure relay with a known good one as well as the brake light switch set correct. when i unplug the brake light switch the brake lights stay lit! any ideas on...
  9. Aurelius

    light load accel/cruise bog/hesitation running e85, ideas?

    1992 b230f +t, 42lb bosch 968 inj @ 4bar bosch fpr (new, both less than 3 mo of use) so ~50lb @4bar, super 60 t3 (lol), tlao chips (from late 2009) in a -954 ecu and 207 goldbox, new bosch fuel pump ~200lph, 8 mo old bosch fuel filter, stock fuel lines (for now), innovate wideband on gas...
  10. Aurelius

    AW70 decelerates @ ~5,000 rpm

    Hello, I recently did the accumulator mod. The shifts are much better. For some strange reason when I push towards/past 5,000 rpm the transmission does not let me go any further as once did. The rpm's stabilize at ~5,000 rpm along with whatever speed and decrease. If I keep the pedal...
  11. Aurelius

    Programmable Shift Controller

    Hello, Does anyone know if the MSD programmable shift controller p/n 7559 will work on a 92 240 stock transmission? Thanks